How I Earned Extra Income and You Can Too. Here’s How!

If you’re like me, you seem to never have enough spare time. Tutoring online was a good starting point but the low pay was a turn-off. Although it was easy, the amount of extra income was not worth my time. Eventually, I’ll share my thoughts on these online tutoring companies in the very near future, so be on the lookout for that blog/video. That was until I discovered the world of website testing.

You can make extra income right now money right now with Usertesting. You can make up to $30 dollars (or maybe even more) an hour. Testing websites is the way to earn while you work from home. This is a legit company that will pay you money. Why are you not doing this right now?

I created a video to help you get started. You can watch it here:

Are you excited? Willing to give it try? Leave a comment below and as always you can find me here:

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The Busy Person’s Guide to Grammarly in Four Steps

Don't get caught plagiarizing

Here it is, The Busy Person’s Guide to Grammarly! This is a quick and efficient guide to using Grammarly in four steps. First, let me give you a little background. Grammatical and spelling errors are unprofessional. Especially when they appear on my blog. Since making mistakes does happen, I depend on Grammarly.

The Google Chrome web store allows me to add Grammarly as an extension to the Google Chrome browser. Thus, I can use Grammarly as needed. Grammarly is more than just “spell check.” Think of Grammarly as your personal editor that wants nothing but the best for you. It is an essential tool for my writing. Here are my four steps for Grammarly success.

Step one: Browse

Take an online trip to the Google Chrome web store to download Grammarly. The premium account allows access to so much! Take a look at the comparison chart of the free, premium, and business versions:

Step two: Utilize the extension

I use Grammarly as an extension to Google Chrome. This allows me to use Grammarly with the programs I need when I am typing.

Step three: Be human

I am a human. I am tired. I do make mistakes.

Step four: Fix

Grammarly understands. They are able to fix my mistakes.

Grammarly Writing Support

In conclusion, Grammarly is an awesome tool for any blogger. Use it and enjoy it. Let me know what you think about Grammarly in the comments below.

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Making Money: Getting Paid While Watching Videos with These Websites and Apps

Now, we can say that our video watching time isn’t anymore unproductive. Since can get paid while watching them!

Is that for real? Aha!

Guilt no more with those feelings of spending too much time watching TV or videos for nothing. It doesn’t look as bad as you think. Because the moment sitting on the couch with a bowl of popcorn is now a new definition of a JOB. Not a waste of time, anymore!

There are companies that are willing to pay you to watch videos and TV. Well, this won’t make you super rich yet it gives you extra cash for something you love to do. Sounds awesome? And, yes it is!

Here are few but for real ideas on how you can earn watching videos online.

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Option #1: Swagbucks Video

This app is on the top list. So far, they give the best reward scheme that a lot of people already trust participating with. You can earn bucks when you join as a user who watches different videos. This could be world news, sports highlights and others.

Sometimes, they pay you to watch sponsored videos.

Like most of the other companies in this kind of business. Once the points you have earned will reach the amount that can be withdrawn. You can cash them in for gift cards from affiliated companies like Amazon or Walmart. Or why not get it to cash out thru Paypal.

Option #2:Successbux

Earning cash nowadays comes in different forms! As simple as viewing videos and advertisements, cash is ready. At any time to be credited to your PayPal Account. It has a low threshold which means that you can transfer or withdraw funds with a payout amounting to $1.10.

Aside from watching videos, you can also get the chance to get paid by other means. Like to listen to the radio, answering surveys and browsing the webs. Also, they will pay you for some product you try out as well as if you refer a friend to do the same.

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Option #3: QuickRewards

This is a reward platform that users of videos from USA, UK, and Canada can take advantage from. Alongside from watching videos, another earning are reaped by taking surveys. Also through visiting websites, shopping, and playing games.

Payments are credited to your Paypal or voucher for Amazon, Walmart and Disney Store.

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Option #4: Paid2YouTube

Get paid to watch videos on YouTube.  They give earning opportunities to anyone who likes to spend time watching videos. Though the pay isn’t high as you only get to be paid $0.005 per video,. So to earn more, you have to spend more time to get a much amount of cash.

But, if we look at it as part of the pleasure, it will always be a winning situation. As nothing is ever good to get cash for something that makes you relaxed.

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Option #5: Inbox Dollars

This company gives you a reward by just watching television. Down from other activities such as shopping and taking surveys. It is their way to know the feedback or input from the customer. So, they would help businesses improve their services and products.

Inbox Dollars is paid by different brands to provide that information. So, they look for people who are willing to share their time, effort in exchange for a real cash.

Upon signing up, you will earn $5 bonus as a new user.

Wrap Up

Getting paid by watching videos is such an awesome hobby or an extra job. If you are not fond of watching videos or you are the other way around. Take the chance to earn out of it. This won’t need so much energy except for the time you have to spend sitting on your couch or while lying on your bed. Sound interesting way to get an extra dollar? Try them now!

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Work at Home: Become a Search Engine Evaluator

The internet made it boundless. Yes, wherever you are in the world you can get a career even from the comforts of your homes. Be a search engine evaluator.

At the moment, it is one of the popular means to earn a decent extra income from the comforts of your homes.

Read on to learn more.

Defining a Job of a Search Engine Evaluator

It is as simple as evaluating a search engine. Your task is to make an appropriate evaluation for search results. From the engines, if they are giving out relevant results to an inquiry.

An evaluator gets a certain term or word and you are to find out the result of the search using engines like Google. There are several factors that you will base the examination. As well on the rating is based on your research findings.

You are right. Search engines use a complicated algorithm. This is a system to let everyone find what he or she are looking for. But, human interventions are necessary to make sure that these are working right. It must give output without any system glitches

In a nutshell, an evaluator’s main job is to determine the relevance of result pages. It is established from the term searched.

Earning Opportunities

Majority of contractors or employees in this jobs are asked to sign a non-disclosure agreement about pay rate. So, it is unlikely to get accurate data on that matter. However, generally, evaluators are giving an idea of the rate that goes an average of $13 to $15 per hour.

It would be safe if you check on these companies to learn more about it.

So, for you to move forward, here is a short list of the companies you might consider applying.


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Option #1: Appen

A global company which opens opportunities to individuals for web search evaluation posts. Yet not only that, they are also hiring social media evaluators.

Social media evaluators are to rate the search results within social media networks.

This company has acquired another search engine evaluator, Leapforce in November 2017.

Option #2: ZeoChaos

This company is operating like other search engine evaluating companies existing today. They are offering an hourly rate of $15 per hour for the Ads Quality position, as a part-time employee.

They provide paid training and only requires a computer of your own and a high-speed internet.

Click here for the exams.

Option #3: iSoftstone

They are opening several search engine evaluator posts. And it is available to individuals from the different parts of the world.

Working in this company gives you more flexibility of your work schedule. More freedom, equate to opportunities!

Specific job includes entering specific search terms into search engines. And then evaluates results based on the companies’ rating system.

As a part-time job, they need between 10 to 25 hours per week.

Decide for yourself

If you think that a search engine evaluator is a good side hustle. It that can supplement your financial needs, go for it! Opportunities are there, waiting to be found and to find you. So in your journey towards financial stability and freedom, take time to think on what fits for you best.

And if you like the work of an evaluator, check on the companies above. Or hit the search engines, and see for the results. Research about it and send your applications.

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