Ways to Make Money

Public Speaking: Ways to Make Money

There are many ways to kills a cat. As we search for more opportunity to make some income out of the skills we got, public speaking, can.

We often had some class or business presentations at work that makes our knees shake. Or, if not, it gives us the challenge to overcome the fear of talking in public.

Be happy.

Yes, you read it right. Smile because you have finally landed on the page. This is where you will know the different ways to monetize your speaking skills. And, one day, you will thank yourself scanning the web at this very hour.

The fundamental of earning from speaking engagements are pretty simple. In this article, we have searched for varied ways to earn from speeches. And, you can actually learn from it and could be the next in-demand speaker in town.

4 Fundamental Ways to Make Money in Public Speaking

Keynote Speeches

What is it? Let us understand what it is first. A keynote speech is otherwise known as the keynote address.

“It is to present issues of primary interest to an assembly and often to arouse unity and enthusiasm.” – Merriam Webster

This is the type of speaking engagement gets paid between $10000 and $100000 for an hour talk. And if you are the world’s most marketable speaker, then payments would be higher. People belong to this category are celebrities in their distinct fields.

These kinds of events usually need expensive tickets for anybody to hear the speech. And, known people are used to market and advertise the occasion.

How to succeed? : Someone in this stage will have to be very famous and well-informed individual. Working harder to earn beneficial experiences. All these in exchange for the higher fees.


It is like keynote speeches. The topics vary depending on the interest of the audience. Usually conducted during conferences.

Their difference is the pay. Seminars are paid minimal or unpaid. Marketing the event, they receive less recognition.

But, it is not bad as it looks like, there are also events where seminar speakers are paid well. Plus, this gives awesome experiences to them. Yes, and these exposures will be in the future becomes a lead to make paid talks.


It is the most common type of speaking undertakings. These are needed to supplement skills and increase the effectiveness of employees. Hence, companies invest a significant amount of money to train workers.

Most speakers are knowledgeable and experienced in their field of expertise. So, if you think this is great, develop the skills and focus on what you can share with individuals and companies.

Pay is lesser compared to keynote speakers. But the duration of training compensated increases the earning of the trainer.

Speech Coaching and Writing

They help people to be able to do public speaking.

Speechwriters write speeches for the target audience with the specific purpose. These are pieces of speeches written on behalf of the speaker.

Speech coaches intend to assist speakers to harness their skills in delivering the talk.

Choose your Destiny

Public speaking engagement is a lucrative job. Speakers don’t just look but they also sound influential. These are several paths that public speakers can travel. The journey of getting into the hearts of specific set of people to pass a message is a colorful one. It is your passion that will fuel every step that is taken, no matter how much the pay is.

Nothing matters but exposure and reliable experiences. These are the factors that will catch the confidence of companies to hire you to talk.

In this kind of career, a lot of perseverance is needed. No one else can let you gain those experiences to get a better opportunity than yourself. There will be people who open their doors for you and help to carry on. But for whatever it will be; either a small or huge leap, those are yours to make.

Be a valuable speaker, making money from it is an add-on. The real gain you get is the impact you can create to everyone who can hear your speeches in public.

Take it, be good at it.






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