Investing Inherited Money

Best Directions to Take in Investing Inherited Money

Few things to remember before pouring it all to investment

Getting into business investments is one of the best things that comes to mind. Right after receiving your inherited money. While others might be thinking of shopping spree. Or taking families to a grand vacation or other stuff that you are not common to do.

But experts tell us not to rush on these things. Ann Minnium, a certified financial planner, says” Don’t react emotionally.” Take time to breathe and create a plan of your finances. As you think things over on where to spend it, park the money. Deposit it in a high-yield savings account to give yourself a time to set out which are your priorities.

Here are few best things you can do before investing your money.

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#1: List your financial goal.

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Learn from the past mistakes in handling your money. Correct your bad spending habits and focus on which is more important.

#2: Emergency cash deposit.

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Make sure that this is on the top of your mind. An emergency fund for at least equal to three to six months. This will avoid a chance of being in debt, in case crisis come that calls for finances.

#3: Retirement savings.

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Open a savings account for ready for your retirement. It really makes so much sense to maximize the money that you have inherited.

#4: Paying off debts.

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Outstanding debts should be paid off, like loans, mortgage, and credit card payments. By doing this, you will have the chance to be starting a clean slate and debt-free life. Yet, for mortgages, you need to consider the interest rate and the expected rate of return. Say, if the debt is letting you pay a relatively high rate, then, paying it off is a good option.

Danielle Schultz, a certified financial planner and principal at Haven Financial Solutions Inc. says, but if it is a low-rate mortgage, then consider your age and modest employment aspect. Then, investing your money off is a good step.

Now, let us talk about investments.

Read on to know some of the best vessels to grow your inherited money by investing in these businesses.

Option #1: Stock Market


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This is one of the popular methods in growing money. Yet, bear in mind that this is a risky path to take. Stock market rise and fall depending on the economic status. Sure enough though that there are many people who have profit with it.

So, it would be best to get into this kind of investment once you’ll have a good understanding of how it works.

Option #2: Foreign Exchange Market


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An interesting way to earn profits is to invest your money in Foreign Exchange Market (Forex). You can actually do this in the comforts of your homes. It only has a simple concept of buying and selling currency. As one currency goes up, the other inversely goes down.

A little precaution though, it is a volatile market. Putting your investment in the best decision can be made. By thorough study or analysis of the market trend and exchange rate can give you a good profit.

There are many factors that can affect the behavior of the market. It could be the news, employment rate or any major events that affect the economy. So, if you are planning to put your money here, be as vigilant in these matters.

Option #3: Binary Options


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It is a market that works like Foreign Exchange market. The only difference is that with binary trading you will choose the direction of the market is going. Once you have placed your position you will no longer be able to get out of it, in case the trade changes direction.

Again, you need to understand how it works to gain instead of losing your money.

Option#4: Arts


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If you are into arts, investing in this aspect is also a good idea. There are many wealthy investors that appreciate the value of fine arts. Paintings are priceless. Many known painters have gained many returns on the investments in their painting.

Yet, we suggest speaking to an expert prior to you investing in this kind of investment vessel.




Verdict, Inc.

In conclusion, investing your inherited money, first of all, needs time investment. Yes, a time for you to think about where you can be confident of placing this valuable amount. Remember that inherited money tags along emotional attachment somehow. But, don’t be too emotional about it.

The most rational way to take the next best direction is to let is breath. Take time to create a financial plan and study the best investment vehicle to grow that money. So, part of that investment would be for yourself. Investing in education that will always be useful now and in the future is another good option.

Lastly, learn how to invest your money in the best way possible. Study different investment strategies before diving in. This will save your inherited money from being gone without you being aware.

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Buy and Sell

Buy and Sell: Reaping Profits from Old but Good Domain Names

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Ways on How to Make Money from Buying and Selling Domain Names

Another great idea on how to make money through buying and selling from the comforts of our homes. It is through domain name flipping. With this kind of business in mind, we need to know where to get the best ones. And, the marketplace to sell it.

But before moving forward, let us define what domain flipping is.

It is the act of buying an item at a lesser cost and selling it with a markup.

Now, getting a better picture, aren’t you? Yet, before jumping into that nice idea running through our head. Take a pause and ask yourself these following questions:

Where is the best marketplace to buy good domains?

Where are you going to sell it?

