Amazon Turk Will Help You Make Money

What is Amazon Turk?

You’ve landed on the right page if you are looking for information about Amazon Turk, a real company that offers the opportunity to generate extra earnings! Today, we’ll be sharing to you an idea of making money over the internet offered by Amazon since it started in 2005.

What the heck is Amazon Turk anyway? Well, let’s start with a brief history of its unique name. Amazon Turk was named after an 18th-century chess-playing device. This device was created by Austrian Empress Maria Theresa. Contestants competed against the Turk, whom they thought to be a programmed device.

Yet, the truth behind the myth was, they are playing against a computerized apparatus, with a little secret. That secret was that they were actually rivaling against a real person inside the so-called computerized apparatus. Amazon Turk has a pretty interesting backstory, huh?

Now let’s get back to the present time. Amazon got this idea to create a website which is called, Mechanical Turk. Chief executive Jeff Bezos, believed that a platform could be created that will use human to do certain tasks. These tasks need that personal touch and thus would be difficult for computers to do.

In simpler terms, Amazon Turk provides an on-demand, measurable, human workforce. This human workforce can do certain tasks that human beings do better compared to processors.

Amazon Turk is a platform which offers jobs to many “workers”. Offered to people who are willing to do assignments on the workers spare time. On the other side of the system, there are “requesters” who will send off the jobs and pay workers for good output.

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Jobs in the Platform

As mentioned earlier, it is a platform or a marketplace for tasks that people are willing to do.  And of course, which human can complete better than machines Check out this list below:

  • Spotting objects in pictures
  • Writing reviews of products and services of businesses
  • Translation works
  • Getting information such as the number of hours of a business center in a hotel. Also includes determining if it is a family-friendly.
  • Searching for the most relevant result for a keyword or phrase.
  • Image or Video Processing
  • Data Verification and Clean Up
  • Information Gathering
  • Data Processing


Getting started

Looks like those mentioned tasks are quite easy, right? Do you think you want to give it a try today? Here are some excellent tips so that you can start earning money right away on Amazon Turk. 

Here’s how to get started:

#1. You must be over 18 years old to be able to apply as an Amazon Turk worker. Keep in mind that your approval is up to the discretion of Amazon. US applicants and workers are preferred. Yet other interested people outside the country are still welcome to apply.

#2. To sign up, go to the Amazon Mechanical Turk website. Then click, “ Get started with Amazon Turk”. Then, you will be rerouted to the page where it will ask your account information.

#3. After signing up, you will have to wait to see if they have accepted your application. Some will be placed on a waiting list which usually takes a few weeks to a few months.

#4. Upon approval, a new worker will be under a probationary period, which will be a period of around ten to thirty days. At this point, you are not yet allowed to transfer earnings. And you are only given an at most one hundred job opening daily.

#5. Beyond that probationary term, you can already work on any tasks that you are qualified and earn as you work.

Parting Words

Well, just like all part-time jobs, it is always wiser to weigh things out. Everything will have to depend on how you see things. Whether it is worth spending your time or not. Yet for those who have the spare time and want to make the most out of it by making some money, giving Amazon Turk is worth the time. Remember, you won’t be able to know how it’s going until you have tried!

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Earning Amazon Gift Cards Through Trading -In Program

Trading in some of your items in Amazon is one of many ways you can earn money using the platform. It is giving them your old things. Most especially if you have bought it from them, no doubt they got a place for your stuff.

With this program, decluttering your home doesn’t only give you more space but more earnings as well! Sounds terrific?

If yes, read on and know how it works.

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Ways to use the Amazon Trade-In Program

Before rushing out to Amazon’s Trade-In page, check that item first if it’s still worth it. And make sure that to see if it matches the exact version they are looking for. You can find in their search results.  Failing to do this will ultimately waste your time. Just follow this steps as it is pretty simple and doable.

Step 1:  Check this link for the list of the stuff you can trade in through Amazon Program.

Step 2: Go to the Amazon Trade-In page. Search for the items that you want to sell. Include it in your submission, note that you can add more than one item.

Step 3: Choose the right description that reflects the condition of all your items.

Step 4: Accept the offer that Amazon will give to you and proceed to the shipping choice.

Step 5: Wait for Amazon to provide the label for free shipping that you have to print. Pack your stuff and send it off within seven days.

Step 6: They will credit the earnings to your account. It is then once items have been received and accepted by Amazon.

All items that don’t qualify based on the program’s terms and condition will be rejected and returned. I Upon inspection, if it fails the criteria, it will be returned within 14 days. t will be shipped back to the sender without any cost against you.

The Earning Potential

For successful trade-ins, you will get an Amazon credit. This means that payouts will be in a form of gift cards and not cold cash. These will be credited electronically to your account in Amazon. It is not transferable to anybody.

You can enjoy these gift cards by buying items we can find on Amazon. In this way, if you want to give some gift just get it in there on their website and pay using your e-gift cards. Or if you want to buy yourself something, get it from there as well!

Yes, no real cash credits but this is good as it is. I still give you savings and chances to enjoy items you can find in Amazon. With the wide array of choices they have in store, there is no doubt that you can find interesting items. That both you and your family will love.

Wrap Up

Not all blessings come in raindrops. Trading in your items gives you a lot of opportunities to save money. Instead of spending cash to buy items, use your gift cards from Amazon. In this way, you don’t have to break your bank accounts to spend on things you might need or you just wanted.

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Amazons Affiliate Marketing

Start Selling Products Linked with Amazon’s Affiliate Marketing

Others may earn money as an affiliate in Amazon, by making reviews and promotions to products. It is an affiliate marketing. Like selling physical products and become one of their associate in their program. You’ll earn through a commission scheme.

