Getting a Loan Made Easy:

In a verge of your business which needs more funding? Are you a neophyte in the commercial world who won’t likely to qualify for a conventional bank loan?

Worry no more!

A platform that can provide you the easy financial help for your business is the answer.

Kickfurther. As the name suggests, just kick further!

Kickfurther is a platform intended for business entrepreneurs. For retailers, wholesalers, or even manufacturers. This aims to fund the purchase or supply of physical inventory.

Most business people in their earlier years in the industry have not yet established. Like having a good standing with banks. Hence, bank loans are kind of an impossible thing.

So, here are some of what they usually do:

  • Paying with a credit card. This is a known fact that it has high-interest rates which play around at 15-20%.
  • Securing a working capital loan. Again has an extremely high interest which might reach up to 40%.
  • Merchant cash advance financing. It has the most expensive rate among these 3 options which is at 80%.

To save small businesses in these loan shark options. Kickfurther provides a more attractive offer.

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What exactly is Kickfurther?

Ideally, Kickfurther is a crowdfunding platform for small businesses. It aims to finance the purchase of inventory. There are these they call, “backers” who buy inventory. They also create a consignment relationship with the “brand” or the business involved. This is where they get back the cost of the inventory.

And of course a certain percentage of profit.

With the consignment relationship at stake, once the business will not be able to pay. Backers could take over the inventories.

Are you now willing to do it?

A word of caution:

Before you jump into such transaction to fulfill your need. It is very crucial to further study the platform.  In whatever business you may deal, doing your homework won’t hurt.

Yes, there is a big risk involved in every business venture. So learning is an essential part of the process.

Now, it’s your turn.

To help you further understand. Let us high light important information about this crowdfunding platform.

    • Kickfurther solves the problem of financing small businesses. Through their offer of financial help at a very reasonable cost.
    • Caters to many business owners who are not yet fully operational. Or those who are still seeking financial assistance in their inventories.
    • Awesome way to help starter build their business through backer’s inventory. It is a way to give them enough time to pay.  If in an event the borrower failed to pay. The backers will own the inventory. Or Kickfurther will take over and will try to sell those inventories.

Kickfurther is a different way to connect people. From without funding to someone who can fund your need!


It sounds simple, but it isn’t.

Let me explain through this example:

For example, you are starting a new company. The operates as a distributor of hats. Since the brand that you are carrying became so popular since it hit the marketplace. It means to say that you need to get your inventory higher. Unfortunately, you are still starting up and won’t have financial help yet. And banks are of course reluctant to help you.

If you get the chance to borrow from the bank, then Great!

Then, if not. Kickfurther, a crowdfunding platform is your rescue!

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So, what happens next?

You can approach Kickfurther and present your story.

They will then verify everything. And once qualified you will get the Consignment Opportunity. This is basically how the process goes.

The buyer’s side on Kickfurther can decide whether to help or not in crowdfunding your inventory. As well as on how much they wanted to take part. They will take into consideration the rate of return the company is offering. And the expected timeframe that you can sell their inventory.

Remember, the backer is not lending you money. They buy for your inventory needs. That is in a form of consignment. Approximately, a 5% commission will be shared with you as a seller once inventories are sold.

Click here to learn more.

There will always be two sides of a coin. So, it is of utmost importance that you can learn to discover both. Rather than getting yourself into the fad without your full understanding.

Take a pause and ask these questions to yourself:

Do you understand how it works?

Is this something that I am willing to take for the sake of my business?

Have I gotten the information that I need to help me in my decision?

… and the list goes on and on.

So, if you are the backer, you will earn. Get the payment from Kickfurher. As a buyer of the inventory, you can get the payment as soon as the inventories are sold.

Final Thoughts

Kickfurther is the best way to make money — whether as a buyer of the inventory or the owner of the brand. If only both ends will meet it is likely to be an earning potential transaction. Also, it links entrepreneurs to another business minded person. Both can make their company grow.


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