Five Most  Profitable Direct Sales Companies for 2019

What are the five most profitable direct sales companies in 2019? Well, are you interested in venturing in a direct selling business?  You probably want to research all of your options before you begin.

Or maybe you are now doing it? But are still looking for an opportunity to be affiliated to new direct sales companies in 2019?

If your answer is yes, then we have great news for you!

We want to share these five new and most profitable direct sales companies to watch for this year. When we talk about direct sales, always take advantage of an unsaturated market. And build a robust and loyal customer base.

Before we go on, for the benefits of the neophytes, we will define what is the basic concept of good direct selling. And on how to earn huge income.

Direct selling refers to selling products to the consumer in a non-retail domain. But, sales occur at home, work, or other non-store places. The system is basically the distribution of products from manufacturers. Distributed directly to direct sales company or to the consumer. It eliminates the several middlemen involved such as a wholesaler and regional distribution centers.

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Types of Direct Selling

These are as follows:

#1: Single-level direct sales.

These type of sales are done one-on-one like door-to-door or one-on-one presentations. This can be done through online and offline as well.  You can earn through commission basis.

#2: Hosting or Party plan.

Sales are done in a group setting and income is based on commission, too.

#3: The third is Multilevel Marketing (MLM).

Sales are made in various ways either. It could be one-on-one presentations, party plan or overriding commission. And that is through business partner or recruits.

Let us present to you the list of new profitable and established direct sales companies. Wherein you can reap potential rewards of working this year 2019.

So, read on and keep rolling!

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List of recommendable companies to start direct selling this year

Company#1: MASKCARA

Maskcara is a direct sales company distributing new beauty products. This was launched last January of 2017. The brand based in Utah and founded by Cara, a beauty blogger, and makeup artist. If you want to engage business in Maskcara you can sale either a basic kit worth for $199 or a Pro Kit worth $399.

The good news is, the moment you purchase the kit you can avail already the artist commission. As a new business partner, you are entitled to a 40% discount on your next order. To remain your account active as Artist, you don’t need to maintain a certain quota. Unlike other direct sales company.

Company#2: MAX & MADELEINE

Max & Madeleine was started by two moms way back in 2016. After struggling to find products that would be safe for their children. They finally found the best product which is safe for people who are sensitive in chemical and food.

The company offered 25% commission on retail sales for the consultants. Plus 10% extra bonus to power sellers.

To join the program, you need to buy the enrollment kit for $99. The kit is composed of a brand’s of your choice top selling products. As well as catalogs and other marketing materials.

Company#3: MOJILIFE

MojiLife offers new product concept for home fragrance. And its primary product is a wickless, heatless home fragrance diffusion device. The AirMoji that can be used either in home or offices. If you want to become a distributor of the brand, all you have to do is purchase any of three different levels of kit.

The cost of the starter kit is $85 and includes one device plus two fragrances. While the elite kit is cost $335 and have the devices, six fragrances, a base, and various cleaning products. Commission begins at 20% and increases up to 25% after you have made $850 worth of sales. Packages include your own website from the brand. This is where to promote your products and no quota required.

Company#4: MAYBERRYS

Mayberrys is a Canadian legging and a fashion direct sales company. It made a trip south last 2016 of October. They offered an updated selection of comfortable leggings, tops, skirts, and dresses. Also, the company offers children clothing. To become the stylist of the brand you buy any of the three kits, lead stylist kit is $199 and includes $300 worth of products.

The sellers working strategy is through online most of the time. You will earn 20% commission on sales and receive a 30% discount on your personal orders.


The cost of Premium starter kit for Young Living essential oils is only $160 and has a retail value of $300. Upon buying the kit you will automatically become a wholesale member. And will receive 24% off your next purchase.

Final Thought

Actually, there are plenty of choices. Most especially when it comes to the top beauty direct sales companies for 2019. Wherein you can find what’s fit for your personality and offers you good income potentials. Of course when it comes to establishing your ground. It is always good to start distributing products that are not yet saturated in your area.

But we will not limit only to those direct sales companies that are already in the market for a long time. Like Amway, Avon Products and Herbalife.  As they are still in the Top 3 direct sales company as published by DSN of May 2018. And they are among the top 100 global direct sales company. You may still consider these companies as one of your choices for direct selling for 2019.

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How to Become an Effective  Writing Coach and Earn Extra Income

To be a writing coach requires great writing skills. Needs execution that shows love and passion for teaching others while gauging progress.  There are two major advantages that you can reap in becoming a coach. These are as follows:

Time flexibility.

It gives someone in such a profession the freedom to choose the time and place. They can mentor either in their homes, coffee shop, or even on an online platform.

Design own number of hours.

As a mentor, you hold the time at which you want to work. The number of hours spent on teaching depends on the price of the tutorial package. A minimal investment can make you start a coaching business.

Now, let us dig in further to know the specific roles of the coach. As well as the extent of teaching their students. Read on and together we learn together.

