8 Important Ideas to Know in Creating an eBook and How Much Money You Can Make

It’s time to Publish Your Book in Amazon

“As a writer, you should not judge, you should understand.”

― Ernest Hemingway

We cannot agree more than enough to what Sir Ernest Hemingway quoted. If you think that creating an idea that lets you write a book that will give such fulfillment. Then, do it. Anyone who claims to be a writer knows how you feel. They won’t judge yet, your readers might.

OmahaSteaks.com, Inc.Nowadays, there are many inventions that made our lives easier, somehow. Like, banking is a few a click away, shopping can be done through your smartphones. And yes, technology had made our phones smarter than us, in some ways. Yet, it is undeniable that it makes our lives more accessible.

If these are doable. Then, so as your writing dream without the approval of the big traditional publishers.

Publish your very own, eBook, NOW and make money later on.

8 Helpful Ideas to Start Making Money as a Published Author


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So, let us take some time on how we can be able to make it happen. It is so easy to publish an eBook online. Here are few but helpful ideas to get you started.

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IDEA #1: Think of the kind of book you want to write.

This is the stage of brainstorming. And, this is very important because it will take you to your target audience. Make sure that the genre that you will be writing is in your interest as it will help you relate. Thus, making the output astonishing.

IDEA #2: Read other peoples books. Choose the best-selling ones.


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A writer is a reader. True. So keep reading to help you improve your skill. Since you will be learning as you go along. Remember that we learn best from great mentors, so read the good ones.

IDEA #3: The length of the book.

Come up with the decision on how many pages you will be writing. Your research on what is the most effective number of pages. The length will neither excite nor discourage a reader.

IDEA #4: Once the book had written, proofreading is a must.


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We recommend that you will hire a professional editor. This is to ensure the quality of the writings, most especially the spelling and grammar. Wide readers can spot an error in the sentences with ease. So better shield yourself from undesirable comments.

IDEA #5: The cover design.


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A cover tells half the story of your book. Yes, we cannot judge the book by its cover, but most are so. We can’t help it, we need to attract your audience. And, we should not compromise the quality of the interior by creating a foul looking cover.

IDEA #6: Upload the eBook.

Once you are ready to upload the eBook, prepare for the description of the book. This is a need to be accomplished. Amazon is a good portal for your book publishing.

Click here to learn more on how to upload in Amazon.

IDEA #7: Study your pricing


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In any marketplace, the price plays a role in making the business profitable. Keeping the price low will help you gain the attention of the buyers. For a newbie, it is a good selling point.

IDEA #8: Promotion and Branding

Tap your niche readers or target market by promoting your eBook. It possible not only through Amazon (listing) but with the power of the social media. You can also promote it in Kindleboards, Goodreads, Barns and Noble and a lot more. Or, your website can be very useful in promoting your book.

The money you can work on to earn from eBook Creation and Selling


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This is the most exciting and sometimes agonizing part of the process. Well, a lot of brilliant writers also started from scratch. They did not become a superstar, overnight.

With all the combination of the best ideas like choosing the genre, and the book cover. Then the pricing until the promotional and marketing process. All needs hard work and dedication.

So will it sell, right away?


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An honest answer is, not a guarantee.

It will depend on how well the processes were executed. And the output might be great, yet it needs time for you to soar higher than others who have been there. It takes time for some writers, maybe few months or more. Imagine a case for a newbie, not easy.

So it is wiser to take great courage in taking this leap.

We do not want to promise anything. That is why we are telling you what is closer to the possibility. Yet, there are two things that will work: EFFORT and TIME. Money is just there waiting for it to be harvested, but you need to act on it.

Yes, making good money with any products takes time and real effort to bear fruit. If you got the right attitude and spirit, nothing is impossible.

Final Thoughts

Creating an eBook is becoming popular. Anyone can already publish and make money from it. Yet, as mentioned above, it will not be an easy cash. The hard work did not end when you have successfully written and published your book.

The real journey in making money from writing an eBook starts after publishing. Promote it well to reach your niche. Readers really love a book of their passion. So, if you have made yourself known to your target audience as the best author. Then money will just be rolling at the right time.

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