building an online course

8 Basic Steps in Building an Online Course

If I open the internet, especially the Facebook, ads for online courses are all in my feed.

The truth is, I am happy about it.

It was that day when I got to scan the page and saw a sponsored ad on how to become a VA via an online course, and the rest is history. Thanks to my coach.


Freebies for Dads

7 Simple but Unique Father’s Day Tips, Gifts, and Freebies for Dads and Grandads

Father’s day is fast approaching. For this year, it would be on June 17, 2018, have you thought of something for your dad?

There are several ways on how we can show our love and gratitude to our dads and grandpas. We can take them to a lunch or dinner that fit their taste buds. Or perhaps, give them gifts that match their interest and personalities.

Deals and Discounts

Memorial Day 2018: Top 15 Military and Veteran Freebies, Deals and Discounts

On the 28th of May, we will again commemorate the heroes of our nation. We give honor by celebrating Memorial Day as a gratitude to our military and veterans.

With that being said, great deals and freebies await! This is for all American active-duty military and veterans deserving of a treat. And, let us draw our attention to the list of discounts, gifts and treats to our champions!