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How come a hobby will turn out to be the best earning opportunity ever? Yes, many of us love to listen to different songs. And now we can do that while earning by making music reviews in exchange for money. is a website that facilitates it. They connect you to song artist through your opinion.

Now, your thoughts matter.

To start with, let us know more about It is a legit platform who pays their members for the reviews made for music as well as fashion products. But this is best for music enthusiast who wants wishes to convert their idle times to earn extra money.

Yet the songs that you will hear from here are from unknown artists who pay to upload their music for feedback. You can also make reviews for anonymous designers. They are the ones who are aiming to get a valuable review on their products for improvement.

Earning opportunities

It is quite easy to make extra cash from this website. First, simply submit reviews. Second, refer your friends to become part of, and a 10% commission will be given to you.

Let us see how making reviews will get you paid.

It is free to join After signing up, you will have an option to choose from: music or physical or fashion products.

If you wish to review a song, follow these steps:

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Step#1: Song listening that will last for 90 seconds.

Step#2: It is your moment to express your thoughts and feelings about the song you have to listen to. Must be about on how the artist can improve the piece. The comments can be around a constructive feedback on the vocals and instrumental. Also in rhythm and among other factors.

There should be at least 60 words per opinion.

Step#3: Rate the song, from 1 to 10.

Step#4: Submit and wait for the reward which will be based on a star rating system.

Step#5: Payments have threshold amounting to $10 which you can cash out via PayPal.

The system of the platform is very stringent. To the extent that it requires real, distinctive opinion that can be a basis of the quality of your review.

So, here are some tips that can help you get higher rewards:

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           Tip#1: Connect to the artist by letting them know how you feel about the song.

        Tip#2: Be eloquent enough to be understood. Don’t say the same things over and over again.

        Tip#3: Make your review lengthy. Showcase your ability to give your opinion and feedback by writing a lot about it. Just make sure that those are relevant to the topic. For a higher pay, you need to write well with a detailed review. So, if you can be as accurate as possible, writing it in long sentences and paragraph is so easy to do.

     Tip#4: To help you become super “all-inclusive”. We suggest that, write all the essential information. While you are listening to the song you’re reviewing.


Music review might be sounding like to be done by professional musicians, right? Yet, it doesn’t normally follow. Because there are many people out there who can truly relate to songs, in different genres. After all, they need opinions, and by the time their songs go out to the mob, everyone can hear and judge it as well. So, grab this chance to make money out of it, click here to know more.

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