Get Started Podcasting, 48 Hours or Less

Podcasting 101

Getting your podcast started in 48 hours or less sounds pretty lofty. However, it can be done! Podcasting can be simple if you know what to do and where to get started. If you have been pondering the idea of starting a podcast take a look at my infographic that can help you get started, quickly.

Getting Started

I started my podcast in less than 48 hours. Well, let me explain, the planning for my podcast took less than 48 hours. I am confident if podcasting was my full-time job, I would be able to pull off all these steps in about two days. Do you have a podcast? Are you in the planning stages? What is holding you up from actually putting out your podcast, so that the world can hear? Let me know in the comments below.

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Here’s a Quick Way to Update a Facebook Business Page 2019

How is your engagement on your Facebook Business Page? Are you gaining customers? Does your page have engagement or are you looking for ways to increase the engagement on your Facebook page? In 2019 if you have not updated your page in a while, now is the time! Are you looking for a quick way to update a Facebook Business Page? Here I will give you the steps in order to do just that!

There is no time like the present to obtain or revise your Facebook business page. If you have been following mine, you definitely have seen the page evolve. Based on the available data, you would be crazy to miss this huge opportunity to branch out and network on a global scale. Are you using and promoting your business using Facebook?

Have you taken the time to revise a neglected Facebook Business page?  What type of improvements do you need to make? Are you growing in “Likes” on a weekly basis? Allow me to help you get an idea on how to make a huge impact on your Facebook Business page for the year 2019. This will help you grow your business and your social media presence. 

The brands require the right resources, marketing strategy, and understanding. It needs knowledge of how to leverage social media platforms effectively.

In the new Facebook algorithm, meaningful interactions are identified and prioritized. That is among friends, family, and audiences. Active engagements like posting and sharing are important. Commenting, reacting and posting similar original content will find its way into news feeds.

Now, if you haven’t reviewed and optimized your Facebook business page recently, you may have missed out on quick-win opportunities to boost your brand presence. Ultimately this will create a better experience for your target audiences. This year 2019, it’s about time to make a big impact on your Facebook business page. Try these important tips below.

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Here are the few easy tips on how to make a big impact on your Facebook business page in 2019.

#1: Modernize Page Template

You can update or modernize your page template found under Page settings. Facebook offers a variety of business page templates that have default buttons and tabs. This will help marketers showcase their content. Aim to align your template with your type of business and business goals.

The current template for the business page includes the following:

    • Business
    • Nonprofit
    • Politicians
    • Services
    • Shopping
    • Standards
    • Video Page Venues
  • Restaurants and Cafes

Make sure that you fully utilized the included tabs to make the most of your template. You can also customize these tabs and sections to support more information. That makes your business unique, such as adding in live videos, services or custom app. Facebook has a one-size-fits-all template that gives business many options to customize pages. That will fit their needs and get the purpose out of it.

#2: Focus on Quality rather than quantity

The logic is, the higher quality your content is, the more chances your followers will grow. By liking, commenting on and hitting the share button. Focus on creating quality pieces and spend the time to research.  Boost your highest quality posts while sharing industry news content. It is the best way to keep your followers interested in less effort.

#3: Give enough information about your business

One of the key points of adding trust and confidence is to give information about the details of your business. Having said that, people need to be informed about all the details that are relevant. Important information involved your Website, working hours, description, contacts, personal interest and etc.

#4: Grow a community around it

Another way to update your Facebook Page is to grow a community around it by making a group. Groups can help to grow your page by bringing new clients/customers to a topic that is centered around your business. It is all about community growth and bringing the customers to you. Once you have that, your Facebook page will get the likes you want and a natural following.


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#5: Leverage  your existing customer recommendation

Another way to make a big impact on your Facebook page is to increase your brand awareness and gain new customers. This can be done by leveraging your existing customers. How do you leverage your new customers? You can do this through recommendation. This is an updated tool that will now allow fans and followers to post text, tags, and photos directly on your page for others to see.

Also, encourage your customers to provide reviews about their experiences with your business. These reviews will appear across Facebook. When people are searching, these reviews are great for bringing new customers to your business. This will then extend your reach to new potential customers.

#6: Invite people to like and share your page

By inviting your existing friends, customers, and clients to like and share your Facebook Page, they are helping to grow your audience. Make your page easy to share by adding icons and a “Like” box to your website. Create a blog and ask your readers, customers, friends and site visitors to like your page and pass it on.


If you have a Facebook Business Page feel free to leave it in the comments below. Let me know if you have any questions as well.

