Get Started Podcasting, 48 Hours or Less

Podcasting 101

Getting your podcast started in 48 hours or less sounds pretty lofty. However, it can be done! Podcasting can be simple if you know what to do and where to get started. If you have been pondering the idea of starting a podcast take a look at my infographic that can help you get started, quickly.

Getting Started

I started my podcast in less than 48 hours. Well, let me explain, the planning for my podcast took less than 48 hours. I am confident if podcasting was my full-time job, I would be able to pull off all these steps in about two days. Do you have a podcast? Are you in the planning stages? What is holding you up from actually putting out your podcast, so that the world can hear? Let me know in the comments below.

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What is Autosurfing and how you can earn money from it!

Autosurfing is one of the best alternatives to earn a few bucks. With minimal effort and investment!

All you need is a computer, internet connection and a small amount of time. After investing some time in setting up you will start earning passive income. This kind of system or method works worldwide. So where you are from you can still earn passive income with Autosurfing process.

Sounds great!


What is Autosurfing?

This is a kind of gig that has been existing since the early 2000s. And for you to know, there are many existing autosurfer’s out there. But, not all are legit. Some may pay you in cash while others will give you credit points. These can be redeemed to send traffic to your website.

An Autosurfing is a system or program that automatically visits websites. And that is for a short period of time. To create traffic, the Autosurfer’s recruits a group of real people. They are coming from different places around the globe. The goal is to run an Autosurfing program on their computer or laptop. In return, the persons who manage the system will get small pennies.

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How much is the Potential Income?

Autosurfing is not ideal to make a decent living. This will only give you extra passive income. Some site will only pay you less than $45 per month. So this is not fit for individual who wanted to extra few hundred dollars per month.

How to start Autosurfing business?

#1: Register or Join. If you are a newbie, it is advisable to join at least one company. This is to familiarize yourself on how it works. But you can also join as many as can. Since there many autosurfing opportunities available in the market.

#2: Start. After you have registered, you can start the autosurfing. Download the software if they offered this kind program. This is better to use because some services have their own software. But others will only run in your browser. The biggest challenge with the program is they sometimes crash.

#3: Wait and relax. The good thing about the software is, it does not oblige you to do anything. No buttons you need to click or there is no CAPTCHA. All you have to do is to check on the service every other day and ensure that it’s still running.

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Below is the list of some legit Autosurfing sites and how to earn passive income

  • Dollar Tracks.

It is an online company that offered your points. In every completed many different activities. Every 100 points are equal to $1. And these points can be converted to cash, bitcoin, or gift cards to popular retailers.

You can earn points through, watching videos, visiting sites, surveys and etc.

Well, this not an autosurfer because the ways you can earn is by means of listening or playing music. Instead of visiting the website. But the concept is the same, you make an account and keep it running to earn extra income.

The payment scheme of this website is in Euros. Any country can take part since this is available all around the globe. The autosurfing will run through your browser and you can get a plugin to help. You can visit this link for the details on how to earn passive income with eBesucher.

The currency payment of this website is in USD and this is available in all countries too. You can earn points by rating websites through running autosurfing.

Final Thought

Autosurfing is another way to earn little extra passive income. If you are looking for a gig that will give you a hundred dollars a week, this is not right fit for you.

There are many autosurfing available in the market. But before you start, it is advisable to do further research. Because not all are legit out there are also many scam sites. So take some precaution to avoid wasting your time, effort and money.


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DollarTracks – Earn $45/Month Passively By Auto Surfing

Earn alone or with your website with listening radio


How to Earn Passive Income with eBesucher


Get Paid as You Walking Around with Achievement app

As we heard a familiar line saying “Health is Wealth”. True, indeed. Most people take good care of their health. By means of eating the right diet, going to the gym, and jogging. Yet, the most usual exercise we do to maintain our fitness is walking.

Here’s the good news.

By doing all those stuff to maintain your healthy body. You will earn real wealth by tracking every single step as you walk around.

Yes! You read it right, getting paid while walking with the use of achievement app.

Wow! It’s awesome, right? Isn’t it right that maintaining a healthy body, there lies a literal wealth behind?

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Let’s get to know Achievement app

Before getting started, you need to go to your iTunes or Android store and find this app. Once located enter your email address together with your basic information.

In order to track your healthy activities. Such as, meditating, jogging, logging food and walking. You need to connect the achievement apps/devices you already used. This app is supported by more than 30 health, fitness and lifestyle applications.

To start earning points, you are advised to take achievements health survey. Here, you will have to input more about your background. The apps will share tailored surveys, online research studies, and health programs. This way, you can contribute to from wherever you are.

You can get cash rewards. The achievement apps were able to pay more than $500,000 and continues paying more of $10 for every 10,000 points.

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Here are the basic steps you need to remember to join Achievement Apps

  • Join achievement  is free of charge

Using and joining the Achievement is absolutely free. And no hassle, you can sign up directly to

    • Connect Apps after you have joined, you can connect over 30 apps to achievements to earn points. The big three are Apple Health, Fitbit and Samsung Health, but not only there’s lot more of choices that you can link in.
    • You can take part in any Programs and Studies. Achievements partners with health companies also offer other options for you to earn. Like participating in bonus programs and answering survey questions.
    • You can earn more points if you can refer your friends. Another easy way to achieve the amount of cash faster is by referring your friends. 250 points automatically earn in every referred friend that sign up.
  • Get paid in every 10,000 points. Every time your points earn accumulate to 10,000 points you can cash out of $10 through your PayPal account. The will be processed within 3-7 business days as per FAQs.