How can the domain be transferred to the buyer?

For how much are you selling a domain name?

How will you handle trademark issues on this?

Yes, ALL buying and selling businesses are potential to earn you profit. But you need to make right strategies to make it work and profitable. So, those questions above are very important and will serve as your map towards success.

Read on to know the steps towards this profitable business.

Steps to Earn Profits from Domain Name Buying and Selling


Step #1: Learn how to buy domain Names., Inc.This is the first thing you will have to master. Be knowledgeable about where are the best sources of the good domain names that you can buy and trade later on. The reputation of your supplier matters. As you won’t like to end up getting something unsaleable.

You can get it from them from domain registrars. Like Namecheap, Godaddy, Bluehost, Hostgator, and Hover. For the complete list, click here.

Search the domain name that you have chosen. Then, if it is available, you can buy for a few dollars per annum.

In an event that the chosen name is registered to another person, find the owner to know if they will sell it.

Other domain names became expired for several reasons. These are also good items to buy once it is open to being resold.

Important rules:

  • You cannot buy a domain name if it has been trademarked by a company.
  • Never use a company or person’s identity to buy that domain.

Step #2: Selling

Marketing your domain name is the best way to have it sold. So the good avenue is to place an ad on the landing pages of your website. By then, any potential and interested buyers can contact you.

Yet, the best way to let others know that you are selling your domain name is to have it listed on marketplaces. This is platforms intended for domain selling. If the domain registrar where you have bought your domain has a marketplace. Then, list it there as well. To name a few, you can check NameJet, Flippa or Sedo.


Tips to sell your domain name:

  • Give a fixed price for each domain name.
  • Or you can set up an auction and invite interested buyers and the highest bidder will take the name.
  • Make a decent deal to potential buyers.


Step #3: Transfer of domain name ownership

This is an important step. To keep you away from future undesirable events of ownership issues. You need to know what you are getting into to make this task easy. For security purposes, you need to complete this process in only one phase.

Here is your quick guide for the transferring procedure:

#3.1: There must be an agreed finalized term with the buying party.

#3.2: Double check in the length of the time left you got on your domain name.

#3.3: Let the buyer set up an account with the registrar with the domain name registered.

#3.4: Change applicable settings.

#3.5: Let the buyer submit the transfer request.

#3.6: Accept and finish the transfer supplication.

Read How to Transfer a Website Guide, for the detailed and step by step process.


The principle behind buying and selling domain names is so simple. We get it at a lower price and sell it at a higher price. Then, we profit. Yet, with the basic knowledge of business, it is, all the same, it needs familiarization and skill.

Domain name selling started with the creation or buying an old, existing or expired ones. But by the time you are going to sell it, make sure that it is in its best condition. Reaping small or big profits will always boil down to good ethics and practices. And, it makes this business even better.

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Cargo Cruise Ship

12 Important Tips with Cargo Cruise Ship Travels

World Port SeafoodCruise ship travels are our holiday dream vacation. To see the other part of the world with the convenience of a luxury ship. But would you consider fulfilling these wish with a cargo ship cruise?

Why not?, Inc.Travel equates itself to adventure. Exactly, it is an adventurous experience to be getting a ride from a cargo ship. Freighter cruises give their passengers the awesome chance. To experience great travels that regular cruise ships offer.

And, it doesn’t cost so much. It is an amazing way to sail on a boat. Click here to learn more about the cost.

Read on to know the important things that you must know about joining a cargo travel ship to see the beauty of the world.

Tip#1: Book Early


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Book your trip 6 months in advance since cargo ships only have few cabins for their passengers. Definitely, no peak or off-peak prices since the ships are working vessels.

Tip#2: Be there several days earlier.


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Arriving at your destination of embarkation several days early gives you an advantage. As it will allow you to get in touch with the port agent. This is for you to know when the ship is arriving. Hence, they can tell you when to join and will arrange for the immigration process.

Tip#3: Always research the place as where are you going.


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Read about the places you are visiting. It will help you get prepared for what you can expect.

Tip#4: Mingle with the crew, get to know and be friendly.


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Being amiable gains you some favors and will make you feel comfortable. Yet, make sure that you won’t cross the borders that will make you an annoyance instead of a lovely guest on board.

Tip#5: Take your favorite book or anything that will entertain you.


