Getting Started with Education Consultancy Business

Education consultancy business is a great opportunity to start a good living. Most especially in our present days that people have grown the value of education. Demand for passionate, motivated education consultants continues to thrive in this competitive sector.

But, this gig is not for everybody.

This is only for highly qualified people. Such as a business person, administrator or experienced educator. If you belong to this group, then you may use your skills. And start your own education consultancy business.

Yes, being a consultant would equate you as an entrepreneur.  By nature and on how they are working for themselves at a significant hourly or per project base. You can either choose the way to charge clients by:

  • Quote an hourly rate
  • Percentage commission of per project
  • Flat fee per project
  • Or any pricing strategy that suits your services.

Remember that pricing your services appropriately is very important. It must also be based on the market fair value.

How does education consultancy business work?

Lots of ways that education consultants make money out of their expertise and skills. Below are common ways to make them a living.

#1: Works at educational organizations. These are working in schools, colleges or Universities and nonprofits organization. Their role is to help in the improvement in a variety of ways. By providing expertise and guidance related to curriculum development. As well as training faculty and giving out advice to the administrators.

#2: Private education companies hire education consultants to help improve learning products. They need their expert opinion and skills to develop strategies.  That schools and teachers use to enhance student achievements.

#3: Parents will also hire education consultants.Nowadays, people are getting much awareness and value of the importance of education. Hence, parents today are taking initiatives on how they can help their children. So, hiring consultants to teach their children to succeed in school is one of the options they got on hand. Great preparation indeed increases the chance of admission to the right universities.

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What are the basic requirements for educational consultants jobs?

The specific requirements of educational consultants may vary. It depends on what type of educational consulting career is taken.  But we have gathered below common jobs requirement for consulting.

  • At least bachelor’s degree but many cases required Master’s degree or Ph.D
  • Work-related experience with students, teachers, administrators, and other educators
  • Knowledgeable of federal and state education policy and regulations
  • Have experience in a specific subject or area of study
  • Skills in critical thinking, excellent decision making, and management skills are essential. And getting skilled in problem-solving, relationship management and communication skills, are plus.

Now, let us learn further on how we can land to the highest paid educational consultant services. Read on.

It is of great advantage if you have a master’s degree in curriculum. As well as earning a valid teaching certificate. If you combine these skills with a couple of years of experience as a teacher. Or as an administrator, you have increased the money value of your profession. This will make you earn the highest paid consultancy fee.

Another opportunity is to work in school districts. They also look for education consultants with specializations.  Such areas as, Curriculum design, English and mathematics education. Besides, that is blended learning, emerging technology, and audio/visual education.

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How set up your education consultancy business?

Here are a few steps on setting up your education consultancy business:

Step#1: You need a business license to operate in your state. And some other states require a license or professional insurance.

Step#2: Create a business website for marketing purpose.

Step#3: Open a checking account and get some business cards.

Step#4:  Consult tax accountant or CPA regarding on your business taxes.  To help you separate your personal finances and your business finances

Wrap Up

Make sure everyone knows what you are doing. Let them become aware of what services you are offering. Remember, do not stop selling your services. This is the primary tool to make your educational consultancy business profitable. And, finally. Always bear in mind that the success of your business depends on the constant mercy of your clients.


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