A Dream Vision Board

As the year is coming to a slow end and 2020 is on the horizon, I have created a vision board that will be a dream for your future. Become a vision board professional. By becoming a vision board professional, you will create goals, plan, manifest, and have the goals come into fruition. What the heck is a vision board anyway?

What’s a visual board?

Let’s do this for the month of January 2020. I want you to be the best person that you can be! It might sound corny but what do you have to lose? You can turn your dream into a vision and your vision into a reality. I am linking a free copy of my vision board kit below:

Free Resource

Creating a Vision, free resource for January 2020

Leave your goals in the comments below so we can get 2020 started on the right note!


Body, Soul, and Entrepreneurship

Do you agree that entrepreneurship is a lifestyle rather than a career choice? Sometimes entrepreneurship sometimes feels more like a lifestyle and less like a career choice. It is important that you take care of your body and soul. Even during those stressful days and sleepless nights.  

Entrepreneurship is a choice but being in business means that you have to strive to achieve your goals on a daily basis. That can get very stressful, can’t it? You get to enjoy the benefits it gives as well about overcoming the different challenges. The challenges can lead to stress to your body and soul. 

Talking about the downs of doing business, this is not an easy journey to take isn’t it? Most of the time you have to deal with the stress, heartache, and restless nights, whether you like it or not. If you cannot deal with this you lose, not just money but your health as well.  

Dealing with the downside of entrepreneurship is stressful and yes it can take a toll of your health. Keep in mind that your health is your wealth. Running a business while being physically and emotionally ill is tough. Running a business when you are dead is impossible.  Follow these tips for strategies on displaying mindfulness and self-care, so you will be in tip top shape to be the entrepreneur that you are meant to be.

Here are 3 tips that we wish to share with the hopes that these will be a great help to let you carry on.

Tip#1: Exercise

photo of woman looking at the mirror

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It is imperative that you make the time during the day to exercise. Being glued to the chair and on a laptop, all day is doing nothing for your physical health. Although there are many forms of exercise, I depend on yoga to get through the rough patches.  

Although there are many choices, my go-to yoga DVD is: 


Most successful business owners reached their goals. And it is because of the great idea that they want to bring to life. Remember that motivating yourself through money, isn’t bad. But it won’t be good either if it will become your only focus. As this will burn you out quickly.

So, do this for the best reason, which has a great meaning for you.

Tip#2: Acknowledge your mistakes.

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Failure is part of success. Instead of blaming yourself for the imperfection. Shift your attention to a better perspective. Like taking positive things out from a negative experience. Yes, look at them as your learning opportunities.

Think of this as your step towards being successful. Failure makes you closer to success. You never can tell that a certain mistake will lead to becoming a better business owner.

Just to cite an example, Ink-jet Printer by Canon idea sprouted from an accident or mistake. It was when a Canon engineer placed a hot iron on his pen. This event made the ink spillover from the pen’s point. And the rest is history.

So, learn to be thankful for every experience that you will encounter as an entrepreneur ( or in life ). Don’t judge. Instead, look at the bright side of the situation.

Tip#3:  Claim Success while you are working on it

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Success is a state of mind.  So you don’t have to chase it. Claim as it happens. Don’t mid if struggles come along the way, because it is always part of your journey to the road of happiness.

Stop thinking that you will be successful, but believe that you are now devouring and loving it.

As a bonus, here are some ways on how to spread mindfulness in your environment.

    • Walk the talk.
    • Let them dream.
    • Ask them questions.
    • Coach them how to have a positive mind
  • Take time to breathe.

Wrap Up

As our takeaway, a positive mind will take you to where you want to be. Yet, always remember that optimism may be reexamined to be sure that it is really a good option. Along with mindfulness attitude, also practice thinking right. As this may guide you to better determine which path to take.

So pick yourself, let’s dream on and claim that success is our destiny and purpose.


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How to Keep Healthy While Working Sedentary Jobs

We all know that technology continues to grow nowadays. Most white collar jobs require working more hours sitting. Like browsing the computers, paperwork and client call. Especially now that the demands of home based jobs are increasing.

Sitting for long periods of time have various negative effects on our health. Like obesity, diabetes, triglycerides, cholesterol, and other chronic diseases. Physical deterioration is the common result of prolonged time sitting. With minimal physical activity.

