Money Works:  Invest in solar energy with Wunder Capital

The person’s point of view about the market for the solar energy sector is bright. One heading towards coming years, and that should direct more investor towards renewables. Mainly as solar continues to grow and become an essential part of the U.S. energy landscape.

But the question is what’s the best way for investors to get into this market?

Knowing that picking individual solar stocks is an unsafe proposition. With some of the existing firms today, but who knows, tomorrow, they are nowhere to find. That’s why Wunder capital is here. It aims to help the investor to find the right commercial solar energy to invest.

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Wunder Capital

Wunder capital is a financial technology company based out of Boulder, CO. funding the different solar project in the U.S.

It is a unique investment platform linking investors and commercial solar projects. This aims to provide for the project that needs funding. It handles giving a renewable and clean source of energy. And offers it’s investors a solid cash flow for a long period of time, a various portfolio and low volatility.

Also, the company manages all aspects of the processes. Making it easy for accredited investors who desire to fund solar projects. And add them to their portfolios.

Bryan Birsic, Wunders co-founder and CEO. He reports that the company partners more than 100 commercial solar developers. Plus, installers in almost 30 states. They bring in Wunder to assist them to get their finances. Providing companies with funding through the firm’s investment funds.

See how it works

Wunder is transforming the solar financing system. To become more effective, pellucid and customer-friendly.  It uses technology to screen solar projects quickly and more precisely than a bank. They lowered the cost of credit and passing the savings back to investors in the form of strong returns.

Below is the flow:

  • Deal Flow- submission of solar loan application online by Wunders
  • Portfolio Development- Wunder’s specialist identify the most stable and high return projects
  • Fund Capitalization. Accredited investors invest in a secured diversified portfolio of solar projects. With the use of Wunder’s online portal.
  • Construction and operation
  • Monthly cash flow- by the time energy customers repay their loans. The returns are distributed to investors.

Be Qualified

For you to start investing in a Wunder capital project. First, you must be an accredited investor. To be an accredited investor according to Wunder’s FAQ, anyone who qualify below:

  • Has earned income in excess of $200,000 for more than two years individually. Or $300, 000 with a spouse, with the same earning expectation this year.
  • Has assets more than $1 million, excluding the value of a primary residence.

If you don’t qualify, don’t feel bad, since only about 7% of Americans qualified as accredited investors.

Get to Earn

Wunder Capital currently runs three debt funds, two of which are open to new investment. And both funds need at least $1000 of investment. Both cases, the loan portfolio consists of loans to build mid-sized businesses.

Wunder capital launched the capital 5 funds last oOctober2017.

  • The projected annual return for over 60-month period is 7.5%
  • Has a 20-year amortization of principal. As described on the site of Wunder, the capital. Way to “invest in large-scale solar projects that empower U.S businesses municipalities. As well as non-profits, and solar developments community”.

Final Words

The solar energy market is continuing to grow for more than a decade. Now, if you feel to consider investing in a solar energy market and add it to your portfolio. And, Wunder Capital is the best options to help grow your investment. With a very minimal amount of starting capital.


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Invest in Real estate business with your $500


Do not put your money in a single basket, this quote is quite familiar with investors. Among all investment, real estate is the most solid and secure form. But you will need multi-million dollars to start buying properties. And resell it in future with high markup price to gain profit.

Now if don’t have enough capital to venture in real estate business. Worry not. Because with the help of Fundrise platform you can build your portfolio. It is through investing in real estate online with at least $500 initial capital.


What is Fundrise?

Fundrise is an online real estate investing platform. This enables each investor to invest in real estate. Through an eREIT (Real Estate Investment Trust) or eFunds. But aside from eREIT you have the other option to diversify your investment. Through investing across many projects.

Their system outperforms from a traditional REIT. As they allow average investor to join in deals for as low as $500 dollars least startup capital.

Fundrise works by using funds coming from its investors. Utilized to buy undervalued real estate. Then, they use their resources to upgrade, remodel, or renovate the property. And resell it or rent it out for a longer investment.

The profits will go back to Fundrise. Which then equally shares the revenue to the shareholders. Take note only US resident and age over 18 years are qualified to invest in Fundrise.


What are the advantages of using the Fundrise platform?

