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For Better Investment Choices, Go Automated, Find a Robo advisor

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A Short Beginner’s Guide

Automation makes life easier. Will it do the same with our financial decisions as well? For the “betterment” of the world, change is necessary. And, investing can now be done by yourself and a robo advisor.

Automated investing, how does it sound to you?

Weird? Maybe.

So to stop you from getting too skeptical, keep reading to find out.

What is a Robo Advisor?, Inc.Robo advisors are a category of a financial adviser. But, that provide financial or investment management online. These are digital platforms with automated. It uses mathematical rules and algorithms to come up with financial plans.

A service that has little to no human intervention.

Furthermore, robo advisors can also need the help of a human investment expert. For services like taxes, retirement or estate planning.

It gathers important information from clients. Most especially on their financial status and future plan. This is provided through the platform or online survey. All the details are the basis of the advice it produces. Or, the system automatically invests on behalf of the client.

Yet, there are actually many definitions of what a “Robo Advisor” is, it is the simplified version we can give out.

How did it start?


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This isn’t born yesterday, let us take you a little back to history.

The science behind this robotic technology is not new. It has been used by human wealth managers. To automatically distribute portfolio in early 2000’s. And, only those few financial experts can afford to buy that mechanization.

Hence, ordinary people had to seek financial advisors for their services. And take advantage of that cutting-edge invention.

Betterment, an investment company launched in 2010, is the first robot-advisor. It was a simple online system to help investors manage investments. From then on, they have altered the entire way on how it was. Today, it has progressed into something that is capable of doing more complex tasks.

The industry has emerged. And many are getting on the bandwagon of automated investment platforms. Offering a range of attractive services. As well as low-cost preferences for the different class of investors.

So, why is it a better option?


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Again, a robot-advisor is an online system provides portfolio management service. That is automatic. Since, it uses computer algorithms, based on the risk tolerance and term you have provided. Plus, it can provide services which are lower than those of a human financial advisor.

Besides, the automatic portfolio rebalancing. It also assists in tax-loss harvesting. Both factors will convert into the higher potential of returns. Sounds, good business?

Is it best for me?


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It depends on your personality as an investor. Automated investment can be a good fit. If you choose to be a tolerant or a noninterventionist to your funds. This would mean that you let some else boost your portfolio.

And, the most important thing to consider. Before jumping into automation – must have simple transactions. You need to make sure that your financial situation is not complicated. As complexity would need direct handling of a human advisor.


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Investments, in general, would range from linear to complex. If we cannot make a better decision for our financial plans. Then seeking a human financial advisor is a good idea. Making sure that they can provide us the best of your interest.

The services and options they will have to present should be understandable and wise. They are experts on what they do, so they must be.

Automated investment is even a better option, too. A robo-adviser may not equally function as human financial experts. But factors of being “personally attached” to the business is eliminated. Emotions play a vital role in our decisions, most if we get emotional, we may not be rational.

Capital spending is coupled with risk. Automated or with a human expertise both tag along financial exposure. If you gain, someone got a loss and vice versa.

Calculated and well-managed risk. These are elements that help an investor get through and recover.

So, analyze and learn more about robo advisor if it is a good fit for your personality and financial status. And, if it creates an intelligent portfolio grow, then why not? Yet, if you have concerns and hesitations, talking to a financial expert may help you decide.

To learn more, read Best Robo-Advisors: 2018 Top Picks.




Amazon Gift Cards

Top 5 Easy Ways to Get Amazon Gift Cards for Shopping, Inc.Would you believe that there are several companies that pay you to shop at Amazon? They are giving away free gift cards. That is of course in exchange for doing some petty favors for them.

Well, not really some tedious tasks. They only ask you to complete surveys, browse the web or submitting your buying history.

So let us start getting into these amazing companies that give shoppers treats.

#1: Joany


This is an online company for health care, who is on a mission to create a simple health insurance. They aim to assist customers in comparing plans get physician and negotiate bills.

As part of their research, they get important advice or details from the buying public. And these are about their insurance experiences. This information will be gathered through a survey.

