Can using compact magnetic flash cards help your child through math games?

Convenient Compact Magnetic Flash Cards That Can Help Your Child Learn

As the child of a teacher, you would be surprised to learn that one of my children is not meeting his grade level benchmarks.


My son is struggling in math.  He is in kindergarten and knows his numbers.  His struggle is in adding and subtracting. As a teacher, I know that he needs extra support.  He needs assistance in math in the form of something that will entice him and of course keep him interested in learning.  I was excited about receiving Magnetic Flash Cards with 41 Large Number 0-25 with Counting Dots and Symbols.

Upon receiving these flash cards, I was surprised with how slim they were upon unboxing.  I thought they would be thicker and I was concerned if the magnet would be strong enough to hold its magnetism.  I unpacked the product with my son and he was interested in sequencing the numbers.

I decided that we would use a baking sheet as a portable magnetic board.  The flash cards did not have any problems staying on the board. That was great news.  I appreciated that the counting dots were on the card. Looking at this product with an educator’s lense, I would have appreciated if the product had the counting dots on the numbers.  This would have been perfect for anyone who is familiar with TouchMath (you can Google it if you are not familiar). The team behind this product could definitely make a version that goes with the TouchMath teaching method.

My son and I had fun working on addition and subtraction problems over the course of a few days.  I can now see the thinness of the product is a plus as it shouldn’t be too heavy to carry around for young learners.

I am satisfied with this product and feel that it could easily fit in a teacher’s classroom as a tool to use during centers and in a home to assist your child in practicing their addition and subtraction skills.

This is a sponsored post brought to you by Attractivia. The opinions are completely my own based on my experience.


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