How I used Bilingual Cue Cards to Teach Online ESL

Teaching English as a Second Language (ESL) online can be tricky. Picture this, you are teaching online ESL to a child thousands of miles away in a city in China. You are reaching deep into your teacher toolkit and nothing is working. This child simply does not understand. Never fear, online ESL cue cards are here.

These cue cards are a great form of communication at the beginning or end of your lesson. Imagine spending twenty-five minutes of being taught a language you do not understand but have a little familiarity at the end. You see a goodbye message, in your language.

These cards are ideal if you are teaching independently. Even if you are not teaching independently and working with one of the big guys (VIPKID, Cambly, SayABC, and the like), make sure you understand your companies rules to make sure that these cue cards are permissible. You can find the link to purchase here:

My experience in teaching online ESL has been great. I have unofficially put myself into retirement with VIPKID. I do enjoy teaching independently when the time allows. However, I have a full-time teaching position outside the home (and online world) so my time teaching online is limited. Especially when I include my blog, podcast, and creating on Teachers Pay Teachers.

How has your experience been teaching online ESL? What company do you work with? What have been your pros and cons? Leave a comment below and share how you feel.


Invest in Real Estate for as Low as $1000 through PeerStreet Platform

The principle behind of a good investment is to have a passive income. That you need not to work hard just to earn for money but you let your money works for you. Among all investment Real estate is still a champion for a solid Investment. With its high yielding return that everybody dreams of.

But Real Estate investment is expensive. And can be tough to crash because to its typically high stakes. This is where the Peerstreet platform come to the rescue! It allows you to Invest in a Real estate business for as low as $1000 initial investment.

Sounds great! right?

Yes, it’s true!

The cool thing is PeerStreet is open for all who loves to invest and seeks to get the best out of real estate business. That will qualify as an accredited investor.

Allow me to explain to you what PeerStreet is.

PeerStreet is an investment marketplace that was founded in 2013. This was organized by these great men: Atty Brew Johnson in Real Estate; former Google executive Brett Crosby. And Ex Y Combinator alumnus Alex Perelman, the company based in El Segundo, California.

PeerStreet is an online, peer-to-peer crowdfunding platform for real estate deals. The platform is often for real estate investors, who are looking for financing. And also for those who are looking for above average return for their investment.

It is like other Peer-to-peer platforms. If you are familiar with Lending Club, Prosper, and Sofi, then you have a wide idea of what is PeerStreet all about.

The only unique about this platform compared to the above mention P2P platforms:

PeerStreet supplies financing for real estate business deals. While others provide personal loans to individuals.

So how does PeerStreet operates?

PeerStreet operates a bit different from other crowdfunding real estate platforms. They don’t necessarily originate new loans on the site. But they get a loan from existing private real estate lenders. Afterward, they make those loans available to individual investors. As an investor, you have to choose freely what loans you want to invest in.

The platform performs an extensive vetting process on each loan. Before making them accessible to investors. The vetting process involves a thorough and diligence screening of a loan.

PeerStreet will conduct the investigation too. Both the lenders who make loans and the loans themselves.

PeerStreet investors Average Return of Investment rages between 6% to 12% per annum. That means that it makes them yield a higher quality income versus other P2P platforms.

PeerStreet accepts minimum Investments of $1000 for accredited investors only. That investor income which meets the specific condition such:

  • as earning in excess of $200,000 per annum.
  • a net worth exceeding of $1 million in bank or insurance company or business development company.

The available types of investment accounts in PeerStreet offers a regular investment account as well as self-directed traditional and Roth IRA.

home real estate

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Some  value of PeerStreet platforms

  • PeerStreet offers minimal Investment for as low as $1000. Unlike other investment, platforms require up to $10,000 up front.
  • Your Investments is on a short-term basis, tied up for only two years
  • You have many ways to diversify your investment across many different loan notes. In a relatively small amount of money since the small investment is only $1000.
  • Reinvestments are Easy and convenient. Once your investment pays off, you can put your income to another loan with minimal effort.

Disadvantages of PeerStreet

  • The Investment in loan notes are not liquid
  • The only accredited investor can participate on the platform.