Here is the catch. For participants who will finish the survey in less than 10 minutes will get $25 for their time spent. This award will then be given in two options: sent via Paypal or an Amazon gift card.

See here the complete list of the requirement for joining the survey.

#2: ShopTracker


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For a chance to get a FREE $3 Visa Gift Card simply download the app. And another $3 every month while it is installed on your phone. It is automatically connected to your Amazon account.

So each month that they will send a Visa e-gift card code in your email. It will be synced and credited to your Amazon account.

ShopTracker is making a research to know what products in Amazon customers buy. They only need is the record of your purchases. And, no private information will be disclosed.

Interested? Click here to know them more and sign up.

#3: Swagbucks


Photo by Lukas on

This is another market research company otherwise known as survey sites. They will pay you for using their search engines.

The goal is to know the habits or patterns of the web users. Since these are valuable for companies growth. And to get a better understanding of the behavior of the customers.

With Swagbucks, it seems like you have not done anything, simple usage of their engines. And, you will get a free Amazon gift card. Awesome deal, isn’t it?

To give you an idea of how much you are getting. Upon, signing up, you will get $5. Then, you will be earning SB points that are convertible to Amazon gift cards. For every 300 SM, you will get a worth of $3 gift card.

Check them out, to learn more.

#4: MyPoints


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Simply download the apps and be rewarded with a $10 free Amazon gift card!

The company was established in 1996. It has given lots of cash, discount codes travel miles and free gift cards. You will be earning by taking surveys, video watching and by searching the website. Also, playing games, printing coupons and shopping online will let you earn more.

Now, if you will sign up they will give you a free $10 Amazon gift card after spending $20.

To join, click here.

#5: Ibotta


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This is another app that will help you save and earn money! Wow, amazing! When doing your grocery, bring along your smartphone to scan the items if it qualifies. Yet, before that, there will be simple tasks that need to be accomplished

Once done, you may shop, and upload the receipt to the apps and wait to get paid which will usually take 48 hours.

Your choice: cash or a free gift card that are usable in any of their affiliate stores, including Amazon.

Check them out here.

Wrap Up

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Shopping had never been so convenient these days. We can do it while doing our laundry or preparing dinner or lunch. Along with the easy way to shop is getting paid while shopping or by simply browsing the web.

We can get free Amazon gift card by completing simple tasks that won’t really hurt much of our time. Surveys will make about 10 minutes but in exchange for a $25 worth of a gift card. That is worth it.

So, if you are thinking about how to get free Amazon gift cards? Try these 5 easy ways to grab it.

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Real Estate Crowdfunding

5 Real Estate Crowdfunding Website for Non- Accredited Investors

Understanding the Basics

Hilton HotelsCrowdfunding is not only happening in forming projects for any cause. Such as asking a large number of people some small amount of money to fund a certain venture. It is an act of pooling together different people who can support and commit financially.
The real estate is now adopting this form of funding and investment to properties. To make this possible, they have created a platform or a website. A method of reaching these accredited or non-accredited investors of real estate.

This sounds quite a jargon to someone who is not really familiar with real estate. We will get to know more about it in a simpler way. What is an accredited or non-accredited investor? What are these Real Estate Crowdfunding sites? Keep reading for you to learn more.

Let us understand Accredited and Non-Accredited Investors of Real Estate, Inc.All real estate crowdfunding sites accommodate both accredited and non-accredited stakeholders. These are two qualifications or categories that one venture capitalist may belong.
The eligibility of an accredited investor as ascertained by Securities and Exchange Commission. To be able to get certified you must conform to the following standards:
Certification #1: The aspiring investor must have an income of $200,000 plus. Or a combined income of $300,000 plus in the recent 2 years.
Certification #2: The investor must have (individual or combined) a net worth of $1 Million plus. That is excluding the value of the main house.
Certification #3: An accreditation from the director, executive officer or general partner. For the issuer of non-regulated securities.

So, you are categorized as a non-accredited investor is you will not be able to meet the requirements. As a certified or accredited venture capitalist, as mentioned above.

