Simple steps on how you will no longer Travel Alone, Get a Buddy Airline Pass at Southwest NOW!

Why travel alone when you can tag along with your loved one or best friend? Book that flight via Southwest Airline and get your best buddy an companion pass. Yes, you read it right! And we are talking about flying to any domestic destination for your pal all free of charge.

We can actually get to the other side of the state without spending a penny. And that is an awesome example of getting more for less. It is one of the perks that airlines are offering people traveling domestically.

So before we jump into this exciting freebies, let us learn the real substance of an airline pass. Well, to be more specific, let us take Southwest companion pass as an example. It is a ticket for a free ride for your companion — you mom, dad, spouse or friend, flying with you.

So the next question is, HOW?

Yes, it is.

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Companion Pass on Southwest Airlines in 4 Easy Steps

Step #1: Earn for the companion pass.  Once you were able to earn it, choose a person that you want to be your companion on a particular travel.

Click here to learn more on the process of earning points.

Step#2: You will receive the companion pass via mail. So be patient, wait for it to arrive.

Step#3: Upon receipt, you are now ready to book your next flight, with your buddy. There are two ways to book a ticket: online and phone.

For online bookings, simple click on Companion Pass will be used. While booking on the phone, just tell the representative that you are to use the pass you have earned.

Step#4: Finally, your buddy can now fly with you free of charge.

It is really true that great things in this world come for free! You aren’t going to be lonely anymore traveling.

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But Southwest makes the whole travel more incredible! Why? Get the more awesome deal with these following reasons:

  1. The buddy pass is good until the end of the year and the entire year following. And, if your timing is right, you will enjoy this perk for almost 2 years in a row. Of course, to avail this, requirements must be met.

HEADS UP!  Yet, let us not take expectations too high. as this perk is a result of you earning 110,000 points or a calendar year achieving a hundred one trips. And you need to know and understand better on how these points are defined and work. Read this one, to know more.

  1.  If you qualify, the pass you got can be used as many times as you want within the qualifying year.
  2. It is a free pass. Real stuff, no frills.
  3. You can pick or change your companions at most three times during the calendar year. Still, it can be done in with the convenience of a phone call.


And the winner is, Southwest Airlines, for the best perks of giving out buddy pass! Well, it is indeed an awesome deal, fair enough on how someone can get the required points.

If you are indeed a traveler, as it is your job or due to business demand, we can 100% call it an add-on. Because whether you like it or not, you have to fly to get to your business appointments. And getting this reward is a real joy. Since if you are into a business trip, for sure you are not paying your flight at your personal expense. So that how we see “perk” in that sense, you can earn the points.

True, this goes with the right timing and chance. So if you got this awesome chance of traveling. Collect these points and book with Southwest. To get the buddy airlines to pass and tag along with your best pal in your next qualified trip.





Want a Paid Out Dinner? Book a table with Seated Restaurant Now!

Booking a dinner table in a restaurant,  for two, or with the whole family may expensive

when it’s done often! But, getting a full pleasure of dining out gives us many reasons to get a reservation, tonight.

Well, you will be convinced even more if you’ll have this reservation app for restaurants! Let us introduce to you to Seated (if you have not known it yet ). It is a “discovery” app that gives more than what you have asked for.

And, what is it for?


This is as interesting as the food served hot in those restaurants listed in this app. And this gives you more reason to enjoy life to the fullest. A reward awaits to any user for dining in some fine diner in your place who uses the app in booking a reservation.

Seated is inspired to help local food-lovers to go into your nearest district. They want you to experience the culinary grace by giving out enticing rewards. It has been active in several cities across the United States.

To keep its users, an incentive program for each reservation, paid through a reward system. The company has several affiliated companies where you can claim your award. It may range from $10 to $50 for every reservation and has a bill minimum requirements.

It may vary from one restaurant to another, from the discretion and ordered size or scope.

In a nutshell, it depends on how much you are billed.

There have partnered with Amazon,  Lyft, and Starbucks where you can enjoy the perks they got for you.

How does it work?

Step #1: Download the Seated App which is available on iOS and Android.

Step #2:  Catch the best restaurants that serve mouth-watering dishes in your city.

Step #3: Select your $20 to $40 or more per reservation reward credits from partnered companies. With a minimum spending requirement.

Step #4: Book a table for dinner and eat.

Step #5: Let the host know that you have booked with Seated to get your reward. Then, take a photo of the receipt and upload it to the app. This is a confirmation that you have actually spent a certain amount excluding tax and tip.

Step #6: Wait for the reward to be credited to you once reservation is completed. It would take around 24 hours.