PeerStreet is the best platform for the accredited investor to take part in real estate. With an investment with at least $1000 least investment. But even if the initial investment need is low this business. It will not guarantee to work for most investors and definitely not for small investors.


PeerStreet real estate investment platform


Best 3 Online Companies that Offer Work from Home  Jobs for 2019

Working from home is an option that lots of individuals choose nowadays. With the comfort and flexibility it offers, no doubt it would be the next booming, industry. Truly, remote jobs are on the rise. As of the year 2017, 43% of US workers are already working from home.

Many of these work from home professionals have an entrepreneurial mindset. And are willing to work smart and hard. Being a freelancer is not easy, most especially if you are still building a portfolio.

Yet, if you think you got what it takes, then join the bandwagon of remote workers.

Want to know how and where?

Read on.

Here are 3 best online companies that can help you jump start your freelance or work from home career:

Company #1: Naative

It is a U.S based company who recognizes the demand of English language learning all over the world. They are seeking tutors who are capable of teaching the language the best way possible. With the incentive and great compensation offer. It will surely help you achieve financial growth in the comforts of your home.

So, if you think you got what it takes as an empowered teacher. And can create the connection to students, join the team now! Click here to visit their website.

Company #2: Talk Space

Do you have clinical experience? If yes, then you might be the one needed to fill in the position.

Talk space is an online company that provides services for therapy.  They aim to give therapy to patients without them traveling to their office. Also for a significantly lesser cost compared to the traditional approach.

They offer this job to a licensed therapist to make sure that the best management is provided.

Here are a few points why joining Talk Space is worth a try:

  • You are given the appropriate training and professional opportunities for growth.
  • It is a reliable income. You can earn while doing the job you love.
  • The flexibility of hours worked.
  • Be one of the effective and energetic groups of clinicians. And provide support in mental health.
    • Good opportunity to reach untapped clients.
  • No hassles to admin costs and other expenses related to private practice.

If you think that you fit for the team and their clients’ need check them out for more information. Visit them at

Company #3: Vava Virtual Assistants

Founded by Lauren Gall and Melanie Ammerman in 2011. Vava Virtual Assistants aims to fulfill the backed support that businesses need.

There are lots of opportunities that are offered. You can excel and share your expertise to clients at the best price.

Here are some of the jobs you can find with Vava Virtual Assistants:

  • Social Media/ Digital Marketing
  • Rebranding
  • Executive Assistance
    • Graphic Design
  • Web Design

Join the team. Seek for remote job openings that you can execute your skills and expertise. Visit their website now at

Wrap Up

It is a great way to kick off the year with this opportunity for your career. Earning money is just an outcome of your creativity. And choosing the job that you love is an expression of it. Working from home has the perks that we, freelancers get to enjoy. We earn decent pay and build good relationships with our clients.

So, sharing this to anyone interested in our way to pay back. We have now presented you some ways to get a good start for 2019, think about. It’s yours to grab.

Let’s welcome 2019 with a blast!!!

100 Top Companies with Remote Jobs in 2018


Vava Virtual Assistants

5 Tips on How to Effectively  Market the Baby Boomers Generation

Senior citizens are a unique demographic group of individuals. And their population is increasing as years passes by. While their age grows older their needs become higher. Both in products and services.

In this instance, it’s good to know how to effectively market the segments of baby boomers. So that we will not miss the opportunity to capture their specific markets. The good thing is if you can understand their lifestyle, then it’s not difficult for you to market them.

adult aged black and white close up

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Why need to market Baby boomers?

The fact is, boomers are the largest age group and they represent 44% of the US population. And 5 years from now they are projected to hold 70% disposable income of US. You’re missing a huge opportunity to make a profit. If your marketing strategy doesn’t target the senior citizens. Because this age group spends more than any other group across.

And, that is all categories of products.

Senior Citizens represent in a large segment of the population. And are active consumers. So thus, it’s important to target them. Most especially when you are selling them your product or services.

You can use social media like Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter in reaching them. But using the traditional way of marketing strategies are best to use in marketing them. Such as TV ads, and direct mail for the older generation.

