Reading Eggs Program

ReadingEggsI have the awesome opportunity to supplement my kids education with the phenomenal online reading program, Reading Eggs.  Tonight I was able to sign up my daughter and she took the placement test to be placed at an appropriate reading level.

Thus far we both are really pleased.  She had fun with the placement test and is looking forward to continuing to use this program.


A Dual USB Port Wall Charger You Can Take Anywhere

Can portable USB Port Wall Chargers be the new sexy?

Although the first word that comes to mind might not be “sexy,” having a Dual USB Port Wall Charger and Charging Cable is being prepared.  Being prepared is practical. Practical ladies and gentlemen, is the new sexy.


When I pried open the shipping box, I was greeted with a palm sized charging powerhouse of a mechanism.  I was delighted to see that the charger was compact and five minutes later I was able to pry off the plastic dome cap that held the charging cable.  Although it was not difficult to pry off per se, a learning curve took me a minute or five to realize that removal was easier when “popped” off.

I was expecting this product to solve my problem of never having enough space to plug items into my electrical wall outlets.  Having a double wall charger will free up some space. This product delivered and thus I was able to keep the lights on while I charged my phone and tablet.   

This product was effective, easy to use, and a great value for the price.  My area of improvement would be to have a more sturdy charging cable. Create a cable that is built to last! The product is a perfect fit for anyone who fills like they need more space to charge their iPhones and iPads.  It is fabulous for people who need more space in their wall outlets for charging their electronics. I can now sit on my couch and use my iPhone wall it is charging from the wall outlet. That is a plus and it will save the charge on my phone.   
I would not only recommend this product to a friend, I would recommend to family as well. The Dual USB Port Wall Charger + Charging Cable can be found on Amazon here. The Dual USB Port Wall Charger + Charging Cable is compact, convenient, and cute!