Free Digital Marketing Certification by Google Digital Garage

If becoming more versed in digital marketing is on your horizon you must act now! Google is offering free digital marketing courses. These skills will get you far if you are pursuing a career in this digital world. Have you ever thought about where you can go to update and/or gain more skills?  Well, Google is thinking about you and it will not put a dent into your wallet!

The virtual industry is huge, and it offers lots of opportunities that we can not dismiss. It’s bigger than you have imagined. You can work globally or establish your business right out of your home. Having a certification in digital programs and information technology can give you an edge in comparison to your online competition.  

Think about the perspective of gaining confidence from your potential clients and/or customers. A certified online skill is essential and will do nothing but benefit you in the long run. Keeping that in mind, an online skill provided by Google Digital Garage is FREE!

Yes, you got that right. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain!

Before we look into different reasons that you would want to become certified, let’s learn a little bit about Google’s Digital Garage Certification.


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Digital Garage

Digital Garage offers several online courses for mastering digital marketing skills. Introductory programs in digital marketing will help people who are interested in getting started. Even those people who already have an idea will want to learn more about Digital Garage in order to get a better understanding of various concepts. It is very important for you to know the basics prior to getting started, especially when interacting with potential clients.

Google had partnered with the Interactive Advertising Bureau which offers certificates for free. These are given to those who want to show mastery upon the completion of a course. It covers fundamentals that will help you gain a strong foundation in digital skills.

Each topic is broken down into smaller objectives that need to be mastered in order to go to the next objective. In order to obtain certification, you have to unlock each stage described as badges.

So, now that you have the idea of what it is all about, let us make it to the next level. What are some reasons that you should have this as a part of your digital world growth?


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Reason#1: It is an award-winning platform, and given for FREE!

These experts are a blessing as they have the expertise to share with the masses. Especially to a person like you, who loves self-improvement. Where else can you find a group of people who are willing to certify your knowledge?

That will help your portfolio, resume or business become trust-worthy and turn your skills into something more marketable. Finishing the course to get the certificate is only a bonus. The learning that you gained throughout the process is the ultimate reward. Of course, this is without charge and free to you

Reason#2: Learning gained from this Digital Online Course is boundless.

Whether you are a freelancer or a business owner you will want to enhance the performance of your current digital marketing. This is a useful tool for everyone, especially for freelancers who are looking to expand their business. 

Reason#3: Level up the learning experience.

An exciting way to learn through videos, graphics and a lot more. As a user, you can personalize the course depending on your need. Of course, you can expand on the topic you want to learn more about.

Wrap Up

There are more than three reasons that Google Digital Garage will be of great value to you. Sufficient ground to try and pursue the Digital Garage Online course. But, come to think of it, the people behind this platform has given us an opportunity of a lifetime. Learning never stops, so grab this chance to be better on your craft in this industry.

It is a way to learn many skills, but we need to be at least be a master on one. And Google Digital Garage is our ticket to which career path we wish to go.

If you have more reasons to share, leave a comment below.






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Work at Home: Become a Search Engine Evaluator

The internet made it boundless. Yes, wherever you are in the world you can get a career even from the comforts of your homes. Be a search engine evaluator.

At the moment, it is one of the popular means to earn a decent extra income from the comforts of your homes.

Read on to learn more.

Defining a Job of a Search Engine Evaluator

It is as simple as evaluating a search engine. Your task is to make an appropriate evaluation for search results. From the engines, if they are giving out relevant results to an inquiry.

An evaluator gets a certain term or word and you are to find out the result of the search using engines like Google. There are several factors that you will base the examination. As well on the rating is based on your research findings.

You are right. Search engines use a complicated algorithm. This is a system to let everyone find what he or she are looking for. But, human interventions are necessary to make sure that these are working right. It must give output without any system glitches

In a nutshell, an evaluator’s main job is to determine the relevance of result pages. It is established from the term searched.