Here are more and recent perks!

With the latest update:

  • Upon signing up, you will get a bonus of $5. And another reward of $5 on top of it for your first reservation if you download the app through a referral link.
  • Seated can help you book a dinner in over 500 restaurants in the US.
  • A $10 Referral Rewards Program, means that if you introduce Seated to someone you know. Then a bonus will be credited to your account for every new user referred. And of course who have completed the first reservation.
  • For group dinings, book with Seated to enjoy the earnings of $20 to $40 bonus credit for each person in the group. This still depends on party size. Do your research as this bonus might be more for other participating restaurants.

To get the latest update and restaurant choices, reviews and to learn more, visit this link.

Wrap Up

Well, it is pretty a great idea to be awarded for something that we usually do, like eating.  Savings come in different forms, indeed. And now, it includes booking a dinner table in a fine restaurant. It won’t just give you an awesome meal but also let you earn rewards.

Booking a dinner date for a family gets together has never been this easy and exciting! So, grab yours now and reserve for the next dining destination. Download and book now! To learn more about Seated, please click here.

Helpful resources:

Dine out and get paid in the process with the Seated restaurant app

This App Literally Pays You to Eat Out. Here’s How It Works

Need even more motivation to eat out? This app will reward you with Lyft credit

Seated Restaurant Reservation Rewards $5 Sign-Up Bonus, $10 Referrals and $20-40 Dining Credit



Teacher Ces Podcast, Episode 002


In case you haven’t heard (and you probably haven’t since I’ve been so busy) my podcast is up and running!  Running and operating my podcast is a one woman show.  On top of working, raising twins, running a household, and all that other stuff, I am going to give you weekly content on passive income, travel, saving money, and other surprises.

I would love it if you like, comment, and subscribe.  It is my goal that you learn something, take away something of importance from the show, and your income grows larger.  My podcast is like the little engine that could so please share, share, share!

You can find me EVERYWHERE!  Here is the link via iTunes:

Episode 002 Notes:

SAYABC w/Ife Frontier The Whole30 Update I Love Shaun T

Thanks for joining us this week!  We are lucky to be joined with teacher Ife who is representing the English as a Second Language (ESL) online teaching company SAYABC.  Listen in as Ife gives us the lowdown on working with SAYABC and teaching online to students in China.

Additionally, we will explore the world of domestic discount airlines with Frontier Airline.  Find out the lowdown on Frontier including the good, the bad, and of course the ugly.

Finally, Ces will give you her update on the Whole30 and on her one way love of Mr. Shaun T of Hip Hop Abs, T25, Insanity, Insanity Max30, and Cize fame.  


Interested in working for SAYABC?  Click on the link:

Contact the show:







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Cargo Cruise Ship

12 Important Tips with Cargo Cruise Ship Travels

World Port SeafoodCruise ship travels are our holiday dream vacation. To see the other part of the world with the convenience of a luxury ship. But would you consider fulfilling these wish with a cargo ship cruise?

Why not?, Inc.Travel equates itself to adventure. Exactly, it is an adventurous experience to be getting a ride from a cargo ship. Freighter cruises give their passengers the awesome chance. To experience great travels that regular cruise ships offer.

And, it doesn’t cost so much. It is an amazing way to sail on a boat. Click here to learn more about the cost.

Read on to know the important things that you must know about joining a cargo travel ship to see the beauty of the world.

Tip#1: Book Early


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Book your trip 6 months in advance since cargo ships only have few cabins for their passengers. Definitely, no peak or off-peak prices since the ships are working vessels.

Tip#2: Be there several days earlier.


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Arriving at your destination of embarkation several days early gives you an advantage. As it will allow you to get in touch with the port agent. This is for you to know when the ship is arriving. Hence, they can tell you when to join and will arrange for the immigration process.

Tip#3: Always research the place as where are you going.


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Read about the places you are visiting. It will help you get prepared for what you can expect.

Tip#4: Mingle with the crew, get to know and be friendly.


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Being amiable gains you some favors and will make you feel comfortable. Yet, make sure that you won’t cross the borders that will make you an annoyance instead of a lovely guest on board.

Tip#5: Take your favorite book or anything that will entertain you.


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No one can entertain you, so you need to be self-sufficient. You can tag along videos, rest or sleep and glare at the ocean. You can also prepare lots of reading materials. Get your ebook reader, or laptop ready. Fill it with materials that will help you overcome solitude moments.

Tip#6: Don’t forget the camera.


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Taking photos in the destinations you are going to is a must for a traveler. This will add to your enjoyable freighter travel diaries.