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No one can entertain you, so you need to be self-sufficient. You can tag along videos, rest or sleep and glare at the ocean. You can also prepare lots of reading materials. Get your ebook reader, or laptop ready. Fill it with materials that will help you overcome solitude moments.

Tip#6: Don’t forget the camera.


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Taking photos in the destinations you are going to is a must for a traveler. This will add to your enjoyable freighter travel diaries.

Tip#7: Bring necessary supplies.


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It is very important that tag along with you supplies that you might be needed during the travel. Yet, check and make sure that prescription drugs that you have are not banned. Or it’s legal in the places you are about to visit.

Tip#8: Be ready for changes, as it happens.

Flexibility during this travels is a must.Tip#9: Don’t expect the crew on the ship to entertain you.


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You can definitely interact with them and be friendly. That could be something we can also consider as a reward for that travel.

Tip#10: Keep a positive outlook.

Even if there will be no set of activities arranged for you. There will be a standard comfort and food like what the crew is getting.

Tip#11: Prepare to spend so much alone or with your partner.


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If you are with your partner or a loved one, then it could be a perfect time to bond. Yet, if you are alone then, a time for solitude is also good to get to know more about yourself. Then, become better once you get off that ship.

Tip#12: Finally, prepare for motion sickness essentials


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If you have motion sickness, take a seasick tablet. Or, research on how to overcome it.


To wrap this up, traveling in a cargo ship is so much fun and inexpensive. Yet, we need to be cautious about things that allowed to be done and not. Safety should always be on top of our minds in traveling. Most especially if we are not familiar with the place and when we are alone.

Traveling to another side of the world nowadays is not that challenging any longer. Thorough research on how to do it in a cost-effective way can help you enjoy a travel. So, a backpack and on the go trips is so much suitable on a cargo cruise ship adventure. Let’s go, and have our dreams fulfilled.

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Money Making: How to Rent out Unused Parking Lots and Be Listed on SpotHero?

Hilton HotelsEver wondered how to get an extra income without looking for another day or part-time job? Try to look around you. Thinking outside the box is not that hard to do. Yes, look outside, do you see your extra parking lot?

Now, your empty parking space isn’t useless anymore, rent it out on SpotHero! Earning extra cash from an extra lot is such an awesome idea for a passive income. Be a seller by simply following 3 easy steps.

and forget to live.

Step #1: Application

To get listed, filling an application form would be the very first step. Then you are on your way towards earning with SpotHero.

You need to submit the following information:

1.1: Address

1.2: Price

1.3: Availability of the parking spot

Click here to fill out the parking form.

Step #2: Listing

Once the form had been completed and approved, you can now start renting your space.

Your listing is ready to be seen and made available to users in seconds.

Step #3: Earn, Inc.The pay-out will either be via check or a monthly deposit.

SpotHero is much recommended by a lot of users. Because of the attractive and outstanding customer service they provide. Also, it is the country’s biggest parking site, so business is definitely workable.

Plus, they will help you get advertised and be known to thousands of drivers!

So you are all set, now, aren’t you?

Yet to guide you further in the process. Here are extra nuggets of ideas to feed your interest and confidence with SpotHero. Below are few sets of answers to questions that are lingering on your head. So keep reading to know more.

D O N E.jpg

Who will set the rate?

SpotHero has a team for analytics intended to give the best rate. They will help you make the most earning potential of your parking space. Worry not, because they will be working with you, all the step of the way while giving you the best price for your space.

Will they stipulate on the availability of the space can be rented?

No. The availability of your rented parking space is all up to you. You will have to provide them the best time it would be open for rent. There is so much flexibility with this, they will depend on your schedule.

Also, selling your spot depends on you. If you wish to rent it out for just a few days, or on some events or the entire month, it is not a problem. Yet, with the different situations or occasions, rates might be changeable. SpotHero will recommend the best rate that can cover and fit condition, place and your way of life.

Can I use my parking space in case I would need it?

You can suspend the rental anytime, via your online account. In cases like something important came up. That you need the space in such a short notice, an account manager is always there to assist you.

How many fees do SpotHero charges spot owners for the listing?

Keeping your account in your apps and websites is free of charge.

