How Landi English Creates Online English Teaching Jobs.

Ever wonder how we contribute to the society while working? Have we asked ourselves if we are only working for our own benefit? Or did we ever wanted to make a difference to touch other’s life?

Landi English is related to ABC360. It is another Online School who aims to teach the language to Chinese children. Developed with a captivating teaching approach, the company focuses on positive radical change. That brought into the lives of their students through adopting the English language.

The company has an updated online program for one teacher is to more students. It is a method of teaching embraced, developed by Harvard Professor Eric Mazur. It is called peer instruction. Part of the development was testing the classes extensively. The goal is to know the best teaching technique for the children.

With this, they have come up with creating smaller classes. That is supposed to be more appropriate for Online English Learning.

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What are Landi English’ Requirements for their Teachers?

  1. Candidates need to have proven experience as an ESL or EFL tutor.
  2. Must have a complete knowledge of teaching the English language.
  3. Prefers candidates with a degree in teaching or a special certificate in education.
  4. Excellent Communication and interpersonal skills.
  5. Patient, energetic and most of all creative.
  6. Very organize.
  7. Committed.
  8. Native speakers from the UK, the US, and Canada.
  9. Ready to follow the company’s policies and process.
  10. Stable working Hours (not less than 12 hours in Days per week)
  11. Computer proficient.

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Will they create an imprint on the lives of their Teachers and students?

As part of the company, we become a reflection of what it believes. With the ideology of an integral education. They aim to reach globally with the aid of the technology. That will bring equal opportunity in learning English. Through online education, they teach all children around the world.

With that aspiration, teachers they hire should keep the quality fit for it. So that will they can create an impact on the lives of learners.
The best character itself says a lot about what we can do. It influences your students and manifests on how they can learn. With this, you as a teacher creates an impact on your student.

The mantra that the company believes makes a lot of sense when we want to bridge the gap between cultures. English Online Education, made it possible to break barriers. Hence with Landi English, you can help change the world through educating people.

What’s more?


  1. Regular pay may reach up to $40 USD/hour. Yet the base pay is around $18 -$25 USD plus incentives. The chance of earning up to $40 USD would depend on experience. While other incentives which you will know upon discussion with the management.
  2. With a laptop and an internet, teaching can already be possible. Plus, the schedule is adjusted according to your availability.
  3. Complete teacher management with a good support system.
  4. Helpful online teaching experience.
  5. The company provides teaching plans and materials created by Landi curriculum team. They train new tutors with the right method and approaches.


  1. Based on a review from an employee. The only disadvantage they got is not being able to physically speak or teach to children. Well, it is all true to online education.
  2. Hours are rough, teachers from the West need to wake up so early.
  3. Waiting time was too long to be able to start teaching.
  4. Payment is correlated to the ratings given by the students. This requires the teacher to remind students to give them feedback.

Wrap Up

Become fluent in any language!
Landi English’ reviews from their employees are so far pretty great! We have searched a lot of positive comments but of course, there are some who had some complaints. To finish this up, the banner that the company brings is significant. It takes a heart and passion to reach the goal of reaching out to the other side of the world.
To share what the native speakers for this part of the earth already have. Sure enough, if you are a teacher of this company, you were able to create an impact on your students. And to the rest of the world.
Hence, remember, making you do what you have done, is a mark created by the chance Landi English gave.
If you think you fit in, click here to check for yourself and apply.



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