How I used Bilingual Cue Cards to Teach Online ESL

Teaching English as a Second Language (ESL) online can be tricky. Picture this, you are teaching online ESL to a child thousands of miles away in a city in China. You are reaching deep into your teacher toolkit and nothing is working. This child simply does not understand. Never fear, online ESL cue cards are here.

These cue cards are a great form of communication at the beginning or end of your lesson. Imagine spending twenty-five minutes of being taught a language you do not understand but have a little familiarity at the end. You see a goodbye message, in your language.

These cards are ideal if you are teaching independently. Even if you are not teaching independently and working with one of the big guys (VIPKID, Cambly, SayABC, and the like), make sure you understand your companies rules to make sure that these cue cards are permissible. You can find the link to purchase here:

My experience in teaching online ESL has been great. I have unofficially put myself into retirement with VIPKID. I do enjoy teaching independently when the time allows. However, I have a full-time teaching position outside the home (and online world) so my time teaching online is limited. Especially when I include my blog, podcast, and creating on Teachers Pay Teachers.

How has your experience been teaching online ESL? What company do you work with? What have been your pros and cons? Leave a comment below and share how you feel.


Best 3 Online Companies that Offer Work from Home  Jobs for 2019

Working from home is an option that lots of individuals choose nowadays. With the comfort and flexibility it offers, no doubt it would be the next booming, industry. Truly, remote jobs are on the rise. As of the year 2017, 43% of US workers are already working from home.

Many of these work from home professionals have an entrepreneurial mindset. And are willing to work smart and hard. Being a freelancer is not easy, most especially if you are still building a portfolio.

Yet, if you think you got what it takes, then join the bandwagon of remote workers.

Want to know how and where?

Read on.

Here are 3 best online companies that can help you jump start your freelance or work from home career:

Company #1: Naative

It is a U.S based company who recognizes the demand of English language learning all over the world. They are seeking tutors who are capable of teaching the language the best way possible. With the incentive and great compensation offer. It will surely help you achieve financial growth in the comforts of your home.

So, if you think you got what it takes as an empowered teacher. And can create the connection to students, join the team now! Click here to visit their website.

Company #2: Talk Space

Do you have clinical experience? If yes, then you might be the one needed to fill in the position.

Talk space is an online company that provides services for therapy.  They aim to give therapy to patients without them traveling to their office. Also for a significantly lesser cost compared to the traditional approach.

They offer this job to a licensed therapist to make sure that the best management is provided.

Here are a few points why joining Talk Space is worth a try:

  • You are given the appropriate training and professional opportunities for growth.
  • It is a reliable income. You can earn while doing the job you love.
  • The flexibility of hours worked.
  • Be one of the effective and energetic groups of clinicians. And provide support in mental health.
    • Good opportunity to reach untapped clients.
  • No hassles to admin costs and other expenses related to private practice.

If you think that you fit for the team and their clients’ need check them out for more information. Visit them at

Company #3: Vava Virtual Assistants

Founded by Lauren Gall and Melanie Ammerman in 2011. Vava Virtual Assistants aims to fulfill the backed support that businesses need.

There are lots of opportunities that are offered. You can excel and share your expertise to clients at the best price.

Here are some of the jobs you can find with Vava Virtual Assistants:

  • Social Media/ Digital Marketing
  • Rebranding
  • Executive Assistance
    • Graphic Design
  • Web Design

Join the team. Seek for remote job openings that you can execute your skills and expertise. Visit their website now at

Wrap Up

It is a great way to kick off the year with this opportunity for your career. Earning money is just an outcome of your creativity. And choosing the job that you love is an expression of it. Working from home has the perks that we, freelancers get to enjoy. We earn decent pay and build good relationships with our clients.

So, sharing this to anyone interested in our way to pay back. We have now presented you some ways to get a good start for 2019, think about. It’s yours to grab.

Let’s welcome 2019 with a blast!!!

100 Top Companies with Remote Jobs in 2018


Vava Virtual Assistants

How to Set-up Classes on

Outschool is a platform that helps parents and independent learners. They register for online classes in a small group offered outside of regular school. Independent teachers, both professional and amateur can manage, promote, and teach their classes. These are shared to the parents and kids and they are paid by every lesson they taught.

Most of the classes take place in small groups. These classes are live online classes and that allows the students to interact with the teacher. 

