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PART 1: Five Podcast You Want to Hear

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Podcasting is on its way to being so famous. It becomes a medium of expressing an idea and story. There is so much fun listening to these five podcasts that we want you to hear as well.  Here comes a mixture of various topics that touch human interest. So without so much ado, may we take a sneak peek into these podcasts?

Build an Online Business- Online Masters Course

This podcast will help us in knowing how we can become a successful Amazon entrepreneur. It boosts confidence to anyone to be able to start a business by following the simple process. They share helpful strategies and techniques to make a home-based business a triumphant.

One of the things highlighted in an episode, which is helpful was about how to rank on Google. It says, ranking better will give us more business. Yet, equally important to keep things simple and focused. This is very crucial. To be able to get there, we need to understand what the users are actually looking for.

This is just a few of the best learning we can get while listening to this podcast.

The Passive Income Report – The Passive Income Report

Now, here is a very interesting episode we have checked. It talked about how a common person was able to make a sale of $46,500.00 in 30 days! It gave an amazing idea that learning will lead to success. A testimonial on how well he did after applying all the instructions. Listening to this podcast is a good way to be motivated. This might require us to go out from our comfort zone and learn new things, well, not bad if it will lead to a success.

It contains realistic ideas to help us decide if we want to do online business. Yet, The Passive Income Report Team teaches us to follow the 16-Step Process to be able to generate income. And through their podcast, each one of us can learn from them and leads us to a journey that makes life meaningful.

Planet Money – NPR

As exciting as the rest, Planet Money, tackles about the US economy. And this is a great way for us to learn more and understand better what is going on economically speaking. It feels like, we got the chance to interact with the people who know the economy better. It is a way to be able to become knowledgeable in that aspect of living.

This is about real stories which affect everyone as economy impacts all us.

Sharing a great deal of knowledge will give you so much in life. This is an exciting way to do it, be informed and inform others about it and no one will get behind.

How I Build This with Guy Raz – NPR

Inspirational. It is truly a piece of advice if you will hear someone telling you to listen to this podcast. Guy Raz, gets into the real story behind successes of some known companies. We will get to know the humble beginnings of entrepreneurs and idealist themselves. We hear the guests’ voices full of reality and sincerity. Thus, making it more relate-able.

This moves us to become motivated in building our lives and dreams. Because these people are the living testimonies most of us wanted to hear.

Work life with Adam Grant – TED

This is one of our favorites. The realistic possibilities which unfolded in each discussion. We got to be able to explore a lot of amazing ideas that will help us grow as a person. And will make us a better player in a team or a leader. This so inspirational which make us realize that we can make our role in a team better. It opens our eyes to see that we can make work and life more meaningful and beautiful.


Knowledge is the beginning of power. We should learn to accept that there many things that we do not know yet. We can only gain once we open our minds to hear or know what has been experienced by other people. The person behind every podcast, could it be the host or the guest got what we need to learn.

Hearing them sharing a part of their life creates a connection between us. It creates no boundaries when we allow ourselves to accept the good things they are giving.


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