Tip#7: Bring necessary supplies.


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It is very important that tag along with you supplies that you might be needed during the travel. Yet, check and make sure that prescription drugs that you have are not banned. Or it’s legal in the places you are about to visit.

Tip#8: Be ready for changes, as it happens.

Flexibility during this travels is a must.Tip#9: Don’t expect the crew on the ship to entertain you.


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You can definitely interact with them and be friendly. That could be something we can also consider as a reward for that travel.

Tip#10: Keep a positive outlook.

Even if there will be no set of activities arranged for you. There will be a standard comfort and food like what the crew is getting.

Tip#11: Prepare to spend so much alone or with your partner.


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If you are with your partner or a loved one, then it could be a perfect time to bond. Yet, if you are alone then, a time for solitude is also good to get to know more about yourself. Then, become better once you get off that ship.

Tip#12: Finally, prepare for motion sickness essentials


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If you have motion sickness, take a seasick tablet. Or, research on how to overcome it.


To wrap this up, traveling in a cargo ship is so much fun and inexpensive. Yet, we need to be cautious about things that allowed to be done and not. Safety should always be on top of our minds in traveling. Most especially if we are not familiar with the place and when we are alone.

Traveling to another side of the world nowadays is not that challenging any longer. Thorough research on how to do it in a cost-effective way can help you enjoy a travel. So, a backpack and on the go trips is so much suitable on a cargo cruise ship adventure. Let’s go, and have our dreams fulfilled.

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Make Budget

Getting Smart with Booking Domestic Airfare

Disclosure: receives compensation from the companies whose products we review. We test each product thoroughly and give high marks to only the very best. We are independently owned and the opinions expressed here are our own.

Getting Smart with Booking Domestic Airfare : Are you ready for summer like I am ready for summer?  Right now you are anxiously anticipating the next chapter of our ongoing family summer vacation special blog.  The next step in my chapter is buying airline tickets to Orlando, Florida.  As many of you know, I am a working mother so having the time to figure all of this out is complex.  Thanks to our friends at CheapAir, this infographic is just want I need.  Please take a moment to check this out.  Especially if you are planning an epic summer vacation!

The 6 Booking Zones – Including the Prime Booking Window

If you can imagine that there’s an optimal window for getting the lowest price, then it only stands to reason that booking at other times offers certain benefits and risks. Last year we broke the entire window of time when a flight can be booked into 5 specific booking zones. This year— we added another. Here are the booking zones:


  1. First Dibs
    169-319 Days in Advance
    (approximately 6 – 11 months)
    If being the early bird is your style, then you’re in the “First Dibs” (169-319 days before travel) zone. When you book this early you’re almost certainly going to pay a premium for airfare (about $50 more on average), and you’re going to watch people on your flight get better “deals” in the future when fare sales start to kick in. The airlines like to allow themselves the wiggle room to adjust flight price when the demand (or lack thereof) becomes apparent. But there is still a good argument for buying early. When you buy early you have a bevy of flight options that can shrink as the flight dates get closer. When you’re at the head of the line you can choose your seat (and make sure your group sits together), and fly at the time you prefer, getting the pick of the best itineraries for any given pair of cities. So you might find it worth the extra cash.
  2. Peace of Mind
    122-168 Days in Advance
    (approximately 4 – 6 months)
    We call this zone “Peace of Mind” (122-168 days before travel) because it alleviates travel anxiety and will cost you a bit less than “First Dibs.” If paying around $20 more for better flight options doesn’t spook you and you’re not much of a gambler, “Peace of Mind” might be just the ticket. You’ll lock in flight dates and still have a decent number of flight and seat options from which to choose.
  3. Prime Booking Window
    21-121 Days in Advance
    (approximately 3 weeks – 4 months)
    We now come to the “Prime Booking Window”, occurring 3 weeks to 4 months in advance, and otherwise known as the best zone to nab a bargain. Hunting for cheap airfare? Focus your efforts here. Its not as though you won’t see fares change in this zone but fares average within 5% of their lowest here, and you’re most likely to see a cheap fare pop up.
  4. Push Your Luck
    14-20 Days in Advance
    (2 – 3 weeks)