Outshool started and is based in San Francisco, California. They have grown fast with the support of the homeschool community. It has become a way for families to supplement their school curriculum. It offers a wide range of online classes. These classes are created and taught by independent teachers who offer a wide range of classes.

Outschool offered a variety of subjects like;

    • Music and Arts
    • Coding and Tech
    • English
    • Health and Wellness
    • Life Skills
    • Math
    • Science and Nature
    • Social Studies
    • World Languages

They also offer classes on core academics and short exploratory topics. Additionally, Outschool has supplementary activities and semester-long courses. Most classes are curated by Outschool, offered exclusively, and cannot be found easily elsewhere. The good thing is the teacher has the right to choose only topics which they are passionate about.


How does the teacher succeed in Outschool?

Outschool will help the teachers is these aspects:

    • To gain more new students and hopefully create a following
    • Facilitating the payment from the parents or students. Outschool will help to market your class. They will reach out to potential students, handle enrollments, and payments. You will receive payments one week after the class start.
    • Using the platform to deliver the classes, teachers are responsible for delivering great learning experience to students. Through teaching the course with creativity and effectiveness.
    • Establishing a business reputation, satisfied students will bring you a higher chance of rebooking with you again.

Advantages of Using Outschool as a Platform


The freedom to choose what is your favorite subject or topics you are going to teach is definitely the number one draw to Outschool. Can I tell you what an opportunity it is for a teacher to teach only the subject that they are passionate about? Aside from flexible in choosing the subject to teach, you have also flexibility in your time.

Support System

Outschool helps teachers to become successful. Especially in the fields that they are passionate about teaching. They have a strong support system to build up your portfolio. This helps market your favorite subject and streamlining the enrollment and payments system so that the teacher can focus on teaching.

Earn Extra Income

If you have a day job, teaching through Outschool creates a great opportunity for your extra income side hustle. Without compromising your day job, you can schedule your work around your available time. This can be done without compromising your day job!

Final Thoughts

You can be successful in earning additional income by teaching classes through Outschool. All you have to do is follow the basic principles of teaching. You have the power to offer something unique, concise and precise about the subject matter. This can be done by creating a high-quality listing that is enticing to the parents will help with the enrollment of your subject. 








Out of the Box Education with Outschool

Flexible schedule classes


Membership Sites

What are the types of Membership Sites?

Membership sites are platforms where people join. They get involved or for whatever activities or get products or services they offer. Examples of these are articles, tutorials, software and a lot more. It would depend on the niche the site is tapping.

Why do people join these kinds of sites?

There are many reasons why people are joining. It boils down to what they need and their lifestyles are. Especially, for people who want to broaden their horizon in some specific areas. Being part of a group which shares the same interest becomes a necessity. It will make life more updated and, will keep your circle growing.

There are several kinds of membership sites to choose from. It depends on what kind of variety you can offer the best.

World Port Seafood
Here are some of those:

Drip Feed

This model is common. It involves monthly payment from members to access the site and view new contents.

Contents are fed at regular intervals as scheduled. This strategy will keep the members coming back for more. The first issue is out but the second issue will be available only after 30 days.

All-in Membership

Hilton HotelsAll in models gives access to members right away. As soon as you sign up, you can access all information, product or services that you will need.

There are 2 ways for the payments in this kind of model: fixed fee upfront and monthly payment.

The latter type of membership, it would be best to provide information or material on a monthly basis. This will refrain members from subscribing in the first month then later on cancels.

Online Course

It a bright idea to set up an online course via membership site. This keeps all the information you provide exclusivity to paying members.

Provide courses as modules (monthly basis) or everything accessible upon sign up.

You will have an option to have the courses paid at once or staggered but the price is fixed.

Online Community, Inc.Building an online community is more popular today. With all the tutorials and platforms where we can organize one, it becomes easy. Yet, the monthly fee will only be charged to private groups. It means that people can only access it if they pay.

As long as we can take care of the community and keep it a happy and safe place to hang around, members will stay. Since even if it a virtual community, everyone needs nice people too.

Most of these communities have specific topics that members enjoy discussing and sharing.


As the name suggests, it means that it a combination of different membership models. It is designed in such a way that will fit you and the members need.

This is actually challenging you to be more creative in setting up your membership site. Not making it odd but try to be more accustomed to your personality as well on the members. Somehow, if done, it promotes a simple site and gets you there as planned.

