Mastermind Group

How to Start a Mastermind Group in Four Easy Steps

Like an old saying that goes,” two heads are better than one” or “birds of the same feather flock together.” Mastermind Group is a concept with a little combination of both. The idea of excelling while we are in the right group of people. There is a higher rate of success if we surround ourselves with people who are also successful.

So what is the exact definition of a Mastermind Group?

What is it?

The idea of a mastermind group was first coined by Napoleon Hill in 1925 in his book, The Law of Success. And in 1937, he had a detailed discussion about the concept in his another book, Think and Grow.

Mastermind group is a gathering of two or more motivated people. Working together in harmony, sharing a common goal to solve problems. Each one is looking to provide encouragement and help one another to improve. Everyone will have the chance to be the facilitator or lead the group in each meeting. Each person have the chance to take part.

Everyone will have the chance to hear advice from other members. It would be about a specific situation.  In a different angle, be open-minded. It is a character that will help us improve. All members will share ideas and feedback. So, it is very essential to take comments positively. There should be willingness to give and receive advice and ideas.

There is a sense of exclusivity. Yet, each of the member are expected to commit in confidentiality.  Everyone is expected to be honest, respectful and compassionate.

The meeting of the group can be in person, online or via phone.

Starting a Mastermind Group

Let’s learn on how we can be able to start a mastermind group. As this concept good for anyone who wishes to succeed in business or in life in general.

Step 1: Choose a certain goal. Let us think of something that we wish to improve in our life. We need to pick a specific aspect like career, health or school performance.

Step 2: Look for the best partners. In a mastermind group, it is best to pick our partners as careful as possible. We need to make sure that we are sharing a common goal and minds with this people. Remember, this group should be a collection of like-minded people. So everyone should have the following attributes:

  • Common motivation and Commitment
  • Diversified Skills
  • Love to resolve problems

Step 3: Setting rules. The main purpose of the rules the group is to make sure that everybody will benefit in the mastermind group. We need to keep a mutual respect to every member to keep them in line. However, the rules should be aligned in the goal that the group have choose.

Step 4: Meetings. It must be done on a regular basis.

What are the Advantages of Being Part of a Mastermind Group?

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This should be a place where we will find unique people with common goals and motivations. A group where we can meet people who think like us and will help us improve and succeed. Here are the some of the advantages in joining a mastermind group.

  1. The chance to get constructive criticisms and feedback. As a member of the group we aims for our success of everyone, thus we can expect honesty from all.
  2. Responsibility to think and make plans for next meetings.
  3. As a member we will have an access to the group’s resources.
  4. We will have the motivation to improve.
  5. Different insights that we can get from other members.


To be a part of this kind of group will create an impression of exclusivity. Indeed it is. Grouping our self with people who think like us would not be that easy to find. However, once we will find those people, it feels like a companion.

Working with someone who has the same ideas and think the way you do, results to a higher rate of success. We will be surrounded with people who can motivate us exactly how and where it should be. Since it is a peer to peer mentoring and support system who aims the success of everyone. The security and comfort being our self is an added value of a mastermind group.


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