Best 3 Online Companies that Offer Work from Home  Jobs for 2019

Working from home is an option that lots of individuals choose nowadays. With the comfort and flexibility it offers, no doubt it would be the next booming, industry. Truly, remote jobs are on the rise. As of the year 2017, 43% of US workers are already working from home.

Many of these work from home professionals have an entrepreneurial mindset. And are willing to work smart and hard. Being a freelancer is not easy, most especially if you are still building a portfolio.

Yet, if you think you got what it takes, then join the bandwagon of remote workers.

Want to know how and where?

Read on.

Here are 3 best online companies that can help you jump start your freelance or work from home career:

Company #1: Naative

It is a U.S based company who recognizes the demand of English language learning all over the world. They are seeking tutors who are capable of teaching the language the best way possible. With the incentive and great compensation offer. It will surely help you achieve financial growth in the comforts of your home.

So, if you think you got what it takes as an empowered teacher. And can create the connection to students, join the team now! Click here to visit their website.

Company #2: Talk Space

Do you have clinical experience? If yes, then you might be the one needed to fill in the position.

Talk space is an online company that provides services for therapy.  They aim to give therapy to patients without them traveling to their office. Also for a significantly lesser cost compared to the traditional approach.

They offer this job to a licensed therapist to make sure that the best management is provided.

Here are a few points why joining Talk Space is worth a try:

  • You are given the appropriate training and professional opportunities for growth.
  • It is a reliable income. You can earn while doing the job you love.
  • The flexibility of hours worked.
  • Be one of the effective and energetic groups of clinicians. And provide support in mental health.
    • Good opportunity to reach untapped clients.
  • No hassles to admin costs and other expenses related to private practice.

If you think that you fit for the team and their clients’ need check them out for more information. Visit them at

Company #3: Vava Virtual Assistants

Founded by Lauren Gall and Melanie Ammerman in 2011. Vava Virtual Assistants aims to fulfill the backed support that businesses need.

There are lots of opportunities that are offered. You can excel and share your expertise to clients at the best price.

Here are some of the jobs you can find with Vava Virtual Assistants:

  • Social Media/ Digital Marketing
  • Rebranding
  • Executive Assistance
    • Graphic Design
  • Web Design

Join the team. Seek for remote job openings that you can execute your skills and expertise. Visit their website now at

Wrap Up

It is a great way to kick off the year with this opportunity for your career. Earning money is just an outcome of your creativity. And choosing the job that you love is an expression of it. Working from home has the perks that we, freelancers get to enjoy. We earn decent pay and build good relationships with our clients.

So, sharing this to anyone interested in our way to pay back. We have now presented you some ways to get a good start for 2019, think about. It’s yours to grab.

Let’s welcome 2019 with a blast!!!

100 Top Companies with Remote Jobs in 2018


Vava Virtual Assistants


Making money in online teaching English with itutorGroup

This has been a highly anticipated topic.  iTutorgroup is a major player in the world of online teaching.  iTutorgroup offers the opportunity to teach children and adults.  They offer a wide array of hours as well.  What is there NOT to love.  This is a must read regarding the opportunity to bring in the money with online teaching.

More often it teaching English to students online while you are in the comfort of your home. The good news is, in this kind of gig you can do it either full time or part time to earn a living. Even if you don’t have a license in teaching or even no extensive experience. Or without training in online tutoring and teaching, you can get the job.

ITutorGroup is a known company. It provides works to the people who are interested to teach students online. And make money during their free time. If you are not yet familiar about this company you may do further research about their platform. And for sure you will get to love the career opportunity they offered. kindly visit their direct link.

Some facts about ItutorGroup

The company started in 1998. Its prime purpose is to bring the English language to other countries in an easy and in a reachable way.

Itutorgroup was able to receive reputable awards since it’s started their operations like.

ItutorGroup operates 24/7 a week. You can take advantage to work on your most flexible time without compromising your day job. The company is a family of online teaching. That will help students of diverse ages learn English in various countries.


The advantages and disadvantages of teaching with iTutorGroup


You can work in your own preferred time. The company has offered a wide range of schedules for teaching and tutoring sessions. They will supply all the lessons plan needed for your students, all you have to do is to teach. The management and technical support are available 24/7 to help you done your job accurately.

The advantage for the teachers is to get extra bonuses. It would be based on their performance and class feedback.


The application process is not easy. It’s very tough. There will be a series of tests that an applicant will undertake. This is most especially to self-testing to test your technology and teaching skills.

You need to work during peak tutorial hours even though there’s flexibility in schedule. But these matters are anyway briefed during your interview. The payment scheme received only once every month. This is not the best options for the aspiring teachers without a college degree. Since ItutorGroup there are strictly professional and educational requirements for becoming a teacher.