Final Thoughts

Membership sites are great ways to gather like-minded people. Sure enough that if a person feels that they belong. And got what’s need for them, the fee imposed is not an issue at all.

There are many ways on how to maximize a membership site. Whether for free or with a fee it an interesting avenue to get to know a lot of people. But, the reality is, we want to create to earn, so why not?

Using a membership site to earn is an awesome way to generate income. A little tip though, before jumping into the ship, please be mindful of the right things to be done. We don’t want you to get into something that will ruin your business because you were not sure of what you are doing.

Most especially in dealing with money. When payments or fee are collected from members, do the best practices. Always deliver what is promised.

Once again, study. Understand every detail before diving into it.


building an online course

8 Basic Steps in Building an Online Course

If I open the internet, especially the Facebook, ads for online courses are all in my feed.

The truth is, I am happy about it.

It was that day when I got to scan the page and saw a sponsored ad on how to become a VA via an online course, and the rest is history. Thanks to my coach.

Online courses are an extension of offline school education. A great way to learn a lot of things, from cooking, language, designing, and the list goes on. Online learning is essential to my growth in this career I have taken. It helped improved my craft in writing and designs too. And, I am getting to know more about other things virtual via e-learning.

As we know many things are teachable, even though online.

This made information much accessible to everyone who wants to learn something new. Not only that, those people who have the skills can share. And make a profit by building an online course in specific disciplines.

I definitely understand that we are looking at this in the light of earning. Yes. We can earn by creating an online course. But, let me remind you that it does not happen overnight.


Correct, and lot of perseverance will take you there.

If sharing what your skills are what you love to do, this will not be so painful. Instead, it would be an enjoyable journey.

Here are the shortened steps on how to start an online e-course.

For the complete details, please feel free to visit

Step 1: Think of what you can and want to share.

Hilton HotelsFirst, decide what you are able to share and want to share. Logic will tell us that someone can’t teach if they got no knowledge about something. It is best to take time to ponder on the best things that you can share with anyone.


Step 2: Outline your Content.

Once you have figured out the best topic, it is time to move the next step – outlining. Creating an outline makes the task easier.

Start with the lesson title, the order of the contents up to the specific details that will fit the course. Then, see how you can group the lessons together to form modules.

Step 3: Write the Content.

This is the more specific and detailed part. You need to write everything about the lessons. Break each lesson into sections. Organize the write-ups in such a way that it is readable and easy to understand.

Step 4: Design and Branding

Since you already got the idea of the course that you will teach, the next thing to do is to dress up your brand. Always consider that the looks of the course match everything. It is important to be consistent with your brand. Remember to make it look professional and with great quality.

Step 5: Choose the best method to teach the Lessons.

Pick the best method that the lessons will be used by your students. The video is a popular medium since it has the audio and visual component that is also vital in learning. But, audio and written-only courses are another way of sharing the lessons with your students.

Step 6: Accessibility of the lessons to your students

You can choose from a variety of ways to make the lessons available to your students.

For videos, you can use YouTube and Wistia.

For audios, Soundcloud is also a good option.

Now, it does not end there, you also need to choose a platform for hosting your course. Teachery is something you can use.

For written-only course, Mailchimp – delivering series of emails for each lesson.

Step 7: Targeting your Market, Inc.The interesting part. Yes, because we are almost there! So, getting to this point would only mean that you have built the course. It is about time to appeal to your target market.

Tap the right audience.

Now that you know who your market is, think about their capacity to pay the price of the course. Feel your audience, how is this course impact them? If this will make a lot of benefit for them, how much are they willing and able to spend? Answering these will help you come up with the right pricing.

Step 8: Launching

Finally! It is available for the buy! Tell your audience about it and direct them to the right place to get the course.


Online learning to the different course that interest us is a good way to kick off. From there, we can build our own set of knowledge that we can share with anyone at a certain price.

In this kind of business, credibility is very important. We need to make the learners confident. Online courses must be taught by someone who got what it takes—proven track records.

Well, it not really hard to do, if we want to take this route in earning money online, no problem. Just learn and be the best in what you do. Good standing is earned in what we do. The works you have done will tell your audience that you are you’re their time, effort and money.

So, if you have been learning and have been the best of it. Sharing or teaching then it’s about time to build that online course.

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