Is there any solution to keep your health while working sedentary jobs? Yes, of course, we have remedies on how to keep healthy without resigning your current desk job.

photo of group of people in a meeting

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What are effective ways to keep healthy while working sedentary jobs?

Tip#1: Start with your method of going to and from work.

If you are living near to your workplace, why not find a safe sidewalk to walk or jogging going to your office. Rather than driving or commuting? Use a bike instead of a car this will help you burn more calories.

Of course, this options is not workable for everyone.  Especially if you are living in a distance. But you can still choose to ride public transit rather than driving your car.  Because you can make extra movement and stretch.

If it is necessary to drive your own car why not chose to park a little bit distance to your office.  To do some walking or use stairway rather than escalator or elevator.

man sitting on chair beside table

Photo by bruce mars on Pexels.com

Tip#2: You can do some sitting exercises.

When you are in your desk set in front of your computer it is better to do some movement.  Rather than keeping your body motionless, this will help you lessen the sedentary. You can do some kicks by straightening your leg one at a time. Or sitting hip flexion by lifting each knee up just like you are walking.

Sitting heel and toe raises- raise your heels up and bring your toes up by rocking backward. This will probably help to avoid deadly blood clots. Caused by prolonged sitting position.

Roll your shoulder- raise your shoulders up towards your ears. Then towards your blades.  Then go back to the original position and repeat all exercises as possible.

The purpose of this is to have your movement during work and need not to go to the gym.

Tip#3: Make stretching while at work.

You can do this following simple stretches while you are sitting in your chair. Rubberneck- drop your right and left ear down towards your shoulder. Hold for a few seconds and repeat the process. Reach for the stars- by interlace your fingers up towards the sky.

Make as high as you can and keeping your palms facing upwards to the ceiling. Look around or something off to your computer to relieve your eye fatigue. Bobblehead- drop your chin down towards your chest. And roll gently your head from side to side, and many other stretching exercises.

That helps you make a movement that will prevent you from the danger of common pain in sedentary jobs.

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Tip#3: Aside from basic movement and exercises right food choices also are very important. To keep you healthy while working on sedentary jobs.

The best thing you can do is to change your diet to keep your health and wellness if you have a desk job. Make small changes at a time, instead of eating outside you can bring your lunch with you. And instead of drinking coffee or soda chose something healthy drinks. Go for fresh milk or a cup of green tea.


Health is wealth, we should put always in our mind that our health is our top priorities. There is nothing wrong if you work sedentary jobs. But you should aware of the potential risk of your health involved in your desk job. Self-discipline is a vital role to follow above effective ways on how to keep healthy. While working on sedentary jobs without resigning your desk job.



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7 Essential Tips to Self-care for Entrepreneurs

Most entrepreneurs are hard working. They spent long hours for planning, marketing and growing their businesses. Sometimes, there is much pressure that makes the working environment stressful.  As an Entrepreneur, our health condition will affect the productivity of our business. So, therefore, we need to take good care of our self.

Answering client calls and responding emails are just a few things that come as we work.  That goes as we go into running and growing our business, and it will make you drained and overwhelmed. We need to consider that stress due to overwork will cause sickness. And our stamina will become weaker.

Health is wealth.

This is especially if you are a self-employed entrepreneur. You need to maintain in good physical, mental and emotional condition. To stay in control and keep your business running like a clockwork. Making it possible, you need to include in your priority list a self-care routine.


If you neglect to make your health and sanity as your priority, you will start to wear down. And you become increasingly stressed, and unproductive.

What is self-care is all about?

To make it concise, self-care is being good to yourself, to show love, kindness and to have self-compassion.

Invest time, money, and effort to help boost and maintain health. This includes your physical, mental and emotional well-being. The more you are comfortable, relaxed, and all around physically fit. The better you will become. And be as productive and creative as you are expected as an entrepreneur.

Below are the tips on how to care for yourself.

7 essential tips to self-care as an entrepreneurs

bowl of vegetable salad and fruits

Photo by Trang Doan on Pexels.com

TIP#1: Eat healthy foods

We will start the right choice of food. As they say “you are what you eat” foods has big factors in our health the more we are stressed the more we are craving foods. Be sure to eat more fruits and vegetables, lessen fatty, instant and processed foods. Drinks more warm water, juice, and milk rather than more caffeine, cola, beer, and alcohol.

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TIP#2: Enough Exercise

Set at least 30 min to 1-hour exercise daily or several days a week to burn calories. Simple exercises will do like, walking, jogging, push-ups, and jumping.

