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How You (Yes You, Newbie) Can make Money Online with Fiveer Right Now!

Online has been a great way to make a dollar or an extra for anyone who wishes to use it. Since the internet began, there has become endless possibilities in growing our businesses. Many companies have developed virtual marketplaces for buyer and sellers. People are getting braver to deal with benefits of the online world.

Fiveer is one of the companies who developed a digital trader’s avenue.

What is Fiveer?

It is one of the world’s largest online marketplace for freelancers. All services offered starts at $5 per job. That is why we call it Fiveer, right? It is based in Tel Aviv, Israel. In this digital world, Fiveer called each service offered as a “gig”.

How does it work?

A brilliant idea, it is. Fiveer has made a better way to present our businesses and skills to the whole world. People from the different parts of the globe will get to hire us for the services we offer online.

Though as mentioned that the services in this marketplace start at $5. The seller has the option to choose their starting price. Using the Gig packages, we can offer buyers different service at different prices.

Here are 3 easy steps on how we can get started as a seller in Fiveer:

  • Step 1: Sign Up
    Signing up for Fiveer is free. Only those who are registered can use this platform for buying and selling services.
  • Step 2: Create a gig
    Once approved, the gig will be visible in the marketplace. So buyers can see the services offered. Examples of gigs are Resume Writing, Content Writing and other professional services that you think can be transacted online that will give a decent pay. When someone orders your gig, a notification will be sent. At this point, Fiveer collects charges from the buyer in advance. So to keep your credibility good, we need to complete our services in a timely and professionally.
  • Step 3: Gig Completion
    Upon completion of the gig, 2 weeks after which, Fiveer will credit 80% of the revenue. The 20% deduction was their cut.

The downside is, as a seller we also shoulder the cost when we withdraw money from Fiveer to Paypal amounting to $1 or 2%. Another cost deducted for every withdrawal lesser than $50. Plus, Paypal, charges a country-based fee upon transferring money to our local banks.

Is it quite a lot, right?

But let’s just think of all these fees as business as usual. Like when we have physical stores, we are still encountering different charges impost. As a freelancer, creating a living online, it is nothing but all normal.

So what is it for a newbie?

Making money online for a newbie like you is such a great chance to explore what the digital has to offer. With Fiveer’s platform to do business throughout the world, income generation is easy. But, be mindful that everything still comes in hard work upon starting.

Although Fiveer doesn’t offer unlimited gigs for new sellers. Because it would depend on the level status. Newbies are given 7 active gigs as a start, and the gig extras for each if we have too. That is already a great deal to start with. So, what are you waiting? Go and be the next online rock star!


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