The Busy Person’s Guide to Grammarly in Four Steps

Don't get caught plagiarizing

Here it is, The Busy Person’s Guide to Grammarly! This is a quick and efficient guide to using Grammarly in four steps. First, let me give you a little background. Grammatical and spelling errors are unprofessional. Especially when they appear on my blog. Since making mistakes does happen, I depend on Grammarly.

The Google Chrome web store allows me to add Grammarly as an extension to the Google Chrome browser. Thus, I can use Grammarly as needed. Grammarly is more than just “spell check.” Think of Grammarly as your personal editor that wants nothing but the best for you. It is an essential tool for my writing. Here are my four steps for Grammarly success.

Step one: Browse

Take an online trip to the Google Chrome web store to download Grammarly. The premium account allows access to so much! Take a look at the comparison chart of the free, premium, and business versions:

Step two: Utilize the extension

I use Grammarly as an extension to Google Chrome. This allows me to use Grammarly with the programs I need when I am typing.

Step three: Be human

I am a human. I am tired. I do make mistakes.

Step four: Fix

Grammarly understands. They are able to fix my mistakes.

Grammarly Writing Support

In conclusion, Grammarly is an awesome tool for any blogger. Use it and enjoy it. Let me know what you think about Grammarly in the comments below.

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Best Productivity Apps in 2019

What are the best and newest apps to increase productivity in 2019? Well, we have searched to find a short but comprehensive list of the best apps this year for you.  These apps are created to increase your overall productivity and help you streamline your life!

Saves time and gets more stuff done.

And yes, you can do it!

Five helpful and productive apps 


#1: ToDoist

This app had helped a lot of people in organizing their day. It is quite easy to use. First, write down all the things that you need to do. The software can tell and categorize the task for you. Like, when you create a task that you will have an appointment at a certain time. A reminder is also made at the same time.

More than managing your personal activities. You can also keep track of the productivity of the whole team using this app. Such as projects, assignments, and deadlines.

Here is more, anyone can use this as it is free for basic functions. But it wants to get the full features of the app, it will only cost $36 to $60 for the team to enjoy for the whole year.


#2: Trello

I like this app for increasing my productivity. If you need a tool that will help you manage your projects, then Trello can be a good choice! True, it makes project management less stressful.

You can make a big project simple by breaking it down into little pieces. How is it possible? With the use of Trello Cards Tasks. This can be arranged in columns that will give you an idea of the phase of the project.

Once a project is completed, you can transfer it to the column for all accomplished tasks.

It is also a free app. But they also offer premium plans which have extra features.

google keep

#3: Google Keep

Oh, here is another personal favorite! It looks so simple and basic but carries a lot of useful features. Exactly the best note-taking app that is so cool and handy.  We can note anything we have in mind. Or take down notes of some ideas that pop out somewhere from your head.

Reminders? Come on, let it do it for you as well! Well, other apps may also get the same feature, but Google has been used most of the time, from emails to documents. Plus, Android is available, so getting this one for you this year can be a good move, too.

google drive

#4: Google Drive

Because of this app’s cool integration of the Google ecosystem, it can be your team’s good choice. This helps a lot in productivity, plus the cloud storage can give you the freedom to access it anywhere you are.

You and the rest of your team can download as well as upload files. With its very efficient file sharing features.

It can be used as a great tool for compilation of your documents, and files.

This app is free but for more features, it may only cost around $9.99.


#5: Buffer

As you a social media manager? Running Facebook as well as other accounts in social media may be stressful. If you won’t be able to manage your time posting blogs.

Buffer is your rescue. It is a free app on Android and iOS. It is not only limited to scheduling your post but also enables you to create contents. As well as allows to handle up to three social media accounts at once.

For basic features, get this for free. But for more options, have this app for $15 per month.


The productivity of our work is very important. So getting these apps that will provide us the ease to make things done timely and stress-free. Choose the on that best fit for your lifestyle and test it if it works. What app are we missing that you would like to share? Leave your comments below so that we will know!


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