There are lots of advantages of Fundrise compared to other competitors. See below for the details:

  • Minimal Investment: $500 for starter portfolio and $1000 for the advanced portfolio.
  • Fundrise offers a 90-day buy back guarantee at the original amount of your investment. If you are not satisfied with the service. This will allow you to test the waters if this opportunity will be suited to you. According to the company’s waiting period will be 60-day after submitting your request.
  • Investors can choose among four Investment portfolios. This has an assortment of 2 eFunds and 5 eREITS
  • Fundrise investment is passive
  • The fundrise dashboard is users friendly. Once your account is ready and your investment gets funded. You can easily review information about each property in your account dashboard.
  • Fundrise is open to any investors in the US with no income or net worth required.

What are the options for investing with Fundrise?

You have three investment options in Fundrise platforms. This is based on your individual investment targets.


How to start your Investment

  • Go to and enter your email address.
  • You need to provide your personal data. Such as name, address, contact number, and Social Security number for identity verification
  • You can choose between funding your account via an ACH transfer. By entering your bank information own or you can use via wire transfer.
  • Once you have chosen your investment and it’s been funded. Then you can easily review each property information in your portfolio. Through your dashboard.

For further query go to

Bottom line

If you don’t have not enough funds and you like not to risk much of your limited cash and time then Fundrise is ideal for you. You can start an amount of at least $500 to invest in Real estate business online. Unlike other investment platforms.



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Helpful Ideas on where to Invest Your $1000

In our present economic status, it is not practical to rely upon a single source of income. Especially if you already have a family that depends on you. There is a need to start for looking best opportunity to start with like investing. And the truth is if you have $1000 in your pocket you can start investing and earning extra income.

Some people misunderstood the word investment because they think huge money. The idea given in venturing into any form of financial investment looks grandeur.

Now the big question goes if it is possible to make money out of your $1000 investment? Can you possibly invest with that certain amount of money?

The answer is “yes” you can start investing and grow your profit with a thousand dollars capital. There are plenty of options and ways where you can invest your $1000 capital.

Yes, having the big amount of money has a  great advantage to start a business or investment but not all are necessary. As long as you can you have enough skills to identify the risk and reward ratio of your investment. There is a high risk involved in the minimal capital. But if you know how to choose the right opportunity. And learn how to plan to manage the risk you will increase your net worth.

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Below are the best options for when to start investing your $1000. And make Return of your investment in the fastest ways.

  • Trade Cryptocurrencies

Perhaps you are not familiar of this but you can do your personal research. And study how to start trading cryptocurrencies.  Yes, for beginners it is difficult to understand this kind of investment. But this is very rewarding. And you can start investing your thousands of dollars in this kind of investment.

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  • Trade Forex

This is a highly volatile market wherein you can take advantage of the movement of price either ups or down. The simple principle is to buy at a low price and sell high price, likewise, sell at high and buy at the bottom. You can start mini trading account some brokers offer as much as $50-$500 of investment like FXCM.

The good thing in forex trading is you can trade on a short-term basis, you can buy or sell anytime you want. All you have to do is always put risk management techniques every time you make a position or enter a trade. Common use to protect your investment is to put stop loss to limit your losses and put take profit. You can manually liquidate your position or automate the liquidation.

Before you start trading forex you need to learn more and do further research on how to trade forex. This is not for everybody this is good for the strong individual and not fit for faint-hearted. But this a high reward investment that you can double your money. Even in a few trades, but there is also great chances of losing so, always put stop loss.

  • Engage in Peer-to-peer lending.

This is one of the hottest investment vehicle these days. You can do more research on peer-to-peer lending if it is suitable for you.

Point of View

There are lots of options that all you have to do is research and study. Being limited of capital is not a big problem anymore for you to start investing. There are many available opportunities in the market today. That you can start earning money by means of starting investing, even in a $1000 of capital. You have many options where to invest that is comfortable with you.


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4 Amazing Tips to start crowdfunding your business

Starting a business is not that easy, especially if you don’t have enough capital to sustain it longer. Establishing a business fund is not a major problem, at all. Yet, for starters, it may take them for a while and even gets several tries to make their investment stable.

When an entrepreneur needs extra funding, they actually have lots of options to take. Here are some of those:

  1. You may approach your bank to avail a business loan.
  2. Go through to your friends and relatives to borrow funds,  but this is tough.
  3. And finally, you can do crowdfunding for your business. This is another best alternatives.

How does crowdfunding works?

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Crowdfunding is a process of raising funds for a specific project or business. This is done online. So, you have a bigger source. And you are not limited to your friends and relatives to contribute a certain amount of money.

Because strangers can fund the project or business you are organizing.