Final Word

The money you will make using this achievement app is not impressive and can’t make you rich. But still, $10 in every 10,000 points you can accumulate while doing your regular stuff is good enough. Rather than nothing at all. The good thing is while you have fun walking around, going to the gym or have fun exercises.

Those activities will make you healthier. In every step you made there is an equivalent point. With the aid of the Achievement app that sooner will be converted into real money.


The Quickest Ways to Rack Up Points in MyAchievement


Can You Really Make Money With The Achievement App

How to Set-up Classes on

Outschool is a platform that helps parents and independent learners. They register for online classes in a small group offered outside of regular school. Independent teachers, both professional and amateur can manage, promote, and teach their classes. These are shared to the parents and kids and they are paid by every lesson they taught.

Most of the classes take place in small groups. These classes are live online classes and that allows the students to interact with the teacher. 

Outshool started and is based in San Francisco, California. They have grown fast with the support of the homeschool community. It has become a way for families to supplement their school curriculum. It offers a wide range of online classes. These classes are created and taught by independent teachers who offer a wide range of classes.

Outschool offered a variety of subjects like;

    • Music and Arts
    • Coding and Tech
    • English
    • Health and Wellness
    • Life Skills
    • Math
    • Science and Nature
    • Social Studies
    • World Languages

They also offer classes on core academics and short exploratory topics. Additionally, Outschool has supplementary activities and semester-long courses. Most classes are curated by Outschool, offered exclusively, and cannot be found easily elsewhere. The good thing is the teacher has the right to choose only topics which they are passionate about.


How does the teacher succeed in Outschool?

Outschool will help the teachers is these aspects:

    • To gain more new students and hopefully create a following
    • Facilitating the payment from the parents or students. Outschool will help to market your class. They will reach out to potential students, handle enrollments, and payments. You will receive payments one week after the class start.
    • Using the platform to deliver the classes, teachers are responsible for delivering great learning experience to students. Through teaching the course with creativity and effectiveness.
    • Establishing a business reputation, satisfied students will bring you a higher chance of rebooking with you again.

Advantages of Using Outschool as a Platform


The freedom to choose what is your favorite subject or topics you are going to teach is definitely the number one draw to Outschool. Can I tell you what an opportunity it is for a teacher to teach only the subject that they are passionate about? Aside from flexible in choosing the subject to teach, you have also flexibility in your time.

Support System

Outschool helps teachers to become successful. Especially in the fields that they are passionate about teaching. They have a strong support system to build up your portfolio. This helps market your favorite subject and streamlining the enrollment and payments system so that the teacher can focus on teaching.

Earn Extra Income

If you have a day job, teaching through Outschool creates a great opportunity for your extra income side hustle. Without compromising your day job, you can schedule your work around your available time. This can be done without compromising your day job!

Final Thoughts

You can be successful in earning additional income by teaching classes through Outschool. All you have to do is follow the basic principles of teaching. You have the power to offer something unique, concise and precise about the subject matter. This can be done by creating a high-quality listing that is enticing to the parents will help with the enrollment of your subject. 








Out of the Box Education with Outschool

Flexible schedule classes


Extra Income: Start to Earn More from these Test Websites Online

For many of us who wishes to get some savings, or pay outstanding, getting a second job becomes necessary. Well, here is the good news! Anyone can get extra income through test websites online.

Like making money?


No kidding. Companies pay third-party individuals to test their sites. To make sure that they are not losing much money. Its goal is to know reviews or feedback on their sites to make sure that it has a user-friendly environment.

It is quite easy to take these kinds of jobs. You only have to be: on the ball of using the internet and can fluently speak the English language. And of course, you will need the right tools such as the computer and fast internet connection.

Here are 5 websites that you can visit and earn $100 or more in a month.

Website#1: User Testing

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The testing usually takes around 20 minutes of your time to complete a work, which pays $10 to $15. To apply as a website tester, submit your email add and take a sample test.

It is open to US residents as well as from other countries who can receive payments through PayPal.

Learn more.

Website#2: Respondent

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A research study platform for surveys on focus groups studies as well as website testing. You can create an account with your either Facebook or LinkedIn. They will ask you to complete a form. You need to provide all your contact information, socio-demographic and employment.

Once you have done all the requirements, you are now free to start. Browsing and choose a project that you can apply to.

Check them out.

Website#3: Enroll

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Earn extra by testing our websites through taking concept and prototyping test. These are from real companies who need your help in making design decisions.

It is very easy to join.

Step#1: Submit your email address.

Step#2: Create a password.

Step#3: Choose the device that you prefer in taking the exams.

Each test differs from the other, as well as the pay. Payments will be deposited via PayPal.

Join them here.

Website#4: uTest

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This company hires people that can take quality assurance testing. These are for different software and hardware.

To be able to test websites here, you need to fill out an online application form. Then, do the screening test to examine your technical skills. Once done, wait for the assignments which will be sent to your email address.

Click here to get into their website.

Website#5: Userlytics

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Use your opinions to earn extra cash. Get paid by providing your feedback on websites, applications, concepts, and others.

To get into the circle, sign up for an account. And with patience, wait while they will send an invitation to complete an assignment.

For every task done, $10 will be credited to your Paypal account.

Wrap Up

Earning extra with any test website online is a fun way to make use of your time, with a bonus. Sure, it won’t make you rich but it does something but an adaptable way to credit some cash in your bank account. Well, every great start from a small beginning, who knows this could be your good starting point. What has been your website testing experience? Share it with us and leave a comment below.

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