7 Brilliant Simple Small Business Ideas for Kids

Knowing them better while teaching them to earn

Getting the idea of our kid’s inclination will help them discover themselves. As a parent, we would love to see our children prosper. And become successful in whatever endeavor they will take. Yet, one of the factors to help them know is to let them follow their passion. Letting them engage in small business as early as now will help them grow and know themselves better.


Getting into the world of business takes a lot of good attitudes. Being dedicated and passionate about what they do will let them see the beauty of what they got. Business idea reveals who we are and will be. It makes us braver and creative, too.

So, without further ado, let’s see how we can reinforce our kid’s abilities. By making them handle small business. As a start to showcase their entrepreneurial spirit if they got it in them.

Here’s a short list of brilliant small business ideas that your kids might love doing.


Teenagers can already manage to teach smaller or as their age kids. For any subject that your child may have an excellent performance in school. He or she can help other students who need help in academic performance thrive too. Plus, the idea of letting them enjoy the payment they can get while being of help.

Dog Walking

Kids can handle this simple job, but just make sure that they love pets, most especially dogs. And, it is also important to know how big the dog will be to ensure the safety of our child. They can earn money by setting a fee which is usually an hourly rate.

If this works good, they may be considered in taking it to a higher level. Like pet sitting which means that they will not only take care of dogs but other kinds of pets.

Cooking and Baking

bake bakery baking bread

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The support that we can show to our kids to their interest towards cooking and baking will come a long way. It can give them a promising future. A good way to know your child better and to bond with them.

At an early age, they can also compete in cooking challenges. Or earn income by cooking goodies that they can sell in the neighborhood.

Second-hand and Vintage Stores

pile of books in shallow focus photography

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Kids can have a wonderful time collecting things that seem to be already useless. Well, this is a good way to let them show and cultivate their concern for the Mother Nature. Aside from thinking “green”, they can earn money from it.

Reselling good quality and functional items is a good start. With less to no capital at all, they can get to touch an entrepreneurial experience.

Elderly Care Service

Well, this doesn’t mean that they have to be well versed in giving medical attention or care. This only says that kids can be a good option to provide services to elderly. They can be the one who can do errands or household chores. Or to give company to the aged.

Lawn Care Provider

garden grass meadow green

Photo by Skitterphoto on Pexels.com

Most kids enjoy the outdoors. So, let them take the advantage to that by spending the time to do lawn mowing service to your neighborhood. Later on, they will know the value of other things they can do outside. Instead of doing video games or browsing the net all day long.

Soap Making Business

It is a type of business that kids can do. Soap is just so easy to make and will surely give a kick on the interest of your child to make it a craft and livelihood. You can watch a video that will teach both of you and your kid on the basic of soap making at home.

Wrap Up

Small business ideas aren’t really small after all. This will pave a way to know your child’s ability and to help them discover which aspect of life they can be good at. Money making is already a second nature of human life because we need it to survive, materially. So, let our kids learn how to earn as early as now. This will give them a better picture of what they can do in the future.

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5 Ways on How an Entrepreneur Manages Stress

Entrepreneurs meet different challenges as they try to combat the waves of business. Hence, that makes them vulnerable to stress. Most especially if we will not be able to separate our work from our personal lives.

Since we become engrossed in what we thought is important. We have neglected the most important factor for the business to run – no other than yourself.

We are a big factor why the business is still up. And, if we won’t take care of our self, we may become weak, and if that happens, a lot of things will share the consequence.

. You have to be on top of the game to get good results in all endeavors. If we are at our healthiest shape and mind, success is inevitable

So, here are few tips on how we stay in good physical condition. Despite our different encounters while we manage the business.

person people woman office

Photo by Public Domain Pictures on Pexels.com

#1. Get help.

It is given that a lot every entrepreneur has a full pack schedule each day. A good idea is to get help from other people to do the simple task for you. Today, their lots of virtual assistants that you can outsource. In order for you to focus on more important things in your business. So, with that, you can even spend more time for yourself, family or friends to relax and recharge.

woman sleeping on sofa with throw pillows

Photo by bruce mars on Pexels.com

#2: You need to have enough sleep.

Sleeping is the only way for our body to be fully rested. Recharge, detach yourself from the reality to help you gain the strength you need to complete a task.

