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12 Important Tips with Cargo Cruise Ship Travels

World Port SeafoodCruise ship travels are our holiday dream vacation. To see the other part of the world with the convenience of a luxury ship. But would you consider fulfilling these wish with a cargo ship cruise?

Why not?, Inc.Travel equates itself to adventure. Exactly, it is an adventurous experience to be getting a ride from a cargo ship. Freighter cruises give their passengers the awesome chance. To experience great travels that regular cruise ships offer.

And, it doesn’t cost so much. It is an amazing way to sail on a boat. Click here to learn more about the cost.

Read on to know the important things that you must know about joining a cargo travel ship to see the beauty of the world.

Tip#1: Book Early


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Book your trip 6 months in advance since cargo ships only have few cabins for their passengers. Definitely, no peak or off-peak prices since the ships are working vessels.

Tip#2: Be there several days earlier.


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Arriving at your destination of embarkation several days early gives you an advantage. As it will allow you to get in touch with the port agent. This is for you to know when the ship is arriving. Hence, they can tell you when to join and will arrange for the immigration process.

Tip#3: Always research the place as where are you going.


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Read about the places you are visiting. It will help you get prepared for what you can expect.

Tip#4: Mingle with the crew, get to know and be friendly.


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Being amiable gains you some favors and will make you feel comfortable. Yet, make sure that you won’t cross the borders that will make you an annoyance instead of a lovely guest on board.

Tip#5: Take your favorite book or anything that will entertain you.


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No one can entertain you, so you need to be self-sufficient. You can tag along videos, rest or sleep and glare at the ocean. You can also prepare lots of reading materials. Get your ebook reader, or laptop ready. Fill it with materials that will help you overcome solitude moments.

Tip#6: Don’t forget the camera.


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Taking photos in the destinations you are going to is a must for a traveler. This will add to your enjoyable freighter travel diaries.

Tip#7: Bring necessary supplies.


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It is very important that tag along with you supplies that you might be needed during the travel. Yet, check and make sure that prescription drugs that you have are not banned. Or it’s legal in the places you are about to visit.

Tip#8: Be ready for changes, as it happens.

Flexibility during this travels is a must.Tip#9: Don’t expect the crew on the ship to entertain you.


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You can definitely interact with them and be friendly. That could be something we can also consider as a reward for that travel.

Tip#10: Keep a positive outlook.

Even if there will be no set of activities arranged for you. There will be a standard comfort and food like what the crew is getting.

Tip#11: Prepare to spend so much alone or with your partner.


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If you are with your partner or a loved one, then it could be a perfect time to bond. Yet, if you are alone then, a time for solitude is also good to get to know more about yourself. Then, become better once you get off that ship.

Tip#12: Finally, prepare for motion sickness essentials


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If you have motion sickness, take a seasick tablet. Or, research on how to overcome it.


To wrap this up, traveling in a cargo ship is so much fun and inexpensive. Yet, we need to be cautious about things that allowed to be done and not. Safety should always be on top of our minds in traveling. Most especially if we are not familiar with the place and when we are alone.

Traveling to another side of the world nowadays is not that challenging any longer. Thorough research on how to do it in a cost-effective way can help you enjoy a travel. So, a backpack and on the go trips is so much suitable on a cargo cruise ship adventure. Let’s go, and have our dreams fulfilled.

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The Essential Guide to Father’s Day Deals and Freebies 2018

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Dear old Dad. Provider, hard workers, and deal lover. Celebrate Dad this year with great deals from these retailers. Make sure you check before you go as supplies can be limited. Happy Father’s Day to each and every, Inc.

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Morton’s Steakhouse (Deal)
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Red Lobster (Deal)
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*Offer available while supplies last. Other exclusions apply. Coupon 1 valid 7/2/18-8/5/18. Coupon 2 valid from 8/6/18-9/2/18. SEE FULL TERMS AND CONDITIONS.

Olive Garden (Deal)
Get a $10 Bonus Card with every $50 Purchased

Massage Envy (Deal)
Purchase $125 in gift cards for Dad & get a voucher for a 30-minute FREE Total Body Stretch session.

