Save Money On Your Back to School Supplies List Right Now!

Save money on your back to school supplies

Are you thinking about your kids back to school supplies list already? Are you interested in how you can save money on your back to school supplies list, right now? Well not fear, you picked the right time to save. I am featured in The Washington Post giving my advice on how you can buy all the best supplies without breaking the bank.

Take a look here:

How to save big bucks on school

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Start a Product-based Business and Grow Target Market

Launching a new Product-based business is not an easy task. Most especially for the newbies in the business world. You need to consider this like starting a new brand. This requires, a need to establish the name of your products.

And also you will sustain and your target market. Some entrepreneurs launch out after developing a new product line.

A product that they are hopeful to become successful. But many aspiring businessmen do not know how to convert their product. From an idea into a flourishing product-based business.

Let me explain.

In creating a successful product-based business generally, the cost is higher. This as compared to service-based business costs. Usually, product-based business shipping, returns, and extra expenses are regulated.

As compared to service-based business. Product-based business needs ingredients or components. Also requires packaging, work-space, product sampling, and photos while service-based do not have.


Here what you can do:

Before you start launching your Product-based business, take time to read these tips. That you need to consider in order for you to become successful in growing your target market.

Tip#1: Confirm your idea. We believed all Product-based business will always start with a brilliant idea. But, before plunging head-on to your entrepreneurial venture. You need to find out the viability of your business.

A feasibility study is a must.

You need to study the features and benefits of your products. And your indirect or direct potential competitors in the market.

Tip#2: You need to have a clear vision of your business goals.

The secret of success is always to have a clear vision of what you are setting out to do. Blurred vision will lead to the pit of failure. The vision should include the brand experience. This is a way to know how your customers feel valued and what action step you would like them to take.

The goal is to establish a strong and stable Product-based business. So, excellent products and strong customer service are very important of your vision.

Tip#3: Plan your marketing program. A powerful marketing program is the backbone of the product-based business. Because this is the way how you will move or promote your products. How will people know your product features and benefits? And the reason why they need to patronize your products.

Below is the common channel to advertise your product-based business using social media advertisement set up online campaigns.  Like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, email and YouTube channel. These are the tool to target specific users based on demographics, interests and online behaviors.

malvestida-magazine-458585-unsplash 1. Brand messaging- the messaging should be clear. And it must be comprehensible to your audiences or customers. Avoid word redundancies.

2. Quality Video Production- this is the front and center to any communication strategy.

3. Set up your own website and buy a domain name. You can invest and buy your own dot com so that you can use to promote your business everywhere. Like setting up a simple shop on Shopify.

Tip#4: Well, plan your operation. Process business registration.  It is good to consult a lawyer to ensure the completion of any legal requirements.

    • Make a business plan- this important to help you think your business and what you need to do. And most investors will also want to see your business plan.
    • Check your sales and Stock availability.  Track your weekly sales and stock availability using spreadsheetsManage the seasonal fluctuations in your product orders.
  • Expand your Product-based business- do not content of what you achieving right now. Always think new products, new strategy, leverage your brand, keep your old customers and add a new one.


Tip#5: Patent your product brand name. It is very important to patent your own brand. It is important to protect the name of your product from someone else claiming your brand as their own. Yes, this might be expensive and time-consuming. But this is necessary for the future expansion of your target market.

Tip#6: Check, experiment and Innovate. After you have launched your product-based business. You need to check your sales performance if it is working according to plan. Experiment what possible problem encountered and how it will affect the operations. Do not hesitate to Innovate your marketing strategy or business model if necessary. You should remember that in any venture trial and error as well as Innovation plays a vital role.

Final Thought

The above helpful Tips will give you an overview or idea on how to start a new Product-based business. And also the given strategies will suffice to help you expand or grow your target market. Take note this is only a guide. It is advisable to do your further research about your own product-based business. Gain for more strategy that suite for you.

Comment below and let us know what you think.


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6 Easy Steps on How to Build an Online Store

For those people who are not technology savvy. They might think that venturing in any online businesses is not an easy task. And it’s somehow quite challenging, to begin with. Worry not, because in this article you will learn the 6 basic steps on how to build an online store.

We all know that the technology trend to today is on high demand. Everybody if not all but the majority are using the online method. To promote their products or services. If you are still using the conventional way to market your products. Then you are left behind by your direct and indirect competitors.

Before we proceed here are the things you need to start an online store…

silver imac near white ceramic kettle

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Of course, a computer or laptop and a good internet connection is a must. If you have that then you can set up your online store in less than an hour. You don’t need to be an expert or you need special skills to make it successful.

Aside from computer and internet connection. Here are other things we need to start your online store:

  1. The best idea for your domain name
  2. The account for your web hosting
  3. Your focus

To continue, the 6 easy steps on how to build your online store is finally revealed.

Step 1. Chose a platform where to set up your online store

Common pitfalls in setting up your online store are not choosing the best. And the suited platform for your online business. The most recommended e-commerce platforms are Shopify or WordPress and WooCommerce.