If you are the beginner or no college degree. But you have a passion and interest to work online English Teacher and earn for living. Don’t worry, you still have a chance to get hired. Because there are plenty of other options in online tutoring companies. that will hire beginners or even no college degree.


If you are a degree holder and have the heart to teach students online while you are in the comfort of your home. ItutorGroup is best because of it’s proven track of record and stability as well as legality. You can earn extra money teaching online in your flexible time. Without compromising your day job and your personal schedules


How can we teach online and earn money?


Make Money Teaching English to Students Online

10 Part-Time Online Teaching Jobs For A Great Side Hustle


New Online Coach

How to Make Money as a New Online Coach?

One on one Coaching.

We need a life coach, do we? Don’t let your life be stagnant and not being able to make a full blast because you were not sure of what you are doing.

Coaches are there to help us achieve our goal.

By definition, coaching is a process which aims to improve performance, focuses on the present.

We cannot also consider coaches to be an expert on the matter but a learning facilitator. They help someone learn.

“Coaching is unlocking a person’s potential to maximize their own performance. It is helping them to learn rather than teaching them.”

John Whitmore, in Coaching for Performance

In our own words, coaching is discovering one’s full self to make a better version of themselves.

If you are thinking right now that this might be a good chance to excel in life as a coach, then read on.

What are the roles of an effective coach?

Taking a role as a coach has higher accountability, more active and, hands-on guidance to a learner’s journey.

  1. Know the current situation of your coachee. This needs to be established so that as a coach, you will know how to start. Determine their strengths and weaknesses.

     2.      Set the Goal. Map out the path to go. It will guide you on where the coaching is leading. A clear vision will give us the right plan and approach.

  1. Build a strategy. As a coach, you need to effectively guide the path to success. It can be done by assisting the learner to identify the results or actions that should be done to achieve the goal.


What can we get as an online coach?

Benefits 1: Earn valuable income.

This is one of the major advantages of coaching online. We can generate income even for a small audience.

Benefit 2:  Getting a deeper understanding of your market – clients.

As a coach, we get to know further on how people feel about different aspects in life. With the knowledge gained, we can get the right approach on how to talk to the customers.

Benefit 3: Happy clients make you famous.

Because those people that you have helped improve, they will help you get more clients. The spread would be either via word of mouth or testimonials that are posted on your own websites.

How to make money as a new coach online?


Now that we know what we are getting as an online life coach, let’s flip the page and get to learn some ways to earn as a new coach.

Private Coaching

Otherwise known as one-on-one coaching. If you are not renting an office and the overhead is low, then it is a great way of reaping profits.

Group Coaching

This is quite the same with private coaching. But it uses a system and works with people. The coach uses a portal and webinars.


In this event, as a coach, you get to travel and get paid to work with people closely.

Writing a book

Another way to earn by coaching id to write and publish a book. This makes a funnel to a passive income that will support the business and personal needs. It is also a good way to help people anywhere by simply buying your book. Wow, hitting two birds with one stone. Awesome!


Coaching has a personal touch. It needs integrity and high credibility to build the foundation a coaching career. And, leadership training is also an add-on that we can still generate income. We need to be open-minded. Creating relationships with clients takes quite some time, which needs passion and commitment.

It is an amazing way to live life: helping others while earning. Sounds really good. Yet, perseverance and a good network is a great way to work our way up.

Remember, coaching in our own words means, discovering a better version of oneself. So, tell yourself and enjoy the perks of helping others by letting them learn what they can be.


How Landi English Creates Online English Teaching Jobs.

Ever wonder how we contribute to the society while working? Have we asked ourselves if we are only working for our own benefit? Or did we ever wanted to make a difference to touch other’s life?

Landi English is related to ABC360. It is another Online School who aims to teach the language to Chinese children. Developed with a captivating teaching approach, the company focuses on positive radical change. That brought into the lives of their students through adopting the English language.

The company has an updated online program for one teacher is to more students. It is a method of teaching embraced, developed by Harvard Professor Eric Mazur. It is called peer instruction. Part of the development was testing the classes extensively. The goal is to know the best teaching technique for the children.

With this, they have come up with creating smaller classes. That is supposed to be more appropriate for Online English Learning.

Save on School Supplies!

What are Landi English’ Requirements for their Teachers?

  1. Candidates need to have proven experience as an ESL or EFL tutor.
  2. Must have a complete knowledge of teaching the English language.
  3. Prefers candidates with a degree in teaching or a special certificate in education.
  4. Excellent Communication and interpersonal skills.
  5. Patient, energetic and most of all creative.
  6. Very organize.
  7. Committed.
  8. Native speakers from the UK, the US, and Canada.
  9. Ready to follow the company’s policies and process.
  10. Stable working Hours (not less than 12 hours in Days per week)
  11. Computer proficient.

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Will they create an imprint on the lives of their Teachers and students?

