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Be a Stay at Home Working Mom with Onlinejob.ph

Stay at Home Working Mom with Onlinejob.ph

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It so so amazing how our world has evolved nowadays. From working from the office which requires us to be there for 8 hours or more. We need to wake up so early to get ready for work. Not only that, mothers like us, will not only prepare for ourselves but for the whole family. In simple words, we will have to wake up 5 hours earlier than required. Now, not anymore, Onlinejobs.ph got something to offer!

The Internet has brought us really something better. If you are a working mom, and getting tired of the hassle you’re getting into while going to your distant office. Why not explore the beauty of the home-based jobs. Where Onlinejobs.ph opens opportunities for Filipinos to work online.

Onlinejobs.ph is a digital marketplace for global outsourcing. It caters to remote virtual job posts. Like other platforms, employers from all around the globe can Filipino rock stars. Another perk for the employers is this site is not only legit but also inexpensive.

Let us dig in further on how a freelancer gets into a chance of being hired.

Finding a job at Onlinejobs.ph

So, here are few steps that we can follow to get on the road to success:

  • Step 1: Registration is a must.
    To get started, users need to create an account where we can log in whenever we wish to apply for a post. Take note, the registration is FREE.
  • Step 2: Fill out and complete all vital information.
    Well, this might be part of the first step, but we believe that it deserves its own spot. Why? It is very important to fill out important information. It must be done with all accuracy and honesty. Remember that in every business, credibility plays a crucial role towards success.Don’t try to miss anything, yes, it might be lengthy, but employers need to know YOU. That is before they spend time interviewing you as a qualified candidate.
  • Step 3: Take the examinations.
    There are examinations that necessary to be taken to land for a job. This catches the attention of the employers. Since it gives you the points which showcase your capability and skills. By the way, the test results will tell the employers if what you’re claiming to is real.
  • Step 4: Application
    Since all the forms have been filled out, you are now ready to get started. Unlike other outsourcing sites which need an approval which will take several days. Here it is so easy and fast, no approvals needed. The application can start as soon as you have finished the 3-steps.  So you may now start browsing the site and check the job listings. Also take time to check on your employment preference, freelancer, part-time or full-time. Click and apply for a job post that you think fits your skill set.

Let’s take our chances to find a better place

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This outsourcing platform has actually helped a lot of people in the Philippines. Not only that the convenience it gives to the employers is such a great saving to the business they run. While fulfilling dreams and hopes of families on the other side of the world.

For all moms out there who wish to change the direction in career, to take it to a better place, you just found it here. Time is so precious. Thinking that we are working for our family needs but it trades the time we spent with them, is it worth it?

It is not necessarily living your day jobs right away. Test the waters. If being a stay at home working mom gives a decent income while making you feel better. Then it might be time to take your feet to a better avenue. You can start it now at Onlinejobs.ph.

Tips for the Side Hustling Entrepreneurs

Tips for the Side Hustling Entrepreneurs

Side Hustling Entrepreneurs Tips – We are all given the same twenty-four hours in one day.  If you ever found yourself saying that in a perfect world you would be a full-time entrepreneur, you are not alone.  Truthfully, I enjoy my full-time job yet I also find it fulfilling to work for myself as well.  Here’s another truth bomb, my full-time position offers great benefits so at this point in time I do not wish to leave my full-time job.

That being shared, I simply don’t have the time or know how to fulfill everything that I want to get done.  I have admitted to myself that DIY is a bad idea when it comes to building your website and brand.  I have bit the bullet and have become an advocate of hiring people to outsource the technical side of my entrepreneurial endeavors.

In the past, I would watch YouTube tutorials and try to emulate what I saw.  I have no IT background, so the result was usually, for a lack of a better word, a hot mess.  Fast forward to today.  I have a full-time job, husband, kids, and household to maintain.  So, I do not have the time nor the patients to work on something that will not get me the desired results.

I proudly admit to outsourcing.  I think that outsourcing should not be a dirty little secret.  I currently use onlinejobs.ph but