Save Money On Your Back to School Supplies List Right Now!

Save money on your back to school supplies

Are you thinking about your kids back to school supplies list already? Are you interested in how you can save money on your back to school supplies list, right now? Well not fear, you picked the right time to save. I am featured in The Washington Post giving my advice on how you can buy all the best supplies without breaking the bank.

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How to save big bucks on school

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You Really Can Teach from Home with GoGoKid ESL!

Teaching ESL (English as a Second Language) online has become very popular in the past couple of years. It has helped stay at home moms, dads, remote workers, and digital nomads alike to teach and work from home. There are many online teaching platforms available with this market, each platform has different teacher requirements. Today we will focus on the demand for such services, for example how you can teach from home with GoGoKid ESL. 

Can you believe that a teacher can earn a liveable wage teaching from home? In most cases, you do not need to be highly skilled and a TESOL certificate will be sufficient enough to get started right now! Additionally, having a toolkit of just a few cool props will give you an advantage above the competition. We will show you how a teacher can teach from home and earn an average income of $14-$25 per hour where you can teach from home with GoGoKid ESL.

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What is GoGoKid?

If you are not yet familiar with GoGoKid, this is similar to other big players in the online teaching world. These companies originate in China like VIPKid, PalFish, Magic Ears, and many more are taking the limelight.  The idea is to connect Chinese students with native speaking English teachers. This gives the Chinese student the opportunity to learn English from a native speaker!

GoGoKid is one of the newest online ESL teachings. This new teaching platform has some online English teachers very excited. They have tried this platform and show optimism about teaching students in China. This is streamlined and easy for the online teacher. They see its popularity compared to other existing services and the number of teachers on this platform is growing every day.

The company aspires to nurture an environment beneficial to education. That will motivate young students in China to commit continuous learning. The interactive and comprehensive platform use to link energetic and experienced teachers. Together with committed students to be ready to explore their full potential.

What makes this so popular?

  • GoGo Kid focuses on students from toddlers to teenagers in China.
  • Teaching is on one on one and varies their level. But the material is adjusted depends on the student’s knowledge level.
  • The platform is taught via the web browser (preferred browser is chrome).
  • The students can interact with the class in their new interactive classroom. By using drawings in various colors.
  • The materials were provided already and you need only a little preparation.
  • The platform is quite natural and a user’s friendly.

What are the basic requirements in applying to Go Go Kid?

  • You must be a Native English Speaker. And you must be born and raised in the US and Canada only. If you are not from the mentioned country you need not apply so that you will not waste your time.
  • You must have at least one year of experience working or teaching with children
  • Bachelor’s degree is required to apply in Go Go Kid
  • A certificate like TEFL or TESOL are not required for application
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What are the Payment and Incentives Scheme?

You will get $14-$25 per hour including bonuses.

You can earn up to 125% of your base pay per slot when you get high credit points.

You can gain points for teaching classes. By having good parent reviews or commendation, and being high demand. GoGo Kid works on a credit score system.

You will qualify for a $300 bonus if you can teach 3 successful classes within your first 30 days. You can get 60% of your base pay by just opening slots during peak hours time, peak time slots are 7pm-9pm Beijing time.

Final Thought

Teaching English online is a great opportunity for home-based workers. As long as you have a bachelor’s degree, a native English speaker in the US and Canada. And you have at least one year of experience in teaching children. With that, you can earn $14-$25 per hour teaching English online to the Chinese student. While you are in the comfort of your home.


Gogokid Teacher’s Portal

Gogokid hiring online ESL teacher in Haidan district, Beijing China

Online ESL Teacher: GoGoKid/ ESL Teaching Job lounge

Can using compact magnetic flash cards help your child through math games?

Convenient Compact Magnetic Flash Cards That Can Help Your Child Learn

As the child of a teacher, you would be surprised to learn that one of my children is not meeting his grade level benchmarks.


My son is struggling in math.  He is in kindergarten and knows his numbers.  His struggle is in adding and subtracting. As a teacher, I know that he needs extra support.  He needs assistance in math in the form of something that will entice him and of course keep him interested in learning.  I was excited about receiving Magnetic Flash Cards with 41 Large Number 0-25 with Counting Dots and Symbols.

Upon receiving these flash cards, I was surprised with how slim they were upon unboxing.  I thought they would be thicker and I was concerned if the magnet would be strong enough to hold its magnetism.  I unpacked the product with my son and he was interested in sequencing the numbers.

