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Real Estate Investment: 4 Simple Steps in Investing with RealtyShares

Hilton HotelsInvestment in real estate is evolving. It is becoming more accessible to people who have the capacity to invest.

RealtyShares was established in 2013 and is part of the innovation. It is an online platform for investment. They aim to gather all interested investors, borrowers as well as sponsors. The entire transaction is completed with all security through the website. From the accomplishment of legal documents signatures until transferring of funds.

Yet, even if they are offering the investment to the public. Only accredited investors are welcome to join.

Accredited Investor means:

“The investor’s net worth or joint net worth with their spouse should over at least $1 Million. That is excluding the value of the main house. And/or an annual income of at least $200,000, both of the two previous years. Or, joint earnings with the spouse of greater than $300,000 for those years. With the acceptable expectation of income for the existing year.”, Inc.

The platform is offering real investments. And it has a listed company who need funds for their ventures. And, they are inviting investors to become shareholders for any particular project. They have a variety of properties that a capitalist can choose from. It includes commercial retails, residential or both.

Before jumping into a decision to invest, it is wiser to get to a better understanding on the whole process. Along with some pre-qualification procedures.

Part of which is to know the marginal rule, that amounts to $5,000.00. Yet, there are also some projects which will let a capitalist start at $3000.00.

Keep reading to discover more.

Few Easy Steps to Get Started


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Step #1: Sign up for an account on

Step #2: As soon as you have registered, scan the web for the investments or projects available. You are given a 30-day cooling period as recommended by SEC. It is to give the investor an ample time to research and understand the company before investing.

RealtyShares, they have implemented this rule. To allow the investor to think and make an informed decision on his investment.

Step #3: After the cooling off period, you can already access the information page of the property. It includes all the details that an investor must know. It includes the property, financial status, and management. And other financial and legal documents.

Since RealtyShares is careful in all its transactions. They have made the necessary investigation on the administrators in each company venture.

Step #4: Finalizing the investment.

All property needs to meet a funding target before an investor can officially buy a share.

Yet, you can already sign and send off all necessary documentation via the platform. And, you can transfer the money to the bank account that you have linked to your account.

Upon receipt of the fund transferred, it will bill held in an escrow account. In case, the target fund is not met 100%, the money paid will be returned.

The platform is easy and manageable to use. You can track all investments, earnings and manage documents in the dashboard. Updates on each project and tax documents every year.

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Other charges


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Signing up for an account in RealtyShares. As well as surfing on the available properties is free of charge. It is only upon investment that a percentage will be taken as an annual fee. See the possible cost of investments:

Equity or preferred Equity Investment – An annual fee of 1% of the total investment

For Equity Investment – reimbursement and a 1 to 2% management fee are collected.


Real estate is a little complex business. And, it needs better understanding. With careful investing decisions you will get your financial plans without a hassle. Thanks to a simplified way to invest in the industry with great leverage.

Many qualified investors will enjoy the luxury of the business opportunity. Right at their fingertips and through an online platform like RealtyShares.





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