4 Secrets on How to Tutor Online Part-Time

Do you want to tutor online part-time?

Part-time online tutoring is the perfect side hustle job for someone looking for a part-time income. A part-time online tutor is a high demand job. Think about the next time you need to generate some extra income. Online tutoring will bring you a part-time income that can supplement your main income. There are lots of opportunities that will allow you to earn from home by sharing your knowledge with others.

Before we get into too many details about the jobs available. Let’s discuss how the two terminologies differ.  The word tutor is an informal term referred to a professional who offers remedial instructions in a particular subject. If you wish to go into this route, extensive knowledge of a specific subject. Such as mathematics, reading or language yet specialized training is not needed to become a tutor.

Tutors charge on an hourly basis and make money that ranges from $10- $75 an hour.  While on the other hand, a teacher is someone who is professionally trained. They teach a group of students. To qualify in this category, someone must be a graduate of a Bachelor’s Degree, a license to teach or a certification from the state.

Teachers pay varies depending on the grade level they teach, as well as other factors that are applicable to a particular state.

Getting Started

Having the best idea on how to have a good jump start will make the process easier. So, we are sharing to you this 4 simple steps to get you on the road.  Take note though that these steps are just a general guide and may vary from one company to another.

STEP#1: Look for a good company, and sign up as an online tutor.

This cannot be reiterated enough, do your research. Find the company that aligns best with your expectations and lifestyle. Make sure that the times that the company need tutors are the same times that work best for you. Since this is a standard procedure,  sign-up with the company and make sure that you provide all relevant information, profile photo or certificates.

STEP#2: Wait for the verification and approval of your profile.

There will be waiting! Sometimes the wait is a few hours, sometimes weeks. Having a backup plan would definitely be helpful. Also, make sure that you sign-up with more than one company. It is a must for the company to verify and approve your application, so perhaps that will help explain the wait. Once approved, your credentials and essential information will be visible to your students.

STEP#3: Familiarized the online tools used.

After being accepted as one of the company’s online tutors, a support team will train and walk you through the whole process. Additionally, you’ll learn about the tools that are used on the platform. It is advised for tutors who have a lot of information to take notes. Trust, this will help in the long run since you are tutoring alone and probably won’t have anyone to clarify any confusion when you are tutoring.  

STEP#4: Finally, start tutoring.

Depending on the business process of the company, at this point, after accomplishing those steps above, you are now ready to start tutoring and start earning that part-time income through your online tutoring platform. Make sure that you are organized. Utilize schedules and a planner (either online or via paper) to ensure that you stand out and keep the likelihood that students keep being tutored by you.   

STEP#5: Set up a Paypal account or any account that your company wants to send your payments.

To help you further here is a short list of companies that you want to try to establish your online career.


You need to complete an online training course on skills and instructional practices. It requires nine hours per week as a minimum and paid hourly.

Sylvan Learning

They hire online tutors for Mathematics and Reading. To apply, you need to have an updated certification of teaching. A reliable and fast internet connection is also a must.


A company who offers 24 hours, and 7 days a week service to students. To be part of the company, you need to fill out the form comprehensively and pass an extensive exam.  To learn more, please visit their website.

Class of 1

This company hires a home-based tutor for English, Mathematics, and Science. They also offer homework assistance to students. To qualify, you must be a college degree holder and a computer savvy.

Homework Tutoring

This gives services for homework help and online programs to students. Subjects are Biology, Chemistry among others.

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Fast Ways To Create a Profitable Website

Are you searching for a fast way to create a profitable website? Perhaps you want to create a fun path to monetizing your website. Your work with your passion has generated a great wealth of website traffic. You would be a fool if you did not take the time to earn income from that passion.  Now is the time to enroll in the Amazon Associates program! Let me walk you through the steps to become an associate of this amazing Amazon affiliate program.

Are you ready to become an Amazon Associates?  Okay, you will need to:

  • Sign up.
  • Be approved.
  • Use the affiliate links on your blogs!

