Simple steps on how you will no longer Travel Alone, Get a Buddy Airline Pass at Southwest NOW!

Why travel alone when you can tag along with your loved one or best friend? Book that flight via Southwest Airline and get your best buddy an companion pass. Yes, you read it right! And we are talking about flying to any domestic destination for your pal all free of charge.

We can actually get to the other side of the state without spending a penny. And that is an awesome example of getting more for less. It is one of the perks that airlines are offering people traveling domestically.

So before we jump into this exciting freebies, let us learn the real substance of an airline pass. Well, to be more specific, let us take Southwest companion pass as an example. It is a ticket for a free ride for your companion — you mom, dad, spouse or friend, flying with you.

So the next question is, HOW?

Yes, it is.

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Companion Pass on Southwest Airlines in 4 Easy Steps

Step #1: Earn for the companion pass.  Once you were able to earn it, choose a person that you want to be your companion on a particular travel.

Click here to learn more on the process of earning points.

Step#2: You will receive the companion pass via mail. So be patient, wait for it to arrive.

Step#3: Upon receipt, you are now ready to book your next flight, with your buddy. There are two ways to book a ticket: online and phone.

For online bookings, simple click on Companion Pass will be used. While booking on the phone, just tell the representative that you are to use the pass you have earned.

Step#4: Finally, your buddy can now fly with you free of charge.

It is really true that great things in this world come for free! You aren’t going to be lonely anymore traveling.

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But Southwest makes the whole travel more incredible! Why? Get the more awesome deal with these following reasons:

  1. The buddy pass is good until the end of the year and the entire year following. And, if your timing is right, you will enjoy this perk for almost 2 years in a row. Of course, to avail this, requirements must be met.

HEADS UP!  Yet, let us not take expectations too high. as this perk is a result of you earning 110,000 points or a calendar year achieving a hundred one trips. And you need to know and understand better on how these points are defined and work. Read this one, to know more.

  1.  If you qualify, the pass you got can be used as many times as you want within the qualifying year.
  2. It is a free pass. Real stuff, no frills.
  3. You can pick or change your companions at most three times during the calendar year. Still, it can be done in with the convenience of a phone call.


And the winner is, Southwest Airlines, for the best perks of giving out buddy pass! Well, it is indeed an awesome deal, fair enough on how someone can get the required points.

If you are indeed a traveler, as it is your job or due to business demand, we can 100% call it an add-on. Because whether you like it or not, you have to fly to get to your business appointments. And getting this reward is a real joy. Since if you are into a business trip, for sure you are not paying your flight at your personal expense. So that how we see “perk” in that sense, you can earn the points.

True, this goes with the right timing and chance. So if you got this awesome chance of traveling. Collect these points and book with Southwest. To get the buddy airlines to pass and tag along with your best pal in your next qualified trip.





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