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How to select a cruise line for your next family vacation

All entrepreneurs should utilize the option of rest and relaxation.  Last summer I worked so hard that vacation escaped me.  This year, it is imperative that I take my family on a vacation.

With so many options, I did not know where to get started.  Although I love to travel, by choice I had never been on a cruise.  Being that I would be taking the kiddos, I decided that a cruise would be our best option.  Next steps involved selecting a cruise line.  There are so many options, especially for kids.  Naturally, Disney sounded like the best option since I would be bringing the kids (see here).
Cruise Ship On The Shore In A Tropical Climate

Realizing Disney would not be the option for us right now, I narrowed down my choices between Carnival, Royal Caribbean, Princess, and Norwegian Cruise Lines.  Each option seemed to have steller kids clubs and other amenities that will entice my wee ones.  After much research, I determined Royal Caribbean to be the winner.  They had a lot of kid friendly options on their ships that seemed like a good deal.

Speaking of deal, I got the best deal that I could get for the high season time that we are going.  Being new to this cruise life, I had no idea that cruising was so expensive in the summer.

There is so much it takes to plan a vacation.  Next on the list is accommodations.


7 thoughts on “How to select a cruise line for your next family vacation

  1. Anna Stola says:

    I have, unfortunately, a sea sickness, so far I’m forgiving trips on the water. Still, I’m glad I read your post.

  2. Tiffany says:

    Very informative. I am actually planning a cruise vacation for the next couple of months. Hi ! By any chance you are interested on doing collaborations, you can check out Phlanx and connect with amazing brands!

  3. Angela Hoyos says:

    I want to try a cruise at some point in my life… it’s been all inclusive resorts for me these last 10 years. With Carnival how many countries or islands? Do you get to visit?

    • ysabella20 says:

      Hello! The number of countries and/or islands you get to visit all depends on the particular cruise. For example the cruise that I am taking my family on, is stopping in Nassau and Royal Caribbeans private island located in the Bahamas. One of the cruises that I was looking at leaves out of Galveston, Texas and had ports in Cozumel, Belize, and Mahogany Bay. I will leave a link here that will allow you top explore the different ports of call on Carnival
      Another fact that I can appreciate about cruising is the ability to put a deposit down and pay. There is a deadline date but I am paying weekly and I appreciate that ability.

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