The Best Practices to Keep while Earning from Sponsored Content

Sponsored content is the answer. Many blog owners find this essential in maintaining and controlling their websites. It is also an opportunity for writers to earn money online while helping companies.

So, let us help you understand better on what a sponsored content is all about? How to make money and where to find the companies that pay for a sponsored post.

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Definition of Sponsored Content

Sponsored contents are synonymous with a sponsored post. These are all articles that a blogger or a website owner is being paid by companies. This business pays a writer to blog and to publish on their own website.

This also known as a promoted post. It is a sponsored advertisement by a particular company to get a huge scale of popularity.

The post can either written by the site owner or the sponsoring brand.

The Companies that will Pay Sponsored Contents


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It is a goal for the bright blogger to get a sponsored post and earn. But the question in mind is, where to find those companies which pay for a sponsored contents?

First. As an experienced content marketer, and strategist of the Fempire Academy, Kristy Ellington, says,

“We can start with the smaller brands and companies.”

Second. Option for starters is to build a good portfolio. And match it with an experience to the local businesses. A good negotiation with the owner can give you a better chance making it possible.

Third. Partner with marketing and PR agencies. Your consistency of creating impressive and excellent works is useful. It will surely make a lot of jobs in the future.

Fourth. Use sponsorship marketplaces. These are platforms that can help you find sponsors by doing the work and get paid. PayPerPost and Cooperatize are just a few of them.

The right way to charge a sponsored content

We have given you the first step in earning money through a sponsored post. But the real way to monetize your writing is charging the company. Let them pay for writing and publishing the content on your website.

Traffic and audience alignment is the most concern for the well-known brands. It is aside for the writing skills that you own. Yet, there are still other metrics that they are looking at.

Creating a media kit for blog or website is the best starting point. Provide all the information that a company should know about your website. Such as the analytical metrics, complete information about the blogs and the readers.

Research on the post that will give you an idea of how much they charge a company. Make the necessary adjustments that match your own details.


photo credit: Pexel, Public Domain

Tips on how to start a blog that will monetize sponsored contents

Tip 1: As much as possible, hitting the sponsor’s main points to sell themselves must in done. As a blogger in your own website, the essence of giving valuable information. But also to make learning fun and great.

Tip 2: Getting projects from clients must be within your niche. Never forget that you are developing to become an expert. Master in the specific discipline you have chosen. Don’t risk it by engaging business beyond your scope.

Tip 3: Think about YOUR readers. Always make sure that you are

writing about the benefits of your markets. Contents that you are accepting are in line with what your audience is looking for. It should be something that will help your readers.

Tip 4: Images with high-quality is a plus. To make it worth reading. The photos should tell your readers that the product is worth trying for, is a must mentioned in your post. Your influence on the audience creates an impact on the content. Hence ads that you are writing on behalf of your client should show more about quality.

Tip 5: Right scheduling and timing of post. It is very important for your readers to get a various material. If they see all successive sponsored posts from your web, most likely bores them. So get the proper time about when it is best to post a paid content. Create and follow your editorial calendar.


Keeping tips from the experts are helpful. Them, who have been doing the right and effective sponsored contents have proven its usefulness. So test the waters by following these best practices to make the next big thing in your life happen.

Sponsored ads or contents are fantastic ways of making money. It converts writings in your website into cash. Not only that, you are helping businesses to grow.

Those who are still starting small, working with them creates both their and your history. So be the best one to tell your readers about them and see what they can do to help your audience as well.



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