Lack of sleep can lead to serious illnesses that can affect our functionality. It affects your memory, decision making and problem-solving. These are all necessary for running your business.

woman with red top and black shorts on purple yoga mat

Photo by bruce mars on Pexels.com

#3 Exercise.

Moving your body will help release chemicals in the body called endorphins. It is responsible for increasing the mood of feeling good and happy. Thus, improves your quality of work.

So, start thinking of any outdoor indoor activities that keep you exercising. Running or doing to the gym can also be another option.

#4: Spend quality time with your loved ones.

Our family is the reason why we strive hard to get where we want to be. On stressful days, going back to who motivates, inspires and supports you endlessly. Going out for a family picnic or dinner will help you improve your relationship to them too.

This is also your way to take a break from the stressful reality or situation. By doing this, you have a lot of time not only for your family but most especially for yourself. It will help you refuel and get more readiness once you get back to work.

#5: Remember the good things you did.

It is at all times that you have been defeated for you to feel stressed. Looking into your winsome achievements will make tell you that you deserve a reward. Direct your attention to things that you have done best. And also for all the accomplished and other positive things that are happening or had been.

This acknowledgment will make you happier. Simply because their accomplishments that were made. And, that all the efforts that you are doing are gently paying off.

Final Thoughts

Managing stress is an art. There are many people that are good at it, while others are struggling. Bear in mind that you control your business, not the other way around. So if you are on top of it, why bother to get worried?

As an entrepreneur, stressful events can be normal. But you got to be fair to yourself and learn to let the pressure go as you need to be taken care of. With the proper handling of stress, business challenges go easy. And, with the right amount of rest and relaxation, a productive mind and body will follow.
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Mobile App

Make Money with Your Own Mobile App

Hilton HotelsIn today’s age, it is like any idea can make money through digital advances. A mobile app is just one of those. Even the free applications can be monetized. But the question is, how?

Free apps on Android and iOS are mediums that we can use to make a living in the digital side of the world. Advertising and email marketing are just two of the strategies. That you can apply in generating income from these applications. While others earn within through sponsorship and subscriptions.

So, let’s us learn further on how possible it is to make money with a free app?

As mentioned above, app creators can make money in several ways. Here is more explanation on how these strategies make them earn.

#1: Advertising

It is the most popular income generating tool for your app to make money. Aside from being the most profitable strategy, as are the simplest way to monetize. By letting businesses place commercials in your mobile app. And you’ll get paid from these ad networks.

Same is true on how a free mobile game app is designed to generate income. You can get paid in every ad displayed, or when a user will install an advertised app as well.

#2: Email Marketing

We have already heard email marketing as an old tool. Yet it has proven its power in monetizing mobile apps. By simply letting a user provide their email addresses every time they sign-in. This allows you to get a hold of them through notifications. It makes email collection easier for lead generation purposes. In return, you will give users free features which makes it profitable for all parties.

#3: Subscriptions

Giving the apps for free but with limited offers or features that are only available for a period of time. In order for the user to gain access and to fully enjoy the product, they will have to pay for the subscription.

Yet, it looks like it gets the least attraction to developers. According to a Sweet Pricing Report, only 5% of the successful app uses this method in bringing income.

#4: In-app Purchases

app augmented reality game gps

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

These are premium content, game currency or even unlocking game levels. Pokémon Go is an example of an app that uses in-app purchases to generate income. Below are the three categories:

Consumable, there is a product that purchased and can be used only once within the app.

Non-Consumable, virtual products sold that can be used permanently in the app. These are like new or unlocking new game levels.

Subscriptions used to provide more valuable features. Or contents in the app for a certain period of time.

#5: Selling Merchandise

person using black and white smartphone and holding blue card

Photo by PhotoMIX Ltd. on Pexels.com

This is now very popular since online selling emerges.

The adeptness of the app to build a virtual presence of your store. And let buyers buy straightaway from their phones. Products sold in the different apps also vary. Uniquely developed apps in creating, launching and selling merchandise.

An example is Amazon’s self-service program. It allows a user to publish and sell customized and branded items.

By just creating and uploading your own design and campaigning it using the Amazon tools. And, these branded items will then be produced and sold by Amazon, thus, you will get a part of the revenue. It is actually a good idea since you, as a developer don’t handle the end to end process. You won’t be doing the hassles of the process of payments and fulfillment of the transaction.