The only event that fees are collected is when there will be transactions. See the rate that they are charging each sell (commission):

Monthly Parking – 15% cut and $0.99

Event or Hourly Parking (less than $10 reservation) – 20% cut

Event or hourly Parking (greater than $10 reservation) 20% cut and $0.99

Fees already included the following:

  • credit card fees
  • access to an assigned account manager
  • online sales report
  • Signage and other marketing initiatives

How will customers find my parking spot?

SpotHero will have to make sure that there will be a complete and detailed description. And, of course as a part of the needs that you have to provide is the direction to the right spot. To help them make it easier. Placing a signage on the parking lot is another tool to locate the space. Also, this will inform other people that the parking area is paid by someone else. Hence refraining non-paying invaders to park.

Is this legitimate business?

Yes. It has been founded in 2011 and known as the largest parking site in the country. You may try signing up for a few weeks to see for yourself. You can cancel your account anytime you want. To know us better, please feel free to visit their website.


Renting out your vacant lot for parking is a great way to start a stream of extra income. Definitely a passive one. And SpotHero, by its name, came at the right time and place to rescue that spot from being empty!

Seeing this opportunity needs a call to action.

Go to SpotHero to sign up and be part of the listing. In a few, you are ready to be seen by renting drivers. Looking for the best parking lot that will fit their need and lifestyle. It is an awesome way to be part of the solution while earning on the side, what do you think?

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Real Estate Investment

Real Estate Investment: 4 Simple Steps in Investing with RealtyShares

Hilton HotelsInvestment in real estate is evolving. It is becoming more accessible to people who have the capacity to invest.

RealtyShares was established in 2013 and is part of the innovation. It is an online platform for investment. They aim to gather all interested investors, borrowers as well as sponsors. The entire transaction is completed with all security through the website. From the accomplishment of legal documents signatures until transferring of funds.

Yet, even if they are offering the investment to the public. Only accredited investors are welcome to join.

Accredited Investor means:

“The investor’s net worth or joint net worth with their spouse should over at least $1 Million. That is excluding the value of the main house. And/or an annual income of at least $200,000, both of the two previous years. Or, joint earnings with the spouse of greater than $300,000 for those years. With the acceptable expectation of income for the existing year.”, Inc.

The platform is offering real investments. And it has a listed company who need funds for their ventures. And, they are inviting investors to become shareholders for any particular project. They have a variety of properties that a capitalist can choose from. It includes commercial retails, residential or both.

Before jumping into a decision to invest, it is wiser to get to a better understanding on the whole process. Along with some pre-qualification procedures.

Part of which is to know the marginal rule, that amounts to $5,000.00. Yet, there are also some projects which will let a capitalist start at $3000.00.

Keep reading to discover more.

Few Easy Steps to Get Started


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Step #1: Sign up for an account on

Step #2: As soon as you have registered, scan the web for the investments or projects available. You are given a 30-day cooling period as recommended by SEC. It is to give the investor an ample time to research and understand the company before investing.

RealtyShares, they have implemented this rule. To allow the investor to think and make an informed decision on his investment.

Step #3: After the cooling off period, you can already access the information page of the property. It includes all the details that an investor must know. It includes the property, financial status, and management. And other financial and legal documents.

Since RealtyShares is careful in all its transactions. They have made the necessary investigation on the administrators in each company venture.

Step #4: Finalizing the investment.

All property needs to meet a funding target before an investor can officially buy a share.

Yet, you can already sign and send off all necessary documentation via the platform. And, you can transfer the money to the bank account that you have linked to your account.

Upon receipt of the fund transferred, it will bill held in an escrow account. In case, the target fund is not met 100%, the money paid will be returned.

The platform is easy and manageable to use. You can track all investments, earnings and manage documents in the dashboard. Updates on each project and tax documents every year.

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Other charges


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Signing up for an account in RealtyShares. As well as surfing on the available properties is free of charge. It is only upon investment that a percentage will be taken as an annual fee. See the possible cost of investments:

Equity or preferred Equity Investment – An annual fee of 1% of the total investment

For Equity Investment – reimbursement and a 1 to 2% management fee are collected.


Real estate is a little complex business. And, it needs better understanding. With careful investing decisions you will get your financial plans without a hassle. Thanks to a simplified way to invest in the industry with great leverage.

Many qualified investors will enjoy the luxury of the business opportunity. Right at their fingertips and through an online platform like RealtyShares.