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How to Post Hourlies to Completely Change Your Life!

Post Hourlies at to Completely Change Your Life!

All around the world today, crowdsourcing is not a new thing. It is a way on how businesses maximize the resources. But, not only that, because it also provided a boundless opportunity for creativity. People who got what it takes to provide the services needed for the job has that edge over others.

There are many online platforms available in the market competing from one another. It is a good sign. Indeed. It makes freelancers more competitive hence motivated to produce better outputs.  PeoplePerHour is among these digital marketplaces, where we can post our services.

It is a company based in the United Kingdom. It introduces is an online platform in 2007. This enables freelancers to do business online. By posting services they offer which is called “hourlies”, we can reach out to our market. Hence, can showcase our skills to assist businesses or individuals with their needs.

This brings convenience in their search for the best talent who can complete the jobs.

Process of Joining

So, to start with the journey with PeoplePerHour, we all need to register on their website. Account creation is free of charge. Registration is very easy using your LinkedIn or Facebook account information.

Second, we need to make an awesome online portfolio. This is the part that we can showcase our samples and set our hourly rate.

Every time we will complete a project, it will be included in the list of the portfolio for the next client to see.

Third, on the website, we can start browsing for opportunities to send proposals. It must include the list of the services that we can provide with the corresponding rates.

Using the instant messaging tool on the site, the buyer and seller can communicate to each other. The invoicing and work stream within the system which makes the transaction smooth.

Finally, let us talk about getting paid. If a buyer wishes to post a job, they need to make an initial payment in an Escrow account. The payment will only be released once the project is completed.

PeoplePerHour is a global market which supports a variety of currencies. The payment will be transferred to your bank account or Paypal account that will usually take up to 3 days.

Making Freelancers Secured

The review that PeoplePerhour does in all applications makes freelancers and buyers secured. It means that they are only accepting the best freelancers. This contributes to the confidence that they give to the buyers. Even if they required buyers to pay upfront, this motivates us to produce a better output.

The system eliminated the dilemma of unpaid services and inadequate result. The challenge though is the for the seller to meet the requirements of the buyer. But in a positive way, as a freelancer, we will aim to make it impressive every time we commit to a project. Because this will create a better relationship with the buyer and seller.


This kind of job to earn a living has a significant impact. Our buyers are also business owners like us, this is their way to make a living. So it is very important that we respect each other and see ourselves in their shoes in every project we deal with.

For aspiring freelancers, start looking into a brighter possibility of making it big. Trading our skills for a decent income is a great step to financial stability. If you have a day job, taking an extra way to earn on the side is not greed at all. But remember, we need meet with the commitments we give to our clients.


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