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Photography got an image of being an expensive hobby or else it is a lucrative profession. With the kind of equipment, they’re using no doubt that it is a prime stuff. Thanks to For making it more achievable to almost everyone who loves photography.

So, people owning a camera could maximize its use by renting it out through a peer-to-peer gear rental.

Before going further, let us know more about ShareGrid

Founded in 2013 by a group of photographers and filmmakers. It is for local photographers and filmmakers to do rental activities among themselves. Wherein, members need not worry too much about its security. Since the system is backed up by Athos Insurance Services.

Everyone in the circle is verified. This is by requiring all to submit a government form of identification.

Also, this is one of, which is called, the collaborative consumption. Otherwise known as sharing economy where owners rent out items that they are not using. Yet, it is highly encouraged that both the renters and owners must be reviewing each other.

This is a good option for any aspiring photographers. Most especially those who wish to test the waters for a business opportunity. It is rather awesome as compared to buying. As these pricey equipment’s or to rent out from expensive rental companies.

Yet, there is still an accompanying risk in transacting rentals directly to strangers. Well, all businesses have it anyway, so you just have to be careful and canny. So, that is what Sharegrid is trying to be on the look.

Let us adjust the lens closer to see how this works:

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Step# 1: Sign up to the website.

Step# 2: Once in, browse for the item that matches your need. Click on the dates you want to have it and when it’s returned.

Step# 3: Choose from the different options for the rental insurance. This covers the damage waiver and annual insurance. Also, it needs a security deposit or you can have a choice of your third party insurance.

So, this process will give the owners the confidence and some peace of mind. That they will be compensated if ever their equipment gets damaged or lost while it’s with the borrower’s care. Hence, it is a fair deal for the both of them.

Like, the renter’s getting the perks of using the most recent camera gear and equipment. Without getting expensive cost in completing the project, that is so awesome! So. The owner takes a chance to make money while no projects are being worked on.

Apart from ShareGrid, here’s a short list of other renting companies.  Your other options also worth exploring.


Operates like the large network of production houses. And individual owners or renters of lens and cameras. Click here for more details.

A recent company who aims to do camera gear similar to Netflix. You can enjoy renting gear as much as you like by subscribing to them. Visit their site for more details.

BorrowLenses – Online Camera Gear Rental

It is noted to be one of the dominant players in the industry. But, it works quite different compared to other rental companies mentioned. Since they aren’t a place for you to offer your gear for rental. But if you are a renter, this is the best option to get quality gears.

They got heaps of stocks and the latest in the business. To become a member, click here.

It works like the BorrowLenses and has been noted to be one of the limited online giant resources. The company has the capacity to function like a rental house in a bigger sense.

If you have rented from them and had decided to buy the gear. They got a “keeper program” that you can take advantage of. This means giving you a reimbursement on your rental fee from the gear buying price. Learn more.

Final Words

To wrap this up, ShareGrid, Borrowlenses or Lensrentals works the same. All allow a photographer or filmmaker to save or make money on the side. It is a great way to supplement income through this hobbies or profession.

It is indeed true that buying gears “always” is an expensive route. As upgrading seems to be part of the cycle of any equipment. Unless getting these camera gears will get you into a rental business. Then, you will get more than a break-even margin from your pastime or main job for a living.

Now we can call it a pleasure and work blending, and that is awesome! Check out the latest lenses and camera gear at now.


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