But among those, WordPress and WooCommerce are favored by most users. Because of the flexibility it offers and is the world’s largest eCommerce platform.

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Step 2. Set up WordPress

In your website, WordPress and WooCommerce were automatically installed by Bluehost. You will see a welcome message during your first login to WordPress. Then you will be asked what kind of website you are going to set up. Setting up HTTPS to use SSL Certificate. This certificate is pre-installed for your domain name.

Step 3. WooCommerce Store set up

You need to set up first the payments, what currency used, and shipping information. Before you start selling your chosen products. You will notice the welcome to WooCommerce notification on your WordPress admin pages. All you have to do is to run through the process and follow all the given instructions.

Step 4. It’s about time to add products to your online Store

After you finished the WooCommerce setup. Your online store is ready to add products, all you need is to visit the Products. Add a New page to add a new product. You need to provide the title and the detailed information about your products.

Just fill up the product category. It includes the data box for your pricing, inventory, shipping, and others. After you completely fill up all required information. These are about your products then you can click the publish button to make it live on your website. You can repeat the process every new product you add to your online store.

Step 5. Customize your WordPress Theme

The storefront they were automatically installed by your Bluehost hosting account. There there is a need to customize it in order to fit in the need. And if ever you don’t like a theme you have the options to revised the theme. If you are not familiar with how to customize your WordPress theme you may visit this link.

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Step 6. You can use Plugins to extend your Online Store

You can use WordPress Plugins to further customize. And add additional features to your online store. WordPress Plugins are apps that will make your website looks better. By allowing to add new features. Here are the ways on how to install a WordPress Plugin.

Final Thoughts

Now, you have learned the 6 easy steps on how to build your online store. This will help you understand the importance of online in promoting your products. Most of all, if you follow the given steps above you will not get hard to build your own online store.




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Gifts Teachers Really Want (But Were Afraid to Ask) For the Holidays


Christmas classroomNever feel obligated to give a teacher a during the holidays. The majority of teachers are indifferent about receiving gifts from their students. After that warning if you still feel like keeping the teacher in your life on your holiday shopping list the exploration shall begin.

Although teachers are happy with whatever gift they receive over the holidays, these gifts will really impress. Take note, these are not your every holiday gifts.

Self Care

Lush Whoosh Shower Jelly, 3.5 Ounces by Lush
Teaching is a high stress job. What is a better way to decompress than using this shower jelly created by Lush?


Bath & Body Works Aromatherapy Sleep – Lavender + Vanilla Body Lotion, 6.5 Fl Oz + Body Wash & Foam Bath, 10 Fl Oz
Can you really go wrong with this one, two combination? Lavender and Vanilla in the form of body lotion and body wash? The perfect combination for a self-care Saturday night bath.

Massage & Wellness SPA Gift Card ($50)
Spa days are he best days! Need I say more?

Methods to make money from thrift stores

A thrift store is one of a kind that helps people buying things at a very affordable price. Regardless if it is brand new or secondhand doesn’t matter. What matters most is it helps people who cannot afford to buy brand new items. Aside from being an effective and cheaper store, this will help make extra money. Most especially if you are knowledgeable in buying and reselling from thrift stores.

Here are important things that you should understand. Before you can earn money from thrift store purchases. First, you should know where and how to find the best price deals. When you shop, you must strictly follow the very specific list of do’s and don’ts of a thrift store.

Second, you should understand that not all the time when you make a purchase you will earn big income. Just like a normal business you sometimes you hit big profit, sometimes break even or losing some.

Six practical ways to make big money from Thrift Stores

1. Your  Smartphone is always ready. It is of great advantage if you can check every now and then any valuable item. When see the opportunity grab your phone and go to eBay, do a search for it. Then, you need to sort the price from highest to lowest and vice versa including the fee of shipping. In this way, you can take 90% of your guesswork out of thrift for profit using your smartphone.

2.  Know where to sell- in selling online the biggest keys is to know where the item is best to offer or sell. Losing and making money rely on where you can possibly resell the item you bought. Most online seller prefers eBay. But still there are a lot of other options, it always defends the profitability concerned. You should know and consider the five things that can make big money in reselling on eBay.

Know what item to sell. We suggest choosing items which are fast selling with high profitable value. Such as video games, toys, and books, clothing, and DVD.

3. You should know the real value of the item. You can easily find the real value by means of searching completed eBay auction. You can get the average sale price in eBay auction. But always remember the different averages will have different selling areas.

4. Ask for feedback from your customer.  To assess your effectiveness, especially in customer service, feedback is important. This could be from your online sales either in eBay, Facebook, and Amazon. Regardless if it is a good, neutral or bad feedback is very useful. To help you make certain improvements and changes.

5.Patience and consistency is a virtue– do not expect overnight success in a thrift store. It takes a lot of time to master and familiar the system. Continue doing research. Find the best strategy on how to earn a lucrative income from your thrift store.

Bottom Line

In order for you to earn a huge money from your thrift store, it requires a lot of hard work, patience, and consistency. Do not limit yourself with the given practical ways on how to make money of thrift store. But do your part for further research and study the system.


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