Through WooCommerce plugin, in WordPress, you need to set up an online store. And start selling physical products from Amazon.

In this way, you can manage your product through an Amazon ID used in tracking your sales as well as commissions.

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For beginners, here are some steps that can give you an idea. As well as you can follow to get started.

Heads Up! You can set up your online store on a WordPress website and sell Amazon products. Install the WooCommerce plugin. While following these steps, make sure that your website is ready.


Pick products on Amazon that you can sell. Login to Amazon associate dashboard. And search for the products that you want to sell on your online store. Choose the product that will fit your niche.

Add the product and click to get the affiliate link.

As this is relevant in promoting products as banners on their websites. Click the text and image link that leads to the Amazon official page.


Add the product to your website, go to the menu and click “new and then “product”.


Input the essential and relevant information. These are about the products you are promoting, nothing else. This should include the name, description and product category. Complete all the necessary details. Click here to learn more.


Publish the product to make it online in your store. Once it has been posted, you can check this out in your own site.

Of course, you can always add more and other products to your online store. And get a commission through your promotions. You need to follow some instructions on how to do this. Learn more in this video.

Every business needs to be taken care of. Like these products that you are promoting as an affiliate in Amazon.

Below are a few tips that you can have to maximize earning.

Tip#1 Select a theme that is optimized for eCommerce. This will help your store stand out amidst other stores online.

Tip#2: Get products which have best reviews most especially from current or fresh users.

Tip#3: Make use of the most effective description you can get for your product. These must be truthful with the right description. It is important as this can make the buyers take positive actions towards your business

Tip#4: Essential plugins to your website is necessary. The website must be easy to use which promotes good experience. This includes easy and right classification of products. A relevant category must be placed in each product. Also, it must be fast and offers a good response to buyers as well.

Tip#5: Make sure that Amazon affiliate link will never be missed. Any product that hasn’t tagged won’t bring you any earnings.

Wrap up

Amazon affiliate program is one of the methods we can think to get passive income into our finances. Yet, it needs a lot of handworks, dedication as well as knowledge. It won’t take a genius to get there. But education to any matter you take on leads an important role towards your success. If you think you are ready to join the affiliate marketers, carry on. But if not, try to ask the experts first, to make your decision an informed one.

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Amazon Reviews

Writing Amazon Reviews: How can you get paid with Free Stuff by Shopping on Amazon?

World Port SeafoodShop on Amazon and write a review. Get Paid. Easy as one, two, and three! Want to know how to earn while shopping in this cloud-based marketplace?

Here are the steps to get started, for FREE!

Step #1: Create an account on Amazon

To sign up for an account on Amazon, use an email address that you always use. Make sure that all information about you are there in your account profile. Using an alias and animated Avatar are acceptable.

Step #2: Get that app installed on your smartphone.

The downloadable barcode has a scanner that use to shot products you have used or already own. You can review both used product or purchased a new one.

Step #3: Review the product.

Photo by Jon Tyson on Unsplash 3

Photo by Jon Tyson on Unsplash

Make sure that you are very honest in writing the review. Products that you have tried and reviewing needs outstanding. But, it needs believable and real reviews that will help it create an image to other users. Yet, it is fair to provide feedback that will keep the product real.

You can also provide your thoughts on what products are amazing and worth buying and what is not.

Step #4: Write for a product with a lesser review.

If there had been many reviews, either positive or negative, it is quite hard for your review to be seen. Unless there will be a customer that will command your review as helpful and made them buy the product.

Step #5: Try to ask questions.

Photo by Jon Tyson on Unsplash 2

Photo by Jon Tyson on Unsplash 2

Write a review by starting to ask important and striking questions. Make this an eye-opener. It will help customers have an informed decision while buying. And the seller will get a real value when they make a sale.

Step #6: Review same items types often.

This strategy will help you master on how to be the best reviewer of such line of product.

Step #7: Product Release Schedule

Be vigilant on the best time that new products issue in Amazon. Most especially, if there will be an upcoming sale. The fresher your reviews for the new product, the higher is the chance of getting a good feedback of your review.

Step #8: To rank well, never downpour your account with reviews.

If you got many reviews compared to “Helpful Votes”, it would be a challenging work to take on to a higher rank.

Step #9: Set up a Social Media Account for Review Purposes Only

Photo by William Iven on Unsplash

Photo by William Iven on Unsplash

Another way to get items for free on Amazon is to build an audience that are targets of different companies. To do this, having a social media account for review purposes is a good way to advertise products. As a result, companies will give more advertising request from you. Most especially if you’re a Top Reviewer.

Step #10: Maintain integrity in all your reviews.

Photo by Jon Tyson on Unsplash

Photo by Jon Tyson on Unsplash

The trust that we can get from the customers will come from our reviews. If we are not telling them the truth and they experience otherwise. They can always post their own review and vent their frustrations on the product. Or even spread bad comments in different mediums.

Of course, the reviewer will get to be a factor of dissatisfaction.

Once you will give an honest feedback, there is nothing you will be liable for. Your experience with the product is the only truth.

Also, if you the product for free, tell the customers upon review. This is a MUST.


Hilton HotelsShopping while getting paid has become a trend nowadays. With Amazon Reviews, we’ve got the way not only to help the customers. But the business owner themselves, to help them improve not only sales but the quality of what they sell. That is why honest reviews are very important to both parties.

This gives the reviewer a chance to enjoy stuff for free. So saving them from spending a dollar for those items, instead.

Are interested to become a top-notch reviewer of Amazon? Click here to start.