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What are the Specific Duties of a Writing Coach to their Respective Clients or Students?

Role#1: The duties of a writing coach will be focused on gauging on their clients or students. That is in terms of their needs in the discipline of writing.

Role#2: As a coach, you will guide them in different writing tasks. Like on how to plan possible topics for an essay. It would be including the proofreading of a final draft.

Role#3: Aside from assisting the clients or students coaches. They may also handle other responsibilities outside one on one mentoring. Duties such as attending staff meetings and conducting presentations to the campus organization.  As a writing coach, it is required to be as detailed as possible. And completes written summaries of each group or individual coaching session.

How much is an Average Earning Potential of a Writing Coach?

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It is good to know how much money someone can potentially earn who aspired of being a writing coach., says that the average yearly wage of being a writing tutor is $26,019, based on 2018 wage report. This is only through an estimate as the growth for writing coaches is not clearly defined. And not covered by the U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics.

What are the requirements on how to become a writing coach?

Educational requirements


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The required education of being a writing coach will vary. It depends on what type of writing coach services you will provide.  And, who are your target clients, or students? The least educational requirements you must have a High school diploma. Plus, an exposure or experience in mentoring others.

But if you are teaching secondary levels you need at least a bachelor’s degree. And if your clients are in college level or in the business world then you need a master’s. Or better yet a doctorate degree or any related field. The principle is, you can’t give if you do not have, you can’t teach if you don’t know.

Skills need


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As a writing coach, it is essential for you to develop your writing skills and abilities. You need to hone your sentence structure and correct grammar in creative writing. It is a must. So you have to be an excellent writer before you can help or mentor others to improve their writing skills.

Aside from writing skills, as a coach, it is important to have strong interpersonal skills. As you are to work with your clients or student in different backgrounds. You must show an above average attention and patience. Most especially when working with students who are struggling with composition and writing.

Bottom Line

To become a writing coach you must have an excellent ability and writing skills. And you must have a heart and passion to teach and mentor others. Being a writing coach, patience is a virtue. The money will follow if you have all mentioned above requirements.


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Getting Started with Education Consultancy Business

Education consultancy business is a great opportunity to start a good living. Most especially in our present days that people have grown the value of education. Demand for passionate, motivated education consultants continues to thrive in this competitive sector.

But, this gig is not for everybody.

This is only for highly qualified people. Such as a business person, administrator or experienced educator. If you belong to this group, then you may use your skills. And start your own education consultancy business.

Yes, being a consultant would equate you as an entrepreneur.  By nature and on how they are working for themselves at a significant hourly or per project base. You can either choose the way to charge clients by:

  • Quote an hourly rate
  • Percentage commission of per project
  • Flat fee per project
  • Or any pricing strategy that suits your services.

Remember that pricing your services appropriately is very important. It must also be based on the market fair value.

How does education consultancy business work?

Lots of ways that education consultants make money out of their expertise and skills. Below are common ways to make them a living.

#1: Works at educational organizations. These are working in schools, colleges or Universities and nonprofits organization. Their role is to help in the improvement in a variety of ways. By providing expertise and guidance related to curriculum development. As well as training faculty and giving out advice to the administrators.

#2: Private education companies hire education consultants to help improve learning products. They need their expert opinion and skills to develop strategies.  That schools and teachers use to enhance student achievements.

#3: Parents will also hire education consultants.Nowadays, people are getting much awareness and value of the importance of education. Hence, parents today are taking initiatives on how they can help their children. So, hiring consultants to teach their children to succeed in school is one of the options they got on hand. Great preparation indeed increases the chance of admission to the right universities.

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What are the basic requirements for educational consultants jobs?

The specific requirements of educational consultants may vary. It depends on what type of educational consulting career is taken.  But we have gathered below common jobs requirement for consulting.

  • At least bachelor’s degree but many cases required Master’s degree or Ph.D
  • Work-related experience with students, teachers, administrators, and other educators
  • Knowledgeable of federal and state education policy and regulations
  • Have experience in a specific subject or area of study
  • Skills in critical thinking, excellent decision making, and management skills are essential. And getting skilled in problem-solving, relationship management and communication skills, are plus.

Now, let us learn further on how we can land to the highest paid educational consultant services. Read on.

It is of great advantage if you have a master’s degree in curriculum. As well as earning a valid teaching certificate. If you combine these skills with a couple of years of experience as a teacher. Or as an administrator, you have increased the money value of your profession. This will make you earn the highest paid consultancy fee.

Another opportunity is to work in school districts. They also look for education consultants with specializations.  Such areas as, Curriculum design, English and mathematics education. Besides, that is blended learning, emerging technology, and audio/visual education.

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How set up your education consultancy business?

Here are a few steps on setting up your education consultancy business:

Step#1: You need a business license to operate in your state. And some other states require a license or professional insurance.

Step#2: Create a business website for marketing purpose.

Step#3: Open a checking account and get some business cards.

