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5 Steps in Starting up a Website to Sell Merchandise

The internet is the remarkable place. It has given entrepreneurs the opportunity to start a business. At a relatively lower cost compared to the traditional brick and mortar shops. With a good dose of dedication to learn on how to do right business in the web.

You can start selling a variety of goods from your website.

So, we need to establish our company to gain a trustworthy reputation. Business is about it, so we need to make sure that we start with the right foot in building our credibility. Since what you are about to start is a virtual business. We need to be sure that we everything is properly set up and to make a good start with our customers.

Here are steps that we can follow to get started.

5 Steps in Starting Up a Website to Sell Merchandise


Step #1: Set Up a Website

This is the primary thing that you need to do as this will represent your store. It’s a place where your customers can learn about you and the things that you are offering to them. Register a domain name and a web hosting company. Afterward, design the appearance of your websites as well as other functionalities.

To make it more enticing to viewers and customers. This talks about the place, nice and beautiful photos. Remember that these must relate to the products that you are selling. There must be a full and convincing description of your products and the company.

Getting a website designer can costly, but you can also use template sites or on a blog platform.

Step #2: Sale Functionality

As mention above, part of the set up if the different functionalities. Sale functionality one of which but with high importance. In order for your customer to make a buy from your website, there must be a shopping cart set up. You can choose from different software available in the marketplace.

This software allows the customer to choose the goods to buy. And it automatic to manages your inventory as well.

Step #3: Merchant Account or Shopping Cart Software

There must be a way for you to collect the payments. Hence, setting up a merchant account is one of the top things you’ll need to consider doing too. Once a sale happens, the money can be directly credited to your bank account linked to your website. Check this out to know on how to accept credit card payments on your website.

You can configure your payment method to shopping cart software, too. This is using a processor that provides secure payments. Without requiring a credit card merchant account.

Step #4: Search Engine Registration

It is a wise idea to have your website registered to lead search engines for the customers to locate you. This is a good strategy to let the world know that your stop is up and running. A store to provide them with the products or services they need. This now needs a building of search engine optimization to contents.

The keywords are has a vital role in making your website searchable into a success. There must be enough of it to help it rank as well as not to be identified as off-topic which will be ignored by Google.


Step #5: Marketing and Publishing your Website

Like any traditional business, you still need to market merchandise in your website. The good thing about selling online is there are online advertising platforms available. And the main goal is to drive traffic to your website. Use search engines, social media or analytic software to track users of your site. As well as the ads that work.


Setting up a website to sell a merchandise is like building your traditional store. It holds all the same concept – to make your presence to the market and sell. The only difference is that we are offering our goods in a virtual environment. So, the approach to take needs to match to the requirements as well to compete in the marketplace.


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