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Start Selling Products Linked with Amazon’s Affiliate Marketing

Others may earn money as an affiliate in Amazon, by making reviews and promotions to products. It is an affiliate marketing. Like selling physical products and become one of their associate in their program. You’ll earn through a commission scheme.

Through WooCommerce plugin, in WordPress, you need to set up an online store. And start selling physical products from Amazon.

In this way, you can manage your product through an Amazon ID used in tracking your sales as well as commissions.

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For beginners, here are some steps that can give you an idea. As well as you can follow to get started.

Heads Up! You can set up your online store on a WordPress website and sell Amazon products. Install the WooCommerce plugin. While following these steps, make sure that your website is ready.


Pick products on Amazon that you can sell. Login to Amazon associate dashboard. And search for the products that you want to sell on your online store. Choose the product that will fit your niche.

Add the product and click to get the affiliate link.

As this is relevant in promoting products as banners on their websites. Click the text and image link that leads to the Amazon official page.


Add the product to your website, go to the menu and click “new and then “product”.


Input the essential and relevant information. These are about the products you are promoting, nothing else. This should include the name, description and product category. Complete all the necessary details. Click here to learn more.


Publish the product to make it online in your store. Once it has been posted, you can check this out in your own site.

Of course, you can always add more and other products to your online store. And get a commission through your promotions. You need to follow some instructions on how to do this. Learn more in this video.

Every business needs to be taken care of. Like these products that you are promoting as an affiliate in Amazon.

Below are a few tips that you can have to maximize earning.

Tip#1 Select a theme that is optimized for eCommerce. This will help your store stand out amidst other stores online.

Tip#2: Get products which have best reviews most especially from current or fresh users.

Tip#3: Make use of the most effective description you can get for your product. These must be truthful with the right description. It is important as this can make the buyers take positive actions towards your business

Tip#4: Essential plugins to your website is necessary. The website must be easy to use which promotes good experience. This includes easy and right classification of products. A relevant category must be placed in each product. Also, it must be fast and offers a good response to buyers as well.

Tip#5: Make sure that Amazon affiliate link will never be missed. Any product that hasn’t tagged won’t bring you any earnings.

Wrap up

Amazon affiliate program is one of the methods we can think to get passive income into our finances. Yet, it needs a lot of handworks, dedication as well as knowledge. It won’t take a genius to get there. But education to any matter you take on leads an important role towards your success. If you think you are ready to join the affiliate marketers, carry on. But if not, try to ask the experts first, to make your decision an informed one.

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