Step#4:  Consult tax accountant or CPA regarding on your business taxes.  To help you separate your personal finances and your business finances

Wrap Up

Make sure everyone knows what you are doing. Let them become aware of what services you are offering. Remember, do not stop selling your services. This is the primary tool to make your educational consultancy business profitable. And, finally. Always bear in mind that the success of your business depends on the constant mercy of your clients.


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Methods to make money from thrift stores

A thrift store is one of a kind that helps people buying things at a very affordable price. Regardless if it is brand new or secondhand doesn’t matter. What matters most is it helps people who cannot afford to buy brand new items. Aside from being an effective and cheaper store, this will help make extra money. Most especially if you are knowledgeable in buying and reselling from thrift stores.

Here are important things that you should understand. Before you can earn money from thrift store purchases. First, you should know where and how to find the best price deals. When you shop, you must strictly follow the very specific list of do’s and don’ts of a thrift store.

Second, you should understand that not all the time when you make a purchase you will earn big income. Just like a normal business you sometimes you hit big profit, sometimes break even or losing some.

Six practical ways to make big money from Thrift Stores

1. Your  Smartphone is always ready. It is of great advantage if you can check every now and then any valuable item. When see the opportunity grab your phone and go to eBay, do a search for it. Then, you need to sort the price from highest to lowest and vice versa including the fee of shipping. In this way, you can take 90% of your guesswork out of thrift for profit using your smartphone.

2.  Know where to sell- in selling online the biggest keys is to know where the item is best to offer or sell. Losing and making money rely on where you can possibly resell the item you bought. Most online seller prefers eBay. But still there are a lot of other options, it always defends the profitability concerned. You should know and consider the five things that can make big money in reselling on eBay.

Know what item to sell. We suggest choosing items which are fast selling with high profitable value. Such as video games, toys, and books, clothing, and DVD.

3. You should know the real value of the item. You can easily find the real value by means of searching completed eBay auction. You can get the average sale price in eBay auction. But always remember the different averages will have different selling areas.

4. Ask for feedback from your customer.  To assess your effectiveness, especially in customer service, feedback is important. This could be from your online sales either in eBay, Facebook, and Amazon. Regardless if it is a good, neutral or bad feedback is very useful. To help you make certain improvements and changes.

5.Patience and consistency is a virtue– do not expect overnight success in a thrift store. It takes a lot of time to master and familiar the system. Continue doing research. Find the best strategy on how to earn a lucrative income from your thrift store.

Bottom Line

In order for you to earn a huge money from your thrift store, it requires a lot of hard work, patience, and consistency. Do not limit yourself with the given practical ways on how to make money of thrift store. But do your part for further research and study the system.


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How to become a successful hair salon station renter

Barbershop and Salons are design or structured with a station or booth rental model. This model needs diligence in modeling your financials. As this is a very challenging business model to determine your salon point of break even.

You should know the effective way to become a successful hair salon station renter. Because lack of knowledge and poor management system will lead to unprofitable business.

Being a booth renter means that you are also a business owner. You should not forget your responsibility while enjoying your freedom and flexibility. Below are the few Tips and bits of advice on how to become a successful salon booth renter.

Tip #1. You need to get sets of skills

As a matter of fact, hair salon station renter needs salon training. These are recognized internationally that has designed for booth Renters Management System. It has to meet the specific business needs both renters in barbershop and salons.

Most of the successful booth renters are not only business minded. But also has a teachable mind and heart.

Excellent communication skills are very important tools. It will help you effectively manage the salon renting business. You should also learn the skills of management of different people personalities.

Tip #2. You must be Clear and Precise

Make your expectations and agreement with your new renter clear. It must be precise and not arguable. Your lease agreement must black and white, readable and easy to understand. All required duties and responsibilities as well as sanctions. As well as the number of warnings should be incorporated in the binding agreement.

Tip #3. Be a good role model

Setting as a good example in tone as well as modeling being a team player is so vital in salon station rentals. The more you are willing to help and pitch other renters, the greater chances of success of your salon. Respect always and being courteous will make people more comfortable with you.

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Tip #4. Manage your emotion

Managing your emotion is very important in decision making. Sometimes being so emotional will hinder to execute good judgment. You can either consider the renter as your assets or liabilities.

If you find your renter good this could mean they can be a potential asset. That you need to keep, but if your renter is problematic then he or she is your liability so, better to let it go.

It’s all your business and your decisions matters most.

Tip #5. You should know the Laws

Knowing the law of an employee and employer relationship.  As well as the law between tenants and the landlord is very important in the business. The written contracts make all things easier and both sides are protected in the long run.

Final Thoughts

To become a successful hair salon renter is not the easy task. It requires a set of skills, a clear vision, and a specific goal. As well as a good role model without this it is impossible to achieve the ultimate success of the business. In all business, emotional stability and maturity play a vital role. Also, to succeed in your business technical and legal knowledge are essential to apply.


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