5 Things to Consider Before You Hire a Virtual Assistant

I hear the term “Virtual Assistant” more and more in business. When I hear of a virtual assistant I envision a person who has made it.  A jet setter who is highly successful.  Than I realize that almost anyone can have a virtual assistant and it does not have to cost you an arm and a let.  Did you know that you could outsource this task and pay a whole lot less?  Many VA’s have degrees.


Completely Add to Your Income with DadaABC, A Guest Post Review.

The Teacher Ces Podcast Episode 7 features the good, the bad, and the ugly of DadaABC.  Listen to a teacher’s cautionary tale on DadaABC: I have permission to share Iwillpickonelater’s review of DadaABC.  If you are interested in working for DadaABC please you the referral code: https://www.DaDaABC.com/teacher/job/r8J9p0q005/ DadaABC ,The online company I’ve been teaching for,…