5 Tips on How to Market Baby Boomers Generation

TIP#1: Make things Simple for them to comprehend.

Boomers come from diverse generations. Their communication tools are simple and easy to understand. They want marketing messages that clear, clean and straight to the point

TIP#2: You have to speak with their language.

In promoting your product and services to the senior citizens do not use jargon words. Like those that only the millennial or teenage can relate and understand. Avoid using trendy language, teenage jargon, and internet slang to prevent misunderstanding. And to put your effort in vain.

Seniors want to know how your products and services help them. Or improve their life quality so relate that clearly to them and avoid more drama’s.

TIP#3: Provide quality and personalize services.

Let your boomers’ customer experience personalize and quality service. So that they will remember you for a long time. You must pay attention to the customer’s experience. By giving them superior customer support. Provide an after sale service, keep in touch with them after a purchase has been made.

TIP#4: Create your social media advertising user-friendly and easy to understand.

Yes. Senior Citizens do like to shop online. In fact, boomers shared about a third of all social media users. As it is also their primary means of shopping comparison. And those aged 50 and older spent about $7 billion a year online shop.

TIP#5: Focus on value and dependability rather than the Price.

Do not give more emphasis about the lower price in your marketing. But focus on how your product provides better quality versus the competitors. Boomers are more interested and care the products that will last. More reliable, dependable, longevity and has value products are top of their choices.


If you have business for seniors then you are on the right track and good market. Always remember, baby boomers want products and services that can provide high quality. Those services and products that make their life easier. These 5 tips above, will help you to establish your market in seniors segment. As well on keeping them as your long-term customers.




Boomers to Control 70% Of US Disposable Income


5 Ways New Companies Are Capturing the Growing Senior Market


Making money in online teaching English with itutorGroup

This has been a highly anticipated topic.  iTutorgroup is a major player in the world of online teaching.  iTutorgroup offers the opportunity to teach children and adults.  They offer a wide array of hours as well.  What is there NOT to love.  This is a must read regarding the opportunity to bring in the money with online teaching.

More often it teaching English to students online while you are in the comfort of your home. The good news is, in this kind of gig you can do it either full time or part time to earn a living. Even if you don’t have a license in teaching or even no extensive experience. Or without training in online tutoring and teaching, you can get the job.

ITutorGroup is a known company. It provides works to the people who are interested to teach students online. And make money during their free time. If you are not yet familiar about this company you may do further research about their platform. And for sure you will get to love the career opportunity they offered. kindly visit their direct link.

Some facts about ItutorGroup

The company started in 1998. Its prime purpose is to bring the English language to other countries in an easy and in a reachable way.

Itutorgroup was able to receive reputable awards since it’s started their operations like.

ItutorGroup operates 24/7 a week. You can take advantage to work on your most flexible time without compromising your day job. The company is a family of online teaching. That will help students of diverse ages learn English in various countries.


The advantages and disadvantages of teaching with iTutorGroup


You can work in your own preferred time. The company has offered a wide range of schedules for teaching and tutoring sessions. They will supply all the lessons plan needed for your students, all you have to do is to teach. The management and technical support are available 24/7 to help you done your job accurately.

The advantage for the teachers is to get extra bonuses. It would be based on their performance and class feedback.


The application process is not easy. It’s very tough. There will be a series of tests that an applicant will undertake. This is most especially to self-testing to test your technology and teaching skills.

You need to work during peak tutorial hours even though there’s flexibility in schedule. But these matters are anyway briefed during your interview. The payment scheme received only once every month. This is not the best options for the aspiring teachers without a college degree. Since ItutorGroup there are strictly professional and educational requirements for becoming a teacher.

If you are the beginner or no college degree. But you have a passion and interest to work online English Teacher and earn for living. Don’t worry, you still have a chance to get hired. Because there are plenty of other options in online tutoring companies. that will hire beginners or even no college degree.


If you are a degree holder and have the heart to teach students online while you are in the comfort of your home. ItutorGroup is best because of it’s proven track of record and stability as well as legality. You can earn extra money teaching online in your flexible time. Without compromising your day job and your personal schedules


How can we teach online and earn money?


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