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Are you working online? And is looking for the best alternative to make money? Yes, you found the right page! Buying inventory from small business owner might be a good fit. With an inventory, funding needs through KickFurther.

But beforehand you need to further study the platform. Again, we care for you, because there is a big risk involved in every business venture. To make it clear, this opportunity is a very interesting way to earn more money. Yet, hold your horses, learning must come first as it is a very risky and speculative investment.


About Kickfurther

Kickfurther is a crowdfunding platform. This links an individual looking to earn money to small business owners. Specifically with inventory funding needs. They are responsible to screen the companies that need inventory. But is open to all participating buyers who want to funds they need.

This kind of platform is an example of how powerful crowdfunding can be. Both the business owner and buyer.

Kickfurther is an innovative way to connect people. Those individuals who have the need for small businesses by helping fund inventory. Yes, there can be positive sides in buying inventory with Kickfurther. But it is best to do your diligent study and research on how it works.

And remember that in each company there is a specific Consignment Opportunity (Co-Op). This opportunity will not make you a millionaire. But this will help you earn a potential amount of profit in a short period of time.

If you want to get a $5 bonus applied to your account you can create and sign up here Kickfurther.

After finished creating your account you will need to decide how you want to contribute. You have the choice of what companies you trusted in or by relying on past data. You vetting each company on and off the platform before making any contribution.

You need to be confident in the company you are purchasing inventory from. That they can fulfill their stipulated contract.

The Process

For example, a new company selling products like distributing hats. Click here for a detailed illustration of Amy. On how Kickfurther works in addressing the demand for her products.

She needed money for more inventory to supply the order of Walmart and she is a small timer. She needs a financial assistant to buy her with inventory. She has two options, first, take in a conventional way by applying for bank loans. Or look at an alternative route like sign up to Kickfurther.

Kickfurther does a diligent review of Amy’s business. As well as verifying from Walmart information. Take a look at their market, product and profit margin. And if everything goes well she will sign the entire payment from Walmart. For the payment order to Kickfurther. The Co-Op announced on the pool of buyers (this is where you come in).

As a buyer on Kickfurther. You decide whether to choose or not to help crowdfund Amy’s inventory and how much you wanted to take part. You will consider the rate of return the company is offering. And the expected timeframe of selling their inventory.

Remember, you are not lending money. Rather, you are buying inventory on consignment, in the platform, available to everyone. You will receive 5% commission for every item that you sold and the original payout agreement.

The Payment

You get payment from  Kickfurther. The companies have contracted to pay the buyers back in a given period of time. But buyers can get paid after the inventory sells. If sold earlier than expected. The buyer will receive the full amount of principal and payout early. But there is also a chances that the company will take longer to pay back the money than expected time.

Final Thoughts

Kickfurther is the best alternative to make money. By buying inventory for those small business owners with inventory funding needs. This is a crowdfunding platform. It links buyers to small business owners. These are the where they get that help they need to grow their business inventory.




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