OmahaSteaks.com, Inc.Owning a mobile app may sound luxurious. Isn’t it? Yet with the advanced world, we are living currently, possibilities are boundless. Anyone can now create apps for free. And, monetize through different strategies.

But then again, before you will jump into something, take time to learn more. Understanding how it works for you, as well as the process of earning from it, won’t harm you. Remember that little knowledge is dangerous. But with a good amount of it comes with power to succeed.

We are not saying otherwise. Making money can be done in many creative ways and success can be achieved with the right attitude. Creating your own apps to earn extra cash is a great option too. Keep in mind that you’ll have to be at least know if you can’t be an expert. So that, all your investments – time, effort and even money (somehow if you opt to get the paid one) won’t be wasted.
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Make Money Using Car

Uber and Other Ways to Make Money Using your Car

Hilton HotelsTaxis have long been existing to provide transportation services to everyone. Not only that, it’s one of the methods of making money with the wheel. Yet, nowadays, they have found a stiff competition. Now that ride-sharing services have emerged. Uber is among its growing competitor.

They have introduced that unconventional way of providing transportation. And, many commuters have embrace due to the convenience it serves.

If you own a vehicle and wants to earn, you can make driving your car as your side hassle and earn from it. There are many companies that you can sign up with and be a registered driver. Let’s face it, owning a car is expensive and we need something to get covered. So carry as we are with you to discover further on how we can earn from driving.

Get paid to drive other people around with Uber is so simple. But, you need to know first if you qualify to their stipulated standard. Check this out.

#1: You can drive with Uber if your 21 years old and above.

#2: Having a valid driver’s license is a must.

#3: The vehicle you own must have 4 doors.

#4: Only the registered owner can drive the car. And must have insured the vehicle.

So, if you think that you passed these pre-qualifying questions. You are now ready to move on. Click here to get to Uber website to get more information.

Aside from Uber, there are still other sharing companies. Yet, there are also other services that you and your car can do. Just look for a company that you can partner with, to drive and get paid. Read on to learn.

person withe bracelets holding black steering wheel

Photo by Omar Etman on Pexels.com


It is a courier of food. As a driver, you will have the possibility to earn up to $25 per hour whether driving or riding their bike. Like Uber, it has an app that the company can know if you are free to take an order or not. As soon as you’ll get available, orders for delivery will pop out on your smartphone. Then, it is your choice whether you’ll accept or decline the task.

car black audi tachometer

Photo by Tookapic on Pexels.com


OmahaSteaks.com, Inc.A rideshare company that works quite like Uber. They will be contacted by a commuter for a ride. They will assign a driver nearest to the location to pick up that passenger. If that current driver isn’t available, then the next on queue will then get the chance.

Drivers and Lyft communicated via an app. Once the driver picks up a rider, he or she will tap the button on the app. Then the system starts to count the distance traveled. This then equates to the cost or bill if the passenger.

They simply tap the app again once the passenger had been dropped off to their destinations. The system notifies the company.

The pay is on a weekly basis. The payment received by the driver is net the fare deducted with the percentage of Lyft. Click here to learn more.

family generation father mother

Photo by Tookapic on Pexels.com


Another app-based company that makes you earn by driving your car. It is a carpooling app that connects riders to drivers. Take note of its difference from Uber and Lyft. They pick up riders who happen to be traveling in the same directions with the driver.

Yes, technically, giving you an extra cash for an extra seat of your car.

It is the driver’s route, not the passenger’s. The riders only tag along about where the driver’s location is.

blue sedan on snow at daytime

Photo by Oziel Gómez on Pexels.com


It is a delivery company that carries a variety of things such as groceries, supplies and even food. Earning money with them is cool: be their delivery driver but you have a flexible schedule. You have the freedom to choose what can you can drive for them. And, a $25 per hour is pretty awesome.


Uber is just one of the many companies that had opened doors to car owners in maximizing the use of their car. It is given that we buy a car for family use. Yet, instead of letting it seat of you got nothing to do, why not maximize both of your time and make money. Remember, there have been many apps to choose from, and seek on what best works for you. Won’t you feel happy of your car pays its own mortgage? Just saying.