Yes, it is really that easy. If your reader clicks on the link and becomes converted into a buyer, Amazon will give you a little share of the sale. Thus you have succeeded in creating a profitable website.

Sounds amazing, doesn’t it?

Let’s keep going.


Amazon Affiliate Program

What is it? Before we dive deeper, let us learn its definition.

Amazon’s affiliate program is also called Amazon Associate. Keep in mind that this is an affiliate program. It gives bloggers and website owners an opportunity to earn income. Through advertising goods sold in Amazon.com by lining the product to their website.

Once a reader of the blog or article clicks on the link. And makes a sale, the website owner or blogger will earn referral fees.  Now you have a created a profitable website that is earning you money, isn’t that amazing!

Here are 4 easy steps on how to become an Amazon Affiliate:


#1: Have your website or blog ready.


An active website or blog is important for anyone to be able to start as an Amazon Associate. It is nice to have lots of contents already published on the site. Make sure that it is real and looks not only great but been active for a while.

Part of the process is to draw the purpose of your website. Hence, create a concrete idea of the reason you’re having that website. As well as the audience you are serving and above all, on how you bring traffic to your blog.



#2: Go to the Amazon Associate Homepage.


This part is so important too. So make sure to be mindful do this step. Never miss this! Visit the website and click on “create one”.


#3: Create your profile.


It is time to build your Amazon Associate Profile. Click “New Customer”  and fill out all the necessary information that you need to provide. Such as follows:

  1. Account Information
  2. Website Address
  3. Preferred Store ID or your website name. At this point, you have to sell out your self by explaining the things that your website’s aim. Then, choose Amazon topics which your links are targeting.
  4. Another set of explaining needs to be done on the next part of the form. This is where you will have to explain how you will create traffic.
  5. Input your active phone number.
  6. Select your method of payment.


#4: Make Amazon Affiliate links.


After creating your account, you’ll be routed to your personal homepage. It will show your performance dashboard. This also where you will search for the best and most relevant product that you wish to link to your contents.

Here is a quick guide for you:

  • Choose between “Quick Link”. This will let you search for a specific keyword for a product.  Or if you select “Browse for Products”, it will let you search through categories.
  • Upon getting the most relevant product, click “Get Link”.
  • You have the freedom to choose your link if you want to add it as a text, image or both. Or a widget can also be an option.
  • Customize your background color, title or image size, depending on the link type.
  • Copy and paste the link. Or You can also select the shortened link or the HTML. Then, paste it to your site.
guest guidebook

Photo by John Tekeridis on Pexels.com

As an entrepreneur, most especially if your business is blogging. Linking your website to Amazon Associate will gain more value. As you are not only promoting your idea but you are sharing some products that you trust. This serves as a guide to your readers on the best products they can use.

With that, you will become an expert of the niche you target. So, aside from a good potential of gaining traffic.  Amazon will spill some amount as a referral fee for linking and promoting their product.

So isn’t that help more than being interesting?

Share your thoughts about Amazon Affiliate Marketing. Together let’s build or business’ future!



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What is Autosurfing and how you can earn money from it!

Autosurfing is one of the best alternatives to earn a few bucks. With minimal effort and investment!

All you need is a computer, internet connection and a small amount of time. After investing some time in setting up you will start earning passive income. This kind of system or method works worldwide. So where you are from you can still earn passive income with Autosurfing process.

Sounds great!


What is Autosurfing?

This is a kind of gig that has been existing since the early 2000s. And for you to know, there are many existing autosurfer’s out there. But, not all are legit. Some may pay you in cash while others will give you credit points. These can be redeemed to send traffic to your website.

An Autosurfing is a system or program that automatically visits websites. And that is for a short period of time. To create traffic, the Autosurfer’s recruits a group of real people. They are coming from different places around the globe. The goal is to run an Autosurfing program on their computer or laptop. In return, the persons who manage the system will get small pennies.

bank banknotes bill cash

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

How much is the Potential Income?