Medieval Times (Freebie)
Dad is Free, June 4 – 17
Dad is free with the purchase of one full-priced adult. Father’s Day package upgrade available for additional $25 (plus tax) during checkout or at the door. Package includes framed photo of Dad and family, medieval cork coaster set, 25 oz glass stein with choice of beer or soda (non-alcoholic beverage will be served to minors).
Use Code: DAD18 | Valid for shows June 4 – 17, 2018

TCBY (Freebie)
Dads get the first 6 ounces of frozen yogurt free in a small cup or cone. Offer valid only on Sunday, June 17. Offer may vary by location.

Wienerschnitzel (Freebie)
Dad will receive a free Old-Fashioned Sundae all day on Father’s Day, Sunday, June 17. To redeem the offer, fathers of all ages should show proof of their “dad-ship” by bringing in their children, showing a family photo or telling a story about their kids.

Firehouse Subs (Freebie)
Fathers get a free medium sub when you purchase a full-priced medium or large sub, chips and a drink. The offer is only valid on Father’s Day, June 17.
Firehouse Freebie

Applebee’s (Deal)
Celebrate Father’s Day all month long. Participating Applebee’s locations offer $1 Long Island Iced Tea drinks for the month of June.

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Behind the Scenes of Our Extra Special Summer Edition. You Won’t Want to Miss This!

Last summer my family and I did not go on vacation.

We did not hop on a bus.

We did not hop on a train.

We did not hop anywhere,

not even an airplane.

We did not see the sea.

We did not crowd in the minivan,

with a gallon bottle of sweet tea.

We did not pay hundreds,

to see a mouse named Mickey.

We did eat chicken nuggets.

We did visit a public park.

Anything free, was oh so smart.

Mommy worked very hard during the summer.

That I know.

She did not buy clothes that she saw on a fashion show.

Instead mommy did something oh so cavalier

She bought bedroom furniture for us little dears.

This summer we are going to make up

For the lost one of yesteryear.

By doing something great

Unlike last year.

Make sure you subscribe and stay tuned to this space.

Coming soon’s special summer edition

Right here on this very place!

Cheap cruise line

How to select a cruise line for your next family vacation

All entrepreneurs should utilize the option of rest and relaxation.  Last summer I worked so hard that vacation escaped me.  This year, it is imperative that I take my family on a vacation.

With so many options, I did not know where to get started.  Although I love to travel, by choice I had never been on a cruise.  Being that I would be taking the kiddos, I decided that a cruise would be our best option.  Next steps involved selecting a cruise line.  There are so many options, especially for kids.  Naturally, Disney sounded like the best option since I would be bringing the kids (see here).
Cruise Ship On The Shore In A Tropical Climate

Realizing Disney would not be the option for us right now, I narrowed down my choices between Carnival, Royal Caribbean, Princess, and Norwegian Cruise Lines.  Each option seemed to have steller kids clubs and other amenities that will entice my wee ones.  After much research, I determined Royal Caribbean to be the winner.  They had a lot of kid friendly options on their ships that seemed like a good deal.

Speaking of deal, I got the best deal that I could get for the high season time that we are going.  Being new to this cruise life, I had no idea that cruising was so expensive in the summer.

There is so much it takes to plan a vacation.  Next on the list is accommodations.

Why is a Disney Cruise Better than a Carnival Cruise?


Great deals are to be found!

cruise-ship-floating_MkYuq8__Asking for a friend (not really, I’m asking for myself).  

If a Disney Cruise sounds like an awesome idea but you can’t afford it, what would be a great alternative?  I can’t see paying what they are asking for at this time for my family of four.  I’m thinking about either just taking the fam to the actual Disney World or taking a Carnival/Royal Caribbean cruise this summer.  We don’t go on family vacations every year so I want to make it semi-special this year.  Of course if you are a representative from Disney, Carnival, or Royal Caribbean I would be more than happy to blog and Instagram about my experience.  

What is a good family oriented cruise line?  Leave your comments below.