There are different types of crowdfunding that will work on you.

First, a kind of crowdfunding that is based on donation. This may come from other individuals, relatives, and friends.

Second, a crowdfunding through the reward system. This approach will give out incentives to the top contributor. While a token of appreciation for those who give the small amount.

Other forms of crowdfunding are Equity and Peer-to-peer.

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Four effective Tips for a successful crowdfunding

Tip#1: Set smart campaign goals.

This means that you need to set a SMART Approach. It is a specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and time-bound goal. To avoid wasting your time and effort. You should know how much money needed to fund your business.

Along with this, prepare what strategy or method you are going to use in your campaign. And when is the target date to meet the plan?

Tip#2: Use your social network.

You need to focus on how you can reach out to your connection. To let them take part through a small donation. They are the first contact person that you need to approach for help before you go to strangers.

Tip#3: Provide a solid marketing plan.

In making an effective marketing plan you need a good platform. Create an awesome project page. There, post your attractive video which explains the cause of your campaign. With the help of using excellent images and GIF,  you can the gain interest from your audience. That makes them decide to your favor, and shell out any amount as their donations.

Also, beautiful visual aids, picture, the flawless marketing campaign will help a lot. This increases the chances of success of your crowdfunding.

Tip#4: Make your start great and your crowdfunding will soar high.

Day one of your crowdfunding campaign is very crucial. We need a strong momentum to reach the goal and create a domino effect reaction from your audience.

Remember crowdfunding campaign doesn’t always succeed. So, the early result is very important to have another option if the plan doesn’t work.

Final Thought

Crowdfunding is one of the best options to fund your business. This is easy to do but doesn’t mean it will guarantee a perfect result. Perhaps it will cost more than your expectation or it will take longer than you plan. As much as possible you need to start your project earlier. But don’t rush, as everything should be in proper place and order.

Definitely, there is no secret formula in crowdfunding your business. But proper preparation, consistency, and the right attitude will is a key to a positive result. Remember, humility is the virtue.



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The Benefits of Investing Yourself in Education

The most profitable investment is when you invest yourself in education. Education is unending, you will never graduate in learning. This is the surest way that you can achieve a better quality of life, to be successful both career and business.

Why there is a need to invest yourself in education? Because this is the best way that you can make an impact. Not only for yourself, your family, friends, and relatives but also to the world.

As Nelson Mandela says “ Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”

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Investing in your knowledge and skills can be acquired in many forms. Through advanced training, taking degrees and a master’s degree. You can use all available materials either in schools or online. You can also expand your knowledge by means of investing in books.

Also through buying online tutorials, subscribes newspapers or magazines. Reading blogs from the expert to learn new ideas can be another source of education.

Investing in education is your lifetime investment.  No one can take it away from you. Nobody one can equate the benefit it gives to you. And the best part of which is that it is the only one that can pay you more compared to any kind of tangible investment.


Below are the few benefits in investing yourself in education

Benefit#1: You can make great and quality decisions

The present world is more competitive complex. There are always consequences in very wrong moves and decision you make. By means of educating yourself. As well as looking at the facts and analyzing will impact the quality of your decision.

A strong foundation of technical skills is more advantage than the normal knowledge.

Benefit#2: Never lack of better opportunities

Most educated people are in high demand at every opportunity. Either in the business world or corporate world. People who are stagnant, or never give time for themselves to learn more is less fortunate. Compared to those who take time to acquire and value the dynamics of education.

Benefit#3: The more you learn the more you Earn

In the business world, those entrepreneurs who are creative and innovative are on top. They will always topple down that business who are behind the advanced technology. Even in the corporate world, the high educational attainment has a greater advantage. And often has the offer to get promoted compared to ordinary degree holder.

But of course, being educated doesn’t always refers to the degree in college. But it also refers to what you have acquired through learning both technical and skills. The more you learn the more you earn.

Benefit#4: Education is the only  lifetime Investment

You will lose everything you have gained in your life. Properties, money, fame, honor, business or career. Sometimes even your closest friends, relatives, and family may forget you. But only your knowledge, skills, education will never lose in your possession. So keep on investing it.

Wrapping Up

If you have a chance to choose what is the best investment. The one that can offer great benefits to yourself, which do you prefer? Wise people will choose to invest their education. Because this is the foundation of every success in life both career and business.

Whether you go to the corporate world or you will start your own business. You need to be educated in a particular area. As this will give you a stronger foundation. So start now investing in your personal education.



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