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Start a Product-based Business and Grow Target Market

Launching a new Product-based business is not an easy task. Most especially for the newbies in the business world. You need to consider this like starting a new brand. This requires, a need to establish the name of your products.

And also you will sustain and your target market. Some entrepreneurs launch out after developing a new product line.

A product that they are hopeful to become successful. But many aspiring businessmen do not know how to convert their product. From an idea into a flourishing product-based business.

Let me explain.

In creating a successful product-based business generally, the cost is higher. This as compared to service-based business costs. Usually, product-based business shipping, returns, and extra expenses are regulated.

As compared to service-based business. Product-based business needs ingredients or components. Also requires packaging, work-space, product sampling, and photos while service-based do not have.


Here what you can do:

Before you start launching your Product-based business, take time to read these tips. That you need to consider in order for you to become successful in growing your target market.

Tip#1: Confirm your idea. We believed all Product-based business will always start with a brilliant idea. But, before plunging head-on to your entrepreneurial venture. You need to find out the viability of your business.

A feasibility study is a must.

You need to study the features and benefits of your products. And your indirect or direct potential competitors in the market.

Tip#2: You need to have a clear vision of your business goals.

The secret of success is always to have a clear vision of what you are setting out to do. Blurred vision will lead to the pit of failure. The vision should include the brand experience. This is a way to know how your customers feel valued and what action step you would like them to take.

The goal is to establish a strong and stable Product-based business. So, excellent products and strong customer service are very important of your vision.

Tip#3: Plan your marketing program. A powerful marketing program is the backbone of the product-based business. Because this is the way how you will move or promote your products. How will people know your product features and benefits? And the reason why they need to patronize your products.

Below is the common channel to advertise your product-based business using social media advertisement set up online campaigns.  Like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, email and YouTube channel. These are the tool to target specific users based on demographics, interests and online behaviors.

malvestida-magazine-458585-unsplash 1. Brand messaging- the messaging should be clear. And it must be comprehensible to your audiences or customers. Avoid word redundancies.

2. Quality Video Production- this is the front and center to any communication strategy.

3. Set up your own website and buy a domain name. You can invest and buy your own dot com so that you can use to promote your business everywhere. Like setting up a simple shop on Shopify.

Tip#4: Well, plan your operation. Process business registration.  It is good to consult a lawyer to ensure the completion of any legal requirements.

    • Make a business plan- this important to help you think your business and what you need to do. And most investors will also want to see your business plan.
    • Check your sales and Stock availability.  Track your weekly sales and stock availability using spreadsheetsManage the seasonal fluctuations in your product orders.
  • Expand your Product-based business- do not content of what you achieving right now. Always think new products, new strategy, leverage your brand, keep your old customers and add a new one.


Tip#5: Patent your product brand name. It is very important to patent your own brand. It is important to protect the name of your product from someone else claiming your brand as their own. Yes, this might be expensive and time-consuming. But this is necessary for the future expansion of your target market.

Tip#6: Check, experiment and Innovate. After you have launched your product-based business. You need to check your sales performance if it is working according to plan. Experiment what possible problem encountered and how it will affect the operations. Do not hesitate to Innovate your marketing strategy or business model if necessary. You should remember that in any venture trial and error as well as Innovation plays a vital role.

Final Thought

The above helpful Tips will give you an overview or idea on how to start a new Product-based business. And also the given strategies will suffice to help you expand or grow your target market. Take note this is only a guide. It is advisable to do your further research about your own product-based business. Gain for more strategy that suite for you.

Comment below and let us know what you think.


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Five Podcast Tips

Make Money Through Charging Podcast Sponsorship

Podcasting. Nowadays it becomes one of the popular channels for consumers to get information. The American audiences listen to podcasts for the last ten years continues to grow. And no sign of slowing down, according to Statista.

In fact, by the year 2020, businesses are expected to spend over $500 million on podcast ads.

The fact of the matter is. There is a greater opportunity to make money in getting podcasting sponsorship. Since the business is booming. All you have to do is to find long-term and loyal sponsor. Although this is not an easy task if you make it, that’s a great advantage on your part.

Industry Standard rate for a Podcast Sponsorship

The industry standard for a podcast sponsorship may vary on several factors. Like, the placement of the ad, the number of a listener’s the podcast receives and the length of the ad. Below are the details;

Pre-roll $18 per 1000 CPMs, this is 15-second intro show

Mid-roll $25 per 1000 CPMs, this is 60 seconds long in the main sponsor slot, around in the middle show

Post-roll $10 per 1000 CPMs, this 30 second long, but the end of the show

Let’s do a simple math:

If you have 5,000 listeners for a Pre-roll= 18 X 5= $90 is the cost to the sponsor

If you have 5,000 listeners for a Mid-roll= 25 X 5= $125 is the cost to the Sponsor

If you have 5,000 listeners for a Post-roll= 10 X 5= $50 is the cost to the Sponsor

In a given example above, your 5,000 listeners per episode podcast would cost a sponsor $265. For a Pre-roll, Mid-roll and Post-roll combo.

