Right Now Teach English Online and Earn Money with Palfish Online English Teaching Program

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Palfish got it for us. The company offers the most convenient ways to teach the English language.

Read on and feel the thrill.

Learn about Palfish

Right now you can make money online by teaching English.  Palfish has it both an app and a create-a-profile company. It gives us the chance to earn extra money online through teaching the English language. Interestingly, there are different ways to join the team: via an app and profile creation.

For the latter version, teachers will set their own rate, which is around $10 to $20 USD per hour. Here’s a catch, they have openings both to a native speaker and non-native teachers.

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Also, Palfish is an application that is more than just a messaging software. It is so great to imagine that we can teach online using an app installed on our phones. So much easier for us to work anywhere we are. As long as you are good at speaking English, then you are in.

Getting Started

So let us not waste our time and get this done. Here are few easy steps that we need to follow to start so that you can begin to teach English online.

Step 1: We need to download the Palfish App. We can also get it from play store and install the Palfish teacher application.

Step 2: Create an account. Make sure to fill out all the information needed. Your introduction should be very appealing and attractive to students. Here is a tip though, you need to make sure that you sound interesting, friendly, and fun to talk. Aim to stand out from the rest of the applicants out there.

New teachers are featured on the student’s app. So there is a great chance for you receiving calls once your account is approved.

Step 3: Be presentable. Upload a pleasant photo to your profile. Wear that smile to make you friendlier to your students.
Step 4: Upload a recorded voice. It will support your written bio and will let your students hear how you sound. So be the best as you can be.

Step 5: Wait for the verification of the account or approval. Important note: Complete your profile to increase chances of getting approved.

Important Things to Know

Before you get started, be mindful that you need to prepare these essential things to get ready:

  1. High-speed internet
  2. Smartphone with front cameras and headphone
  3. Prepare English Lessons. You can find many lessons online. But make sure to choose the one that is significant and that will help your student to become better in English.

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Advantages and Disadvantages

To take a balance, let us present to you the pros and cons of this application.


  1. Worldwide Availability. It gives us more chances to work anywhere we are as long as internet connection is there.
  2. Monthly payment via Paypal
  3. Time Flexibility. You can teach anytime but you can also book regular hours for regular students.


  1. Apps may encounter errors and system glitches.
  2. Updated versions may not be always compatible with phones you are using. So, tendencies are when there are new versions, and you need to upgrade your smartphone as well.

Earn Money with Palfish Online English Teaching Program

With the advanced technology, we have today, earning online is just a click away. If the English language is your native tongue, then, bingo! You are few clicks away for an opportunity to earn cash online. If you are seeking for the best opportunity to knock, try Palfish app or create profile options now.
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