    Like to gamble? Miss your chance for the “Prime Booking Window?” If this is your scenario, the next option is the “Push Your Luck” zone (2 to 3 weeks before travel). This close to your travel dates, the fares usually climb and a lot of the aforementioned options are selling out. However, there are pockets of luck in this zone. We can’t make you any promises but some of those lower fares may still be available. Go into this zone with eyes open – Christmas week and popular high season destinations do not have the best odds. Less popular destinations or shoulder/low season travel might be a better risk. But be warned: even though sometimes the fare might not be that much more than if you had booked earlier, the same might not be true for seat options. Most airlines only offer a limited number of seat assignments for free; the rest of the travelers have to pay more to guarantee an aisle or window. The later you book, the less likely those free seat assignments will be available. Of course, you can always let the airline pick a seat for you for no charge, but if you care where you sit, this is something to consider.
  5. Playing with Fire
    7-13 Days in Advance
    (1 to just under 2 weeks)

    Some people just can’t help themselves – and like to fly a bit too close to the sun. Does this sound like you? If you’ve waited to buy your tickets so late that you’re “Playing with Fire” (1 to just under 2 weeks before travel), this zone was created for you. We added “Playing with Fire” this year, because the pricing is better than waiting until the very last minute. Booking here, you’re almost certainly going to pay more than “Prime Booking Window” shoppers and there’s going to be fewer flight options available. But if there’s good news it’s that you’re going to pay about 22% less on average than the people who wait even longer to buy in the next zone, Hail Mary.
  6. Hail Mary
    0-6 Days in Advance
    (less than 1 week)
    Oh dear. You waited this long to buy? We’re praying for you, dear traveler. Last-minute fares are considered the “Hail Mary” zone, so-named for obvious reasons – you’re likely to pay more (on average a whopping $208 more) than buying during the “Prime Booking” window, and you’ll surely face more limited choice in seats (oh, the dreaded center seat!).

The Days of the Week Angle

Much debate and confusion surrounds the dual topics of what day of week you should shop for flights and what day of week you should fly to get the best deals. We can break this down for you. It’s actually pretty simple.

Is there a cheapest day of the week to book flights?
Not really. The average lowest fares by purchase day of week are all within $2 of one another. That’s less than a 0.6% difference. That’s a negligible amount. Book any day of the week!

Is there a cheapest day of the week to fly?
Heck yes! Tuesday and Wednesday are the cheapest days to fly. Sunday is the most expensive. Flying on Wednesday instead of a Sunday will save you an average of $76 per airline ticket.

Seasonal Changes

Seasonality can also impact the best time to buy. Here’s the skinny on what to expect when booking flights for summer, fall, winter and spring.

how the seasons affect airfare price

When to Buy Summer Flights

Summer is the most popular season for Americans to travel. Do not wait until the last minute if you’re on a budget. In general, we recommend buying a bit earlier for the summer months, especially when traveling in July, which is the most popular air travel month of the season. August and September are where the best summer deals can be found, with late summer offering the lowest prices overall.

  • The average best time to buy is 47 days, or about 1.5 months in advance.
  • Prime Booking Window is 14 – 160 days (2 weeks to about 5 months) from travel.
  • The difference between the best and worst priced days is $203
  • Our summer airfare calendar can help make the shopping process simple and easy – showing you the cheapest and most expensive dates to fly.

When to Buy Flights in the Fall

Fall is a good value for leisure travel. It’s shoulder season for a lot of destinations, and most people have done their big trips in the summer. Therefore, you can usually find reasonably priced tickets in the fall. The one exception is Thanksgiving week, when airfares are priced at a premium and sell out quickly. You should definitely buy Thanksgiving airfare on the early side for the best prices.

  • If you’re traveling in the fall (excluding Thanksgiving), you can usually wait a bit longer to book air tickets and still not miss out on the good prices. The best time to buy is 69 days out, a little over 2 months in advance.
  • Prime Booking Window is 21 – 100 days from travel.
  • The difference between the best and worst priced days is $83, a number that’s not nearly as painful as waiting to buy your tickets for any other season.

When to Buy Winter Flights

Christmas and New Years weeks can be a money pit, but otherwise winter is often a great time to get a good deal. For general (non-holiday) winter travel:

  • 62 days from your expected travel date is the best time to buy an affordable airline ticket in the winter months.
  • Prime Booking Window is 21 – 110 days from travel.
  • The difference between the best and worst priced day is $260

When to Buy Spring Flights

Springtime is a bit tricky. On the one hand, there are no major travel holidays to drive up prices on specific dates. On the other hand, “spring break” dates cover March through April and inspire travel from college students and families with kids alike. So, in general, planning ahead is key for snagging better prices.

  • Exactly 3 months (90 days) from your travel date on average is the optimal time to buy airfare for spring air travel.
  • Prime Booking Window is 46 – 122 days from travel. Because you have a larger window to get the best fares, buying early is not a gamble.
  • The difference between the best and worst priced day is $263.