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Earn and Learn

12 Summer Jobs Teens Can Earn and Learn

Hilton HotelsA summer job is it? Well, you have landed in the right place! Summertime so some people means vacation, travel or mere fun. Yet, we can do either of those while making money on the side and having a good time.

There are a lot of ways to earn while learning this summer. Keep reading to know how you will spend this season with lots of productivity. Here is a short but meaningful list you can check on.

Category #1: Writing.

woman writing on a notebook beside teacup and tablet computer

Photo by Tirachard Kumtanom on Pexels.com

Actually, this is a good fit for every teenager who can write. I mean, who loves to write and wants to learn further.

Job#1: Article Writer

There are many opportunities online that for teens to write and get paid. The works may vary from personal essays to online magazines or websites.

Job#2: Blogger

If you’re a blogger, you can make money through ads, selling products or even e-books. You can start building your audience by writing your own blog or, as a guest writer at other blogs. Showcase your idea and your ability to editors. Who knows a simple summer job may turn out to be a career that you’ll enjoy?

Category #2: Designer.

Most teens are artistic in many ways. And, this equates to the last chance of getting a job that will teach you and pay you more. Explore and let your images capture the moment. Below are just some of the artsy jobs that you may want to get some adventure on.

Job#3: T-Shirt Designer

You can design your own shirts and sell it online. Let your colorful mind create and maybe build a fortune. Visit Spreadshirt, Teespring or Etsy to learn how you can earn with them.

Job#4: Photographer

Capturing special moments. These breath-taking scenes can earn you extra this summer. You can sign up on websites for stock photography and sell your beautiful photos there.

Category #3: Cleaning Jobs

washing a car with a sponge

Photo by Kaboompics .com on Pexels.com

Job#5: Car Washer

You can provide car washing services to your neighborhood. Start with your pals, family and maybe try to apply to any car washing businesses nearby.

Job #6: House Cleaner

It is so simple and basic job. Any teenagers who love to organize and keep places neat can apply for this job. This is just as good as extending your household cleaning chores. Somewhere else, but the nice thing is, getting paid for it.

Job #7: Dishwashing Job

Another easy to do a job. Try to apply to restaurants who are accepting teens for summer to fill in the position. Or, even a small cafeteria near your place. They might be needing an extra hand to wash the dishes that customers had left on.

Category #4: Teaching Jobs

woman stands behind green concrete wall

Photo by Jupen on Pexels.com

Job #8: English Tutor

Interestingly, you can do this offline too. Yet many opportunities are offered in this job online. No sweat. All you need to do is to apply for a job to teach kids or adults who want to learn your basic language: English.

By conversing with them during tutoring hours gives decent hourly pay. Sounds like a good way to start earning on your own.

Job #9: Dance Teacher

Again, if you got what it takes, so go for it. If dancing is your cup of tea, share it and get paid. By giving dancing lessons to kids in your neighborhood. You can definitely save money for the forthcoming school year.

Category #5: Outdoor Jobs

Job #10: Landscaping

Maintaining a lawn requires planting and gardening. Yet, in this kind of job, being able to work with a company specializing this can help you learn while earning more.

Job #11: Apple Pick

Try to seek for good opportunities in apple orchards and be one of their apple pickers. It is an easy and fun job while enjoying the air breeze and the sunlight. Not only that. There another task that you can explore in plantations aside from being a picker of fallen fruit.

Job #12: Tour Guide

This is an exciting job which teens can do quite well. As long as you are not scared to speak to strangers. And you talk with confidence, you might be a good fit as a guide for tourist. Entertain them with information and lots of stories. Because they want to know more an about the place you are touring them around.

Wrap up

OmahaSteaks.com, Inc.Not all jobs are something we know from the start. Most of them could be something we love to do. Or task that we want to explore and learn how it is done. We are capable of learning, so never be afraid to explore new things. And the best about it is you will earn from it – monetary and experience wise.

Teenagers spending summer working is a good start to get the idea of how to make a living, as an adult. As we all know that everyone goes there. So getting a dose of it will make you become a better spender, employer or even a business owner.

So, if you are a teenager looking for a summer job, make it worthwhile. Not just by earning money but gaining knowledge in whatever endeavor we take.

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