Tips for Getting Extra Money with the Best Trivia Games App

Brain exercises are very important. As sometimes is the focus of our daily routine work will make us stressed. One thing that will help our mental test is playing trivia games, this is an excellent way to flex our mind.

There is many best trivia games application available for download in your phone. Some best trivia games application available online is HQ trivia and Trivia Crack. Also included in the list are, Quiz Up Song-pop 2, Jeopardy! World Tour, and Psych.

If you are not familiar about HQ Trivia, you belong in the minority. Because this app was launched last year and very popular since this app will let you win a real money. If you haven’t try trivia games app we are happy to encourage you to try it!

With that, to win the game, read on and learn some important tips on how you can earn money by playing HQ trivia.

Few Tips and Tricks to win real money in HQ Trivia

Tip #1. Enable the  notification

This HQ Trivia game goes live two times a day, if your goal is to win the real money then you need to win the game. Set your notification to enabled. So the app will automatically notify you when the game will start. Don’t miss every single game, go to Settings>Notification>HQ and enable the notification.

Tip #2. You need to invite more friends to play HQ trivia

It gives an advantage if you have an extra life playing this game. And the best way to get extra lives is to invite your friends. Actually, it is easy to do.

  • First, find the invite button in the bottom left corner.
  • Second, inform your friends to sign up and use your username.

Tip #3. Play with groups of friends.

Remember this game has a different form of questions from a very wide range of topics.

You need your friends, coworkers, family, and relatives to help you. In the event that you don’t know the answer in order for you get a better chance of winning. The quote says many heads are better than one. An advantage in playing with a group is,  you can get from someone else a better or best answer than you can think.

Tip #4. Be sensitive with your comments.

In the comments section,  please do not abuse by cracking some crude jokes, insults, and malice. Do not assume that they will not notice. Because there are lots of players who got banned in the middle of the game by doing so. You must control your emotion if something went wrong.

Tip #5. You must check the HQ Trivia updates

From time to time, check updates in the twitter. There are times that  HQ Trivia may encounter some technical difficulties. That prevents the game to start on time.

Any problem with regards to the application is well documented. And the representative system developers will assure to fix some trouble encountered. Either technical problem or any important announcement or development. Checking the twitter for any updates will save your time and disappointment.

Bottom line

There are many best Trivia games app available online. A great avenue where you can have a chance to earn extra cash by winning the jackpot prizes of each game. We are highlighting the one of the best trivia games HQ Trivia. Since that is very popular to earn real money. But do not limit on that, you need to try also some best game apps like Trivia Crack, Quiz Up, SongPop 2, Jeopardy! World Tour, and Psych.



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