I decided that we would use a baking sheet as a portable magnetic board.  The flash cards did not have any problems staying on the board. That was great news.  I appreciated that the counting dots were on the card. Looking at this product with an educator’s lense, I would have appreciated if the product had the counting dots on the numbers.  This would have been perfect for anyone who is familiar with TouchMath (you can Google it if you are not familiar). The team behind this product could definitely make a version that goes with the TouchMath teaching method.

My son and I had fun working on addition and subtraction problems over the course of a few days.  I can now see the thinness of the product is a plus as it shouldn’t be too heavy to carry around for young learners.

I am satisfied with this product and feel that it could easily fit in a teacher’s classroom as a tool to use during centers and in a home to assist your child in practicing their addition and subtraction skills.

This is a sponsored post brought to you by Attractivia. The opinions are completely my own based on my experience.

Incredible Benefits of Work Home-based as a Golden Voice Online English Tutor

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Tutors should be at their best at all times. Their role is to provide learning in the language, but it does not stop there. Yes, hence it takes an essential character to portray it. You must have the heart for what you are doing.

Golden Voice English Online Education Inc., you need to have the passion for the Chinese kids. It is because that what they do. There must be a kind of connection which is quite unique from a conventional teaching style.

Golden Voice English is an online English school from Toronto, Canada. It aims to bridge the gap of Chinese Education System by encompassing the language. This intent to provide great quality education to help Chinese kids learn English.

Basically, like all others, the company is looking for sharp and potential teachers. This is to ensure that more than the education, the right people can help the team grow. Then, later on, create a significant impact.

Let’s dig in

  1. Benefit 1: Competitive Wages. Based on the research, they pay their teachers, $20 CAD/hour or $18 USD/ hour and it depends on experience.
  2. Benefit 2: Flexible Hours. Since the students are from China, tutoring hours are between 6 AM to 10 AM EDT every Monday to Fridays. While during weekends, time slots are between 9 PM and 10 AM EDT. Such great flexibility it is.
  3. Benefit 3: Free Training. To be effective, GVE provides professional development and orientation to teachers. This includes training the tutors in using the technology. Its goal is to perfectly convey the best English online lesson. Plus, training is all paid. Sounds great!
  4. Benefit 4: Great teaching materials. GVE has designed unique and innovative lessons. It is used as a tutoring material and resources. They have original and professional made PowerPoint presentations for the class session. Hence, teachers don’t have to spend too much time preparing for the lesson.
  5. Benefit 5: Work from Home. Really an advantage. Yes, you may wake up very early due to the time availability. But it doesn’t need you to wake up much earlier to prepare and get out from the house to work. Working in the comforts of our homes is totally awesome.

Now, we have learned the great things about GVE. But, to make it balanced and to help us come up with an informed decision, let’s carry on. Here are some downsides spilled over by employees or former teachers, as researched.

  • Early working hours.
    Management inconsistency which would also mean the need to improve leadership or the process.
    Not enough working hours. As the time frame is only about 4 hours a day every weekday. While only during weekends when a wider time ranges offer extra hours.
  • Paid on a monthly basis.
    Some have experienced delayed payment.


For a company like of Golden Voice English Online Education Inc., offering jobs is a blessing. Both the teachers and learners got something from it. A job and a lesson.

If we are looking for an extra money to tie both ends, we need to exert extra effort too. Waking up early is not essentially an issue if you want to pursue financial plans. Well, if it is hard, just try further, then if not doable and doesn’t fit your need then don’t push it, it will just hurt.

Again, we are here to bring insights to you. Hoping to let you see the two sides of the coin and have an informed judgment and decision.

If you think Golden Voice English Online brings you the job that fits, visit their website to learn more.


Online Teaching vs. a Brick and Mortar School, Which is Really Better?

paper-iconIf given the choice, would you rather teach online or in a traditional school?  After teaching online for over a year and in a traditional school for over seventeen years, I realize I do have a preference.  I feel like online is more of a hit em and quit em style while brick and mortar is a classic style of teaching where the teacher is the authoritarian and students maintain a routine.  
I think it takes a certain discipline to be able to learn online.  I have two children and I know that one child has the attention span to sit 25 minutes in front of the computer to learn something while the other one does not.  In terms of pay, B&M wins hands down and also offers benefits packages while online usually does not in most cases.  
I do believe that everyone can learn in a classroom setting but it takes a great deal of discipline to learn online.  Where do you think the future lies regarding online teaching and B&M schools?