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After months of waiting, The TeacherCes Podcast has made its triumphant return. The return has been long-awaited as listeners have been anxiously awaiting the return of the long-running podcast. Although that reads like a press release written from a great publicist, that is not exactly the case.

I decided to throw caution to the wind and release an episode of my pet project. No special guest, just one mic and myself. I am a stickler for sound quality so forgive me for being slightly vexed if the sound is not up to par. I also did it in one take, as I hate to edit. Additionally, editing takes up so much time and usually causes delays in my show being released.

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How to Keep Healthy While Working Sedentary Jobs

We all know that technology continues to grow nowadays. Most white collar jobs require working more hours sitting. Like browsing the computers, paperwork and client call. Especially now that the demands of home based jobs are increasing.

Sitting for long periods of time have various negative effects on our health. Like obesity, diabetes, triglycerides, cholesterol, and other chronic diseases. Physical deterioration is the common result of prolonged time sitting. With minimal physical activity.

Is there any solution to keep your health while working sedentary jobs? Yes, of course, we have remedies on how to keep healthy without resigning your current desk job.

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What are effective ways to keep healthy while working sedentary jobs?

Tip#1: Start with your method of going to and from work.

If you are living near to your workplace, why not find a safe sidewalk to walk or jogging going to your office. Rather than driving or commuting? Use a bike instead of a car this will help you burn more calories.

Of course, this options is not workable for everyone.  Especially if you are living in a distance. But you can still choose to ride public transit rather than driving your car.  Because you can make extra movement and stretch.

If it is necessary to drive your own car why not chose to park a little bit distance to your office.  To do some walking or use stairway rather than escalator or elevator.

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Tip#2: You can do some sitting exercises.

When you are in your desk set in front of your computer it is better to do some movement.  Rather than keeping your body motionless, this will help you lessen the sedentary. You can do some kicks by straightening your leg one at a time. Or sitting hip flexion by lifting each knee up just like you are walking.

Sitting heel and toe raises- raise your heels up and bring your toes up by rocking backward. This will probably help to avoid deadly blood clots. Caused by prolonged sitting position.

Roll your shoulder- raise your shoulders up towards your ears. Then towards your blades.  Then go back to the original position and repeat all exercises as possible.

The purpose of this is to have your movement during work and need not to go to the gym.

Tip#3: Make stretching while at work.

You can do this following simple stretches while you are sitting in your chair. Rubberneck- drop your right and left ear down towards your shoulder. Hold for a few seconds and repeat the process. Reach for the stars- by interlace your fingers up towards the sky.

Make as high as you can and keeping your palms facing upwards to the ceiling. Look around or something off to your computer to relieve your eye fatigue. Bobblehead- drop your chin down towards your chest. And roll gently your head from side to side, and many other stretching exercises.

That helps you make a movement that will prevent you from the danger of common pain in sedentary jobs.

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Tip#3: Aside from basic movement and exercises right food choices also are very important. To keep you healthy while working on sedentary jobs.

The best thing you can do is to change your diet to keep your health and wellness if you have a desk job. Make small changes at a time, instead of eating outside you can bring your lunch with you. And instead of drinking coffee or soda chose something healthy drinks. Go for fresh milk or a cup of green tea.


Health is wealth, we should put always in our mind that our health is our top priorities. There is nothing wrong if you work sedentary jobs. But you should aware of the potential risk of your health involved in your desk job. Self-discipline is a vital role to follow above effective ways on how to keep healthy. While working on sedentary jobs without resigning your desk job.



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It’s Been Two Weeks But Happy New Year!

Work life and home life has gotten the best of me and I have not been the best at keeping YOU abreast of the best information out there regarding working online. I won’t even begin to explain how busy these past four weeks have been between.

However what I can tell you is that 2019 is here and I PROMISE you that I will continue to bring the best online opportunities and more episodes of my podcast, The Teacher Ces Podcast.

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Gifts Teachers Really Want (But Were Afraid to Ask) For the Holidays


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Self Care

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