Autosurfing is not ideal to make a decent living. This will only give you extra passive income. Some site will only pay you less than $45 per month. So this is not fit for individual who wanted to extra few hundred dollars per month.

How to start Autosurfing business?

#1: Register or Join. If you are a newbie, it is advisable to join at least one company. This is to familiarize yourself on how it works. But you can also join as many as can. Since there many autosurfing opportunities available in the market.

#2: Start. After you have registered, you can start the autosurfing. Download the software if they offered this kind program. This is better to use because some services have their own software. But others will only run in your browser. The biggest challenge with the program is they sometimes crash.

#3: Wait and relax. The good thing about the software is, it does not oblige you to do anything. No buttons you need to click or there is no CAPTCHA. All you have to do is to check on the service every other day and ensure that it’s still running.

blank business composition computer

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Below is the list of some legit Autosurfing sites and how to earn passive income

  • Dollar Tracks.

It is an online company that offered your points. In every completed many different activities. Every 100 points are equal to $1. And these points can be converted to cash, bitcoin, or gift cards to popular retailers.

You can earn points through, watching videos, visiting sites, surveys and etc.

Well, this not an autosurfer because the ways you can earn is by means of listening or playing music. Instead of visiting the website. But the concept is the same, you make an account and keep it running to earn extra income.

The payment scheme of this website is in Euros. Any country can take part since this is available all around the globe. The autosurfing will run through your browser and you can get a plugin to help. You can visit this link for the details on how to earn passive income with eBesucher.

The currency payment of this website is in USD and this is available in all countries too. You can earn points by rating websites through running autosurfing.

Final Thought

Autosurfing is another way to earn little extra passive income. If you are looking for a gig that will give you a hundred dollars a week, this is not right fit for you.

There are many autosurfing available in the market. But before you start, it is advisable to do further research. Because not all are legit out there are also many scam sites. So take some precaution to avoid wasting your time, effort and money.


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Your Opinion Helps Companies and You Get Paid

If you have an opinion, enjoy being helpful, and like getting paid Usertesting has an opportunity that you should be apart of right now!  Imagine making a little extra money during your downtime.  Testing website and taking surveys at home. Usertesting.com has created the perfect opportunity for you!

Yes, there are countless opportunities to earn extra income online. However, with the world of the world wide web being so vast, you need to make sure that you find the right opportunity.  Most importantly, a legitimate opportunity that will not rip you off. Be wary of those who give promising “get rich quick” schemes, without hard work.

Well, Usertesting.com doesn’t promise a fast lane to riches. Yet, it can supplement your budget to pay your bills, if done it right. And it is a legit way to make money from the web.

ask blackboard chalk board chalkboard

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

What is Usertesting.com?

Before we dive into the details on how to make money through this website, let’s learn about it.

The goal of the company is to help companies design friendly websites for the consumers that use them. It is important for companies to address negative customers experiences and fix them. It is expected that all company websites or applications are working well for the benefit of the end-user (customers).

Multimillion dollar companies are spending much in this area. Especially since feedback from real customers is valuable in terms of using for business development and growth. Therefore, Usertesting.com gives companies the opportunity to have real people share their real thoughts on what they think about companies websites. They supply the demand for feedback from a particular market. This will help a company meet its objective of providing the best customer experience for their customers.

What are the steps to earn?

Step#1: You will need the following set-up:

    • Computer / Smartphone (iOS or Android) for Mobile exams
    • Internet Connection
    • Download the software
    • Must be at a legal age, at least 18 years old
    • Comfortable in speaking out your opinions clearly in the English language
  • Fortunately, you can be from any part of the world.

Step#2: Get yourself registered.

First, you need to visit their website at www.UserTesting.com and sign up by completing your profile. Make sure you provide the necessary demographic data. Such as your address, income, and others.

Second, verify your email address by responding to the email they sent.

Third, make sure that you have downloaded the free software. It is important as this is where you will record and take the exams. Use headphones during the recording.

Finally, submit the exam. Carefully read and review instructions prior submission of the test sample.