As part of the company, we become a reflection of what it believes. With the ideology of an integral education. They aim to reach globally with the aid of the technology. That will bring equal opportunity in learning English. Through online education, they teach all children around the world.

With that aspiration, teachers they hire should keep the quality fit for it. So that will they can create an impact on the lives of learners.
The best character itself says a lot about what we can do. It influences your students and manifests on how they can learn. With this, you as a teacher creates an impact on your student.

The mantra that the company believes makes a lot of sense when we want to bridge the gap between cultures. English Online Education, made it possible to break barriers. Hence with Landi English, you can help change the world through educating people.

What’s more?


  1. Regular pay may reach up to $40 USD/hour. Yet the base pay is around $18 -$25 USD plus incentives. The chance of earning up to $40 USD would depend on experience. While other incentives which you will know upon discussion with the management.
  2. With a laptop and an internet, teaching can already be possible. Plus, the schedule is adjusted according to your availability.
  3. Complete teacher management with a good support system.
  4. Helpful online teaching experience.
  5. The company provides teaching plans and materials created by Landi curriculum team. They train new tutors with the right method and approaches.


  1. Based on a review from an employee. The only disadvantage they got is not being able to physically speak or teach to children. Well, it is all true to online education.
  2. Hours are rough, teachers from the West need to wake up so early.
  3. Waiting time was too long to be able to start teaching.
  4. Payment is correlated to the ratings given by the students. This requires the teacher to remind students to give them feedback.

Wrap Up

Become fluent in any language!
Landi English’ reviews from their employees are so far pretty great! We have searched a lot of positive comments but of course, there are some who had some complaints. To finish this up, the banner that the company brings is significant. It takes a heart and passion to reach the goal of reaching out to the other side of the world.
To share what the native speakers for this part of the earth already have. Sure enough, if you are a teacher of this company, you were able to create an impact on your students. And to the rest of the world.
Hence, remember, making you do what you have done, is a mark created by the chance Landi English gave.
If you think you fit in, click here to check for yourself and apply.


Incredible Benefits of Work Home-based as a Golden Voice Online English Tutor

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Tutors should be at their best at all times. Their role is to provide learning in the language, but it does not stop there. Yes, hence it takes an essential character to portray it. You must have the heart for what you are doing.

Golden Voice English Online Education Inc., you need to have the passion for the Chinese kids. It is because that what they do. There must be a kind of connection which is quite unique from a conventional teaching style.

Golden Voice English is an online English school from Toronto, Canada. It aims to bridge the gap of Chinese Education System by encompassing the language. This intent to provide great quality education to help Chinese kids learn English.

Basically, like all others, the company is looking for sharp and potential teachers. This is to ensure that more than the education, the right people can help the team grow. Then, later on, create a significant impact.

Let’s dig in

  1. Benefit 1: Competitive Wages. Based on the research, they pay their teachers, $20 CAD/hour or $18 USD/ hour and it depends on experience.
  2. Benefit 2: Flexible Hours. Since the students are from China, tutoring hours are between 6 AM to 10 AM EDT every Monday to Fridays. While during weekends, time slots are between 9 PM and 10 AM EDT. Such great flexibility it is.
  3. Benefit 3: Free Training. To be effective, GVE provides professional development and orientation to teachers. This includes training the tutors in using the technology. Its goal is to perfectly convey the best English online lesson. Plus, training is all paid. Sounds great!
  4. Benefit 4: Great teaching materials. GVE has designed unique and innovative lessons. It is used as a tutoring material and resources. They have original and professional made PowerPoint presentations for the class session. Hence, teachers don’t have to spend too much time preparing for the lesson.
  5. Benefit 5: Work from Home. Really an advantage. Yes, you may wake up very early due to the time availability. But it doesn’t need you to wake up much earlier to prepare and get out from the house to work. Working in the comforts of our homes is totally awesome.

Now, we have learned the great things about GVE. But, to make it balanced and to help us come up with an informed decision, let’s carry on. Here are some downsides spilled over by employees or former teachers, as researched.

  • Early working hours.
    Management inconsistency which would also mean the need to improve leadership or the process.
    Not enough working hours. As the time frame is only about 4 hours a day every weekday. While only during weekends when a wider time ranges offer extra hours.
  • Paid on a monthly basis.
    Some have experienced delayed payment.


For a company like of Golden Voice English Online Education Inc., offering jobs is a blessing. Both the teachers and learners got something from it. A job and a lesson.

If we are looking for an extra money to tie both ends, we need to exert extra effort too. Waking up early is not essentially an issue if you want to pursue financial plans. Well, if it is hard, just try further, then if not doable and doesn’t fit your need then don’t push it, it will just hurt.

Again, we are here to bring insights to you. Hoping to let you see the two sides of the coin and have an informed judgment and decision.

If you think Golden Voice English Online brings you the job that fits, visit their website to learn more.