Determining your classification is very important. Since real estate crowdfunding platforms will have to find out the right category. It is because there is the website that accepts non-accredited investors. Whiles other only accept the accredited ones or both.

5 Best real Estate Crowdfunding Websites (Accepts Non- Accredited Investors)


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To further guide in your real estate ventures. we will be presenting to you 5 of the best real estate crowdfunding platforms. These are site who welcomes non-accredited investors. There is a short list focused in one category to simplify our understanding on the topic.

#1: Fundrise


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This company accepts both accredited and non-accredited investors. They only require a small amount of investment at $500.00

Founded in 2012. The investment of all stakeholders circulates all over their portfolio. Their investments include multifamily developments and office buildings. Also, new homes construction and, acquisition and construction loans.

But, you cannot choose a specific project you can invest in. To learn more about it please click here.

#2: Small Change


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Accepting accredited and non- accredited investors with a minimum investment of $500.00.

It started in 2014. The nice thing about this company is that you can choose the venture that you want to put your funds in. Yet, not all are open to non- accredited investors. This fits to humanitarian investors. Click here to know more about Small Change.

#3: American Home Owner Preservation


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They accept both accredited and non-accredited investors. And, the marginal investment is $100.00

Established as a non-profit company in 2008 and became for –profit in 2009. They aim to give help to distressed homeowners to stay in their homes. The investment is differentiated across a group of afflicted mortgages. Which could become a loan modification or foreclosure represented by AHP. Learn more.

#4: Rich Uncles


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Accepts accredited and non-accredited investors. The minimal investment is at $500.00

Established in 2006 and was relaunched in 2016. They are offering income producing retails, office commercial and industrial real estate projects. Same as the Funrise, you cannot choose the project to invest in. Dividends are paid monthly with an average return on investment rate of 7% or more. Check their website for more details.

#5: GroundFloor


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Accepts both accredited and non-accredited investors. Minimum investment is $100.00

It started in 2013 and had already funded over $10 Million in deals. Investments are poured in Limited Recourse Obligation (LRO). Yet, there are property and loan details that you can choose from. All deals are residential projects in real estate. For details click here.



As a closing, real estate crowdfunding is a great back up to supplement income. The shortlist that we got for you above, are only a few among many platforms in the market. These are companies that offer affordable investments. These are much lower compared to investing in an actual chunk of property.

The very nature of the business is taking a risk. You won’t take any return unless you have invested in it. Same is true in real estate crowdfunding. You will not be owning an entire property. And as a stakeholder, you need to have an open mind on the investment you have taken. Take time to research and weigh things to keep an informed decision.

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The Essential Guide to Father’s Day Deals and Freebies 2018

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Dear old Dad. Provider, hard workers, and deal lover. Celebrate Dad this year with great deals from these retailers. Make sure you check before you go as supplies can be limited. Happy Father’s Day to each and every, Inc.

Ruth Chris Steakhouse (Deal)
Dads will receive a $25 dining card for celebrating with us.*

Morton’s Steakhouse (Deal)
Prix Fixe Menu $59 Per Person

Red Lobster (Deal)
Spend $75 on gift cards and
get two bonus gifts in return.*
*Offer available while supplies last. Other exclusions apply. Coupon 1 valid 7/2/18-8/5/18. Coupon 2 valid from 8/6/18-9/2/18. SEE FULL TERMS AND CONDITIONS.

Olive Garden (Deal)
Get a $10 Bonus Card with every $50 Purchased

Massage Envy (Deal)
Purchase $125 in gift cards for Dad & get a voucher for a 30-minute FREE Total Body Stretch session.

Medieval Times (Freebie)
Dad is Free, June 4 – 17
Dad is free with the purchase of one full-priced adult. Father’s Day package upgrade available for additional $25 (plus tax) during checkout or at the door. Package includes framed photo of Dad and family, medieval cork coaster set, 25 oz glass stein with choice of beer or soda (non-alcoholic beverage will be served to minors).
Use Code: DAD18 | Valid for shows June 4 – 17, 2018

TCBY (Freebie)
Dads get the first 6 ounces of frozen yogurt free in a small cup or cone. Offer valid only on Sunday, June 17. Offer may vary by location.