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TIP#3: Get enough rest

It is very important to have enough time to sleep at night. Make it a point to have at least 6-8 hours each night to rejuvenate your mind and body.

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TIP#4: Organized yourself

As an entrepreneur, it is important to be as organized as possible. Not only your workplace but also your personal life. Learn to have organizational skills and time management. These are vital for a successful and productive business.

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TIP#5: Be creative

You must be innovative and not stagnant. Always on the look for new ideas about how to make the job easier and simpler yet. Performance and productivity should never be compromised.

selfie family generation father

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TIP#6: Social Networking

A good social networking support system will help alleviates stress, depression, and anxiety. This beneficial that effects on your psychological being. Low stressed and depressed environment will create high job productivity. Thus, more business profits.

woman seeing plant in glass vase on brown wooden desk

Photo by Min An on Pexels.com

TIP#7: Give yourself a break

By the time you feel exhausted and burnout does not hesitate yourself to take a vacation. Give yourself a break by going some places wherein you can breathe fresh air, enjoy and relax.


To become a successful entrepreneur, it is not only to goal to get plenty of money. Success in your business and getting equipped with all expensive materials are superficial. But on the top of it, is to maintain a healthy mind, body, and spirit. Regardless of how busy you are, do not neglect the priority to self-care. Because our health, in general, is our wealth.



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How to Get Rid of Debt and Live a Stress-free Life

Debt is equal to stress. It could be hard to escape from that if you’re enchained. Well,  most people if not all, who are in deep trouble with their finances are dreaming of getting out from it. That someday they will be able to experience a real good night sleep and live a life free of debt.

Being in debt is somehow part of life. Yet, if you won’t have a concrete plan on how to pay off these dues, that makes it incorrect and not normal.

Our intention to write this article is to help. Most especially to people who have the difficulties in settling their outstanding balances. And of course to let everyone learn on how we can enjoy a life that is financially free.

Important tips on how to become debt free and live financial freedom


STEP#1: Identify your source of income

It is imperative that you know how much you are earning; daily, weekly, or monthly. We mean about real income this is your net money receive. This does not include your gross. But rather, direct your focus on your balance after the required government deduction. Such as taxes, insurance, and etc.

If your income is from your business or services. The real profit is after you less your capital, pay all your expenses. Like the rental, overhead, electric bills and others.

STEP#2: Make an account how much your outstanding debt.

It is recommendable that you make a list all your payable. Rank those bills from highest to lowest. Those which incurred interest like bank loans and mortgage are of highest importance.  And then, write down all your basic monthly expenses. This includes your food, clothing, travel, and others.

STEP#3: Create an escape plan.

After you have identified your net income and made a priority list of all your monthly expenses. Now is the time to distribute properly your income.

Here is a good suggestion, sixty percent of your net income will be set aside for your monthly basic needs. Take note, basic needs, your wants is not included in your budget. You need to live within your budget and do not dare to spend beyond 60% of your income.

Forty percent of your net income will be allocated to pay all your debts. You need to pay first all financial obligation that incurs high interest. Because that will cause you more trouble. Pay one at a time, until you get rid all your payable.

If there is a need to cut some of your regular expenses like leisure, vacation, then cut those. It won’t make you die if you cannot achieve that leisure. This is your first step in changing your spending habit.

STEP#4: Refrain from making more debt.

You need to discipline yourself from creating extra debt. Refrain from using your credit card. Or as much as possible deactivate your credit card. To refrain from the temptation which may result in overspending.

You need to think over and over again on the possible circumstances that will lure you to spend more. Do this until you pay all your existing debt.

STEP#5: Maintain your lifestyle

After you escape from your debt, we like to suggest that you will maintain your lifestyle. Hopefully, during this time you already adjusted the spending habit.

Place the 40 % of your income allocated for your payable in your savings account. It is to secure yours for future investment and needs.

STEP#6: Start investing

There is a wise quote says do not put your money on a single basket. Meaning, do not rely only on a single source of income. Start investing or creating another source of income.

The initial step is to research and find business or investment that is suitable for you. Choose a conservative way of business do not try to a get quick rich scheme or high-risk investment.


It needs a single step and a scientific way to become debt free and live financial freedom. Follow the above few steps religiously and this will guarantee your success. Discipline is the key to success.


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