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Let us Make Money Online, Shop and Get Paid on eBates and Other Shopping Portals

Shopping is, even more, a pleasure, so take it easy, enjoy!, Inc.Get paid while shopping online? Whoa! Sounds very interesting and exciting. eBates is one of the popular sites and is a major player in this industry. Yet, there are also other shopping sites that offer rebates and discounts.

There are many sites that offer cash back shopping. But, let’s discuss first eBates and what it gives out because something is telling us that it’s terrific. We’ll see then, keep reading to find out. And, don’t worry, later in this blog, we will give some glimpse of the other shopping portals that we can also try and enjoy.

Getting to know more about Ebates

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Ebates is an online shopping company. They affiliate with online retailers to give your spending a wonderful experience. This means that aside from other promises, they give out cash rewards. The great news is, they got over 2000 stores partnered.

This makes the shopping spree even more rewarding and fun. Plus, it is so easy to do with a big catch!

  • No points to redeem.
  • No forms to fill out and mail.
  • No fees, at all.

So the next question in mind is, how does it happen?

Simple as, their partnered stores will pay eBates for you, shopping in their online stores. And, in return, eBates will give a part of the commission to you as a CASH Rebate. In real cash form, which they will send you a check or through Paypal.

Who told you that it would be all?

Hilton HotelsRight, here’s more. While it is way normal for them to give each shopper a cash reward. On top of it, you can still use those discounts, promo, and coupons to shop at any affiliated store. But you need to shop through their cash back portal.

Visit to shop. To get those featured products on sale that their partner retailers are presenting. So, instead of going directly to the retailer’s site shop via eBates to get that savings and money making the bundle.

On how to use the portal to enjoy the cash they promise on every shopping, click here to learn more.

Other Online Shopping Portal that Pays Us While we Shop

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As promised, here are few lists of the sites that we know you will also love to try (if you have not tried it before). So, find time to explore further and make shopping a new extra income generator.

#1: Drop


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It’s a mobile application that will also pay you while shopping. For every purchase made through their partnered stores rewards given in a form of points. You will have to choose which store you would like to get points. It is for a maximum of 5 stores only.

To learn and sign up, click here.

#2: Swagbucks


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This is an online platform that enables us to earn points (SB). These SB’s can be redeemed in a form of gift cards, coupons or sweepstake entries. An application for Swagbucks is downloadable both for iPhone and Android.

Points can be earned by completing offers. As well as answering questions, browsing using their toolbar or video watching.

Learn more.

#3: SavingStar


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Yey! Cashback, not points. Well, redeemable points are fun but cash is another story.

So, SavingStar as the name suggests gives us cash while we shop online and at the grocery store. For the rebates that we can claim in every grocery. We need to download the apps and take a photo of the receipt. And to get cash online, we need to log in to the cash mall and shop only at the certified stores.

If you have reached $5 in your cash earnings, a request for payout will be made. And the money will be deposited via Paypal.

Click to visit them today.

Final Thoughts

Wrapping this up. is just one of the sites that are offering this incredible cash back. We have presented other companies that may not actually give out cold cash. But still great deals for savings. It amazes us to know that shopping nowadays is not just so convenient that we can do it in the comforts of our homes. Or, anywhere we are situated when we just happen to decide to buy something.

Shop and get paid online, is trending upwards. Most of the stores online may get what we actually need, so why not enjoy the benefits they are offering. Simply log in to the portals or download an app. Go for your shopping spree, and wait for the cash back to be sent over or points to be redeemable.

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