Wienerschnitzel (Freebie)
Dad will receive a free Old-Fashioned Sundae all day on Father’s Day, Sunday, June 17. To redeem the offer, fathers of all ages should show proof of their “dad-ship” by bringing in their children, showing a family photo or telling a story about their kids.

Firehouse Subs (Freebie)
Fathers get a free medium sub when you purchase a full-priced medium or large sub, chips and a drink. The offer is only valid on Father’s Day, June 17.
Firehouse Freebie

Applebee’s (Deal)
Celebrate Father’s Day all month long. Participating Applebee’s locations offer $1 Long Island Iced Tea drinks for the month of June.

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REAL ESTATE: Top 3 Crowdfunding Website for Accredited Investors

Hilton HotelsCrowdfunding for real estate is a trend in investment that has been existing. It became even more popular in the recent years. With the help of the platform, a challenge. In finding the best property to put your investment in had been minimized if not eliminated.

This scheme, the experts do the research for you. And leverage the amount of investment to locations or ventures that are interesting. Your business transaction is dealt with top-level professionals. Hence making you confident in your financial decisions.

In our recent post, we have already differentiated the two kinds of investors. The accredited and non-accredited investor which only differs on their financial capacity. Kindly click here to direct you to the article.

Meanwhile, let us focus on the platforms that are open to accredited investors only. Many of these companies are looking for the accredited ones to take part. These gave way to real estate developers to create a funnel for investment. It made the industry thriving proven by the many sites opening for business.

Crowdfunding Sites Recommended for Accredited Investors

accounting apps bookkeeper business

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#1: PeerStreet


Photo by on

Founded in 2013 by Brew Johnson and previous Google executive, Brett Crosby. They have opened opportunities to accredited investors to tap real estate investments possibilities. It has claimed to be the platform for the real estate debt.
This platform is good for real estate looking for online investors (accredited). And, the investment required is relatively small which is only $1000.00.

Check their website to learn more about how it works and to get started.

#2: RealtyShares

white and brown concrete bungalow under clear blue sky

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The company was founded in 2013. Realtyshares is a major player in the real estate industry. They cater to both equity and debt crowdfunding. This is ideal for investors who want to associate in real estate ventures and programs.

They welcome accredited investors both for commercial and residential projects.

This website has listed three different types of real estate investments. As follows:

#2.1: Cash-flowing/Value –Add Equity investment in commercial and residential properties. Like apartments, retail, office, and pools of single-family homes.

#2.2: Equity investments in Fix &Flips located in high demand/low supply markets

#2.3: Loans secured by residential and commercial real estate.

As mentioned, only accredited investors are welcome in this platform. The marginal investment is only $5000.00.

To learn more about how this site works, check them out.



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It is established in 2015, yet have been applauding their expertise in the dominion. They are confident in the field due to the support from Mission Capital. A recognized national leader in commercial real estate debt & equity finance.

This site offers commercial real estate crowdfunding in three different forms:

  • Syndicated debt
  • Equity
  • Preferred Equity Raises

This fits commercial real estate developers who are searching for crowdfunded investments. And investors who are in pursuit for estate deals.

Again, they are only accepting accredited investors.

Remember though that this company can still be considered a “newbie” in the playground. So, if you are a risk taker kind of an investor, you can give it a chance and see its potential. Yet, if you are a conservative type, then doing some extra homework won’t hurt for you to have a confident decision. Do it if you must?

Check their website here to learn more.

Finale, Inc.We need to give it a chance to prove itself as a great medium of investment. Yet, it would depend on what kind of investor you are. Currently, it looks good and promising. So why not give it a try?

Remember though that, before you will jump into something, study and learn. It will help you make better judgment and decision for your finances. After, all risk is part of the gain. But a calculated risk if much of again.

Real estate crowdfunding platforms had taken off. Actually, it is now soaring high. But, we cannot still say that it had reached its maturity in the industry. There are still a lot of things that will happen in the years to come.


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