Money Making: How to Rent out Unused Parking Lots and Be Listed on SpotHero?

Hilton HotelsEver wondered how to get an extra income without looking for another day or part-time job? Try to look around you. Thinking outside the box is not that hard to do. Yes, look outside, do you see your extra parking lot?

Now, your empty parking space isn’t useless anymore, rent it out on SpotHero! Earning extra cash from an extra lot is such an awesome idea for a passive income. Be a seller by simply following 3 easy steps.

and forget to live.

Step #1: Application

To get listed, filling an application form would be the very first step. Then you are on your way towards earning with SpotHero.

You need to submit the following information:

1.1: Address

1.2: Price

1.3: Availability of the parking spot

Click here to fill out the parking form.

Step #2: Listing

Once the form had been completed and approved, you can now start renting your space.

Your listing is ready to be seen and made available to users in seconds.

Step #3: Earn, Inc.The pay-out will either be via check or a monthly deposit.

SpotHero is much recommended by a lot of users. Because of the attractive and outstanding customer service they provide. Also, it is the country’s biggest parking site, so business is definitely workable.

Plus, they will help you get advertised and be known to thousands of drivers!

So you are all set, now, aren’t you?

Yet to guide you further in the process. Here are extra nuggets of ideas to feed your interest and confidence with SpotHero. Below are few sets of answers to questions that are lingering on your head. So keep reading to know more.

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Who will set the rate?

SpotHero has a team for analytics intended to give the best rate. They will help you make the most earning potential of your parking space. Worry not, because they will be working with you, all the step of the way while giving you the best price for your space.

Will they stipulate on the availability of the space can be rented?

No. The availability of your rented parking space is all up to you. You will have to provide them the best time it would be open for rent. There is so much flexibility with this, they will depend on your schedule.

Also, selling your spot depends on you. If you wish to rent it out for just a few days, or on some events or the entire month, it is not a problem. Yet, with the different situations or occasions, rates might be changeable. SpotHero will recommend the best rate that can cover and fit condition, place and your way of life.

Can I use my parking space in case I would need it?

You can suspend the rental anytime, via your online account. In cases like something important came up. That you need the space in such a short notice, an account manager is always there to assist you.

How many fees do SpotHero charges spot owners for the listing?

Keeping your account in your apps and websites is free of charge.

The only event that fees are collected is when there will be transactions. See the rate that they are charging each sell (commission):

Monthly Parking – 15% cut and $0.99

Event or Hourly Parking (less than $10 reservation) – 20% cut

Event or hourly Parking (greater than $10 reservation) 20% cut and $0.99

Fees already included the following:

  • credit card fees
  • access to an assigned account manager
  • online sales report
  • Signage and other marketing initiatives

How will customers find my parking spot?

SpotHero will have to make sure that there will be a complete and detailed description. And, of course as a part of the needs that you have to provide is the direction to the right spot. To help them make it easier. Placing a signage on the parking lot is another tool to locate the space. Also, this will inform other people that the parking area is paid by someone else. Hence refraining non-paying invaders to park.

Is this legitimate business?

Yes. It has been founded in 2011 and known as the largest parking site in the country. You may try signing up for a few weeks to see for yourself. You can cancel your account anytime you want. To know us better, please feel free to visit their website.


Renting out your vacant lot for parking is a great way to start a stream of extra income. Definitely a passive one. And SpotHero, by its name, came at the right time and place to rescue that spot from being empty!

Seeing this opportunity needs a call to action.

Go to SpotHero to sign up and be part of the listing. In a few, you are ready to be seen by renting drivers. Looking for the best parking lot that will fit their need and lifestyle. It is an awesome way to be part of the solution while earning on the side, what do you think?

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