Let’s say you have allowed 2 sponsors per episode, so you are now earning $530 per episode.

What if you have 10 show episode per month? In a conservative computation, you will earn $5,300 per month! With at least 5000 listeners at 2 sponsors per episode.

The more listeners and loyal sponsors you have. The more money you can earn in Podcast Sponsorship.

Take note this other consideration

Please note that industry standard rates for a sponsorship may vary based on the infamy of a podcast. Like, advertising on the unimaginable popularity of podcast. For example, a premium podcast creators. Discerns that they are offering the most exposure for a brand. Thus, these can range between $25-40 per listeners instead of the standard rate of $18-25.

Here is the catch before you approach a sponsor:

    1. Make your podcast large: the content, production, and presentation
    1. You should aware of your actual numbers, you can search for help at Blubrry Stats or Libsyn.
  1. You should know your Audience. What services or products would be a good fit? How will you engage them and vice versa?

The next question is:

How will you find Podcast Sponsorship?

In the business world, seek the most important aspect of your success. And it is to surround yourself of people with the same mindset and goal.

Likewise in your Podcasting journey.

You need to surround yourself with like-minded people. They share and understand the journey you are in to. And those people who can help to grow your business.

Here is what you can do further:

Harness your mind. And learn how will you find podcast sponsorship you can join Podcasters Paradise. You will be a part of almost 3000 members of the community. And Webinars will help you know the step-by-step video tutorials. Plus, get some resources and best templates.


You need to be updated on what is the new trend. As well as high demand opportunity in this online world for you to come along. And monetize every chance available in the market. Podcasting is the one most popular channel of information in America nowadays.  So there is a big opportunity to make money by charging Podcast sponsorship. All you have to do is to learn more, and research further how it works for you if you are newbies in this field.


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Monetizing Blogs

Google AdSense: Your Way Towards Monetizing Blogs

For most bloggers, monetizing their works are best attained with Google Adsense. Doing our passion for writing while earning on the side is such a great balance. And with the right tool for increasing your traffic, your goal is reachable.

There is no doubt that connecting to your niche will give you more income. Through the ads that are related to your blogs, or vice versa, people will be there in good numbers.

Adsense system is designed to only show ads that are relevant to the content of your blog. You can even choose to customize the appearance of the ads that can match your post. It is like you may show ads of designers outfit if your articles are featuring about fashion. Or, if it is for business, you can select other options, too.

There are also data and reporting tools available. And these are an essential part of your analysis. As it shows the traffic source and earnings through Google Analytics.

Your personal blogs will come a long way once you’ll get to master the art of blogging and monetizing. Remember that this isn’t a quick rich scheme. But using the easy, simple but right tools this could be the first step in this line of career.

So here is a quick guide on how to start getting ads on your blogs.

But for more detailed information, please click here.

Step #1: Setting up your Google Adsense Account.

This is considering that you already have a setup and running blog, it is time to open an account to monetize it. Make sure that you have read and understood the policies of the Adsense. Remember on the things that are doable and not.

Now, sign up via their homepage.

Complete the online form which has the first need: your blog’s URL.  After that, you need to answer all the necessary questions further asked.

Step #2: You can now access your new account and choose the ads available.

Interestingly, the company has a lot of options for you to make it more appealing. So, make the most out of it by making sure that you will be able to determine and maximize what best fits for your blog.

Step# 3: Think of the Appearance of the ads.

Once you have decided on which look to give to post, select the design of the ad that is best for your blog.

Step# 4: Embed the Google Adsense HTML code into your blog.

Follow the simple flow of instructions that you can find the account. Google will provide this code which you only need to cut and paste into your blog’s template.

Step# 5: Once the above step is done, leave it all to Google.

All you need to do is to wait for few days or just hours to start seeing ads in your blog.

Step #6: Wait for the cash to come in.

Payments will be based click-thru rate, it means how many times the ad had been clicked. So, it won’t really give you a fortune but, have given you a good start.


Google Adsense, for others, may not be an ideal tool to make money out of their blogs. But, if you are only starting, who’s gonna says nothing’s worth the try? The most important attitude in all aspect of life to see the bright side of everything. It is for free, but it gives your blog a chance to earn. So, giving it a try won’t even harm, yet it can take us to a better place we want to be.



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