Earning Opportunities

Majority of contractors or employees in this jobs are asked to sign a non-disclosure agreement about pay rate. So, it is unlikely to get accurate data on that matter. However, generally, evaluators are giving an idea of the rate that goes an average of $13 to $15 per hour.

It would be safe if you check on these companies to learn more about it.

So, for you to move forward, here is a short list of the companies you might consider applying.


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Option #1: Appen

A global company which opens opportunities to individuals for web search evaluation posts. Yet not only that, they are also hiring social media evaluators.

Social media evaluators are to rate the search results within social media networks.

This company has acquired another search engine evaluator, Leapforce in November 2017.

Option #2: ZeoChaos

This company is operating like other search engine evaluating companies existing today. They are offering an hourly rate of $15 per hour for the Ads Quality position, as a part-time employee.

They provide paid training and only requires a computer of your own and a high-speed internet.

Click here for the exams.

Option #3: iSoftstone

They are opening several search engine evaluator posts. And it is available to individuals from the different parts of the world.

Working in this company gives you more flexibility of your work schedule. More freedom, equate to opportunities!

Specific job includes entering specific search terms into search engines. And then evaluates results based on the companies’ rating system.

As a part-time job, they need between 10 to 25 hours per week.

Decide for yourself

If you think that a search engine evaluator is a good side hustle. It that can supplement your financial needs, go for it! Opportunities are there, waiting to be found and to find you. So in your journey towards financial stability and freedom, take time to think on what fits for you best.

And if you like the work of an evaluator, check on the companies above. Or hit the search engines, and see for the results. Research about it and send your applications.

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Monetizing Blogs

Google AdSense: Your Way Towards Monetizing Blogs

For most bloggers, monetizing their works are best attained with Google Adsense. Doing our passion for writing while earning on the side is such a great balance. And with the right tool for increasing your traffic, your goal is reachable.

There is no doubt that connecting to your niche will give you more income. Through the ads that are related to your blogs, or vice versa, people will be there in good numbers.

Adsense system is designed to only show ads that are relevant to the content of your blog. You can even choose to customize the appearance of the ads that can match your post. It is like you may show ads of designers outfit if your articles are featuring about fashion. Or, if it is for business, you can select other options, too.

There are also data and reporting tools available. And these are an essential part of your analysis. As it shows the traffic source and earnings through Google Analytics.

Your personal blogs will come a long way once you’ll get to master the art of blogging and monetizing. Remember that this isn’t a quick rich scheme. But using the easy, simple but right tools this could be the first step in this line of career.

So here is a quick guide on how to start getting ads on your blogs.

But for more detailed information, please click here.

Step #1: Setting up your Google Adsense Account.

This is considering that you already have a setup and running blog, it is time to open an account to monetize it. Make sure that you have read and understood the policies of the Adsense. Remember on the things that are doable and not.

Now, sign up via their homepage.

Complete the online form which has the first need: your blog’s URL.  After that, you need to answer all the necessary questions further asked.

Step #2: You can now access your new account and choose the ads available.

Interestingly, the company has a lot of options for you to make it more appealing. So, make the most out of it by making sure that you will be able to determine and maximize what best fits for your blog.

Step# 3: Think of the Appearance of the ads.

Once you have decided on which look to give to post, select the design of the ad that is best for your blog.

Step# 4: Embed the Google Adsense HTML code into your blog.

Follow the simple flow of instructions that you can find the account. Google will provide this code which you only need to cut and paste into your blog’s template.

Step# 5: Once the above step is done, leave it all to Google.

All you need to do is to wait for few days or just hours to start seeing ads in your blog.

Step #6: Wait for the cash to come in.

Payments will be based click-thru rate, it means how many times the ad had been clicked. So, it won’t really give you a fortune but, have given you a good start.


Google Adsense, for others, may not be an ideal tool to make money out of their blogs. But, if you are only starting, who’s gonna says nothing’s worth the try? The most important attitude in all aspect of life to see the bright side of everything. It is for free, but it gives your blog a chance to earn. So, giving it a try won’t even harm, yet it can take us to a better place we want to be.



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