Step#3: Wait for the approval or notification on the result of your exam.

It will usually take 7 days to be processed.

Step#4: Get started as soon as you will get approval.

You are now ready to take a test that would usually earn you $10 or more. It depends on the qualifications. The exams will take a maximum of 20 minutes to be completed.

Step#5: Recieve payments!

Weekly payments are given via Paypal.


As mentioned at the beginning of this article, there are many ways to earn money. However, few opportunities offered online can be more flexible than Ustertesting.com. It can be done in the comfort of your homes. Or any place you can be productive. Usertesting.com is just one of the best options you can find.

So, life grows when you take chances positively. If you think this will help you earn extra this year, just click right here, and start it now.

Don’t forget to comment below to let us know what you think about Usertesting.com.


UserTesting Review – Earn Extra Money Testing Websites


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8 Steps To Start a Subscription Business Up and Running

Sure thing that subscription business rings a bell, doesn’t it? This is commonly known as subscription boxes too. And is one of the coolest way to buy in this generation.

Majority of these businesses give us awesome customer services and promises. Of course, they make it a point that they full it and we experience the commitment. With the different products and services introduced from varied brands. Dropping your items at your doorsteps or mailboxes is such delightful.

We are not done yet.

As an entrepreneur, we always seek new and better ways to please our customers. And starting a subscription service is definitely not excluded. So, in this article, you will learn how to start a subscription business in 8 easy and fun steps.

What do we need to do?

birthday bow box card

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

8 Steps to your Subscription Service Business

Step#1: Think of the best subscription service idea.

Do you know that the grounds of successful businesses is a good idea? Make it stand out. And this is coupled with details of your market (your niche) and competition. Identify your customers. And fulfill the business opportunity that you can create to them.

Step#2: Select the source of your products, boxes and shipping materials.

Sourcing out the products and other materials that are relevant is crucial. And the bottom line here is to make sure that have a product supplier that is cost effective. As well as consider that all will fit in the box that will be sent out monthly. Another thing to examine is the actual box, supplies or labels. Need to be sure that all are available for each order monthly.

box business celebrate celebration

Photo by rawpixel.com on Pexels.com

Step#3: Create a design of your box.

Like a trademark, your box must have a design. Giving a unique look can be a great way to stand out and be known as a brand. This may include the subscriber’s unboxing experience. Yet, with this in mind, do not forget that it won’t outweigh the shipment safety and that everything must fit in that box.

Step#4: Place a price tag to your business service or product.

Important as it is, never forgets to price your service right. As early as possible the pricing must be established. That should cover the cost of the product and the shipping materials. Giving a fair price is the best way to connect to your customer. Yet, make sure that all are embraced including the operating expenses and margin.

action asphalt auto automobile

Photo by Mikes Photos on Pexels.com

Step#5: Look for the shipping company with the best rate and service.

This is one of the things that we have to consider in this kind of business. So, it would be best to do your assignment. And shop around to pick which shipping company you can partner on. Remember, you need the box to be delivered safely and on time.

Step#6: Consider a Fulfillment Process, if needed.

Consider looking into this option once it is needed. Like if you got a lot of subscribers, it makes sense if you will plan a fulfillment process that will help you. This is another way to benefit your subscribers. A smooth experience that will result in customer satisfaction.

Step#7:  Go to the marketplace and be listed.

Cratejoy is subscription platform that can provide all you need in this business. While on the other hand, set up your website. Design it as easy sign-up and customer-friendly site.

Step#8:  Let everyone know that you are on business.

Let people know that you are up for business. Shout out your offers that will make them super excited to sign-up for a subscription. There are many ways to do that, social media is just one.


Entrepreneurs are unstoppable. The creativity that lives inside us will naturally find its way out. Subscription business is just one of the evidence of what we are talking about. This is a totally new way to explore more on what we can offer to our customers. So think of a product that you can start with subscription services. Or might be as an expansion of your existing business.

What products that you have in mind that might fit to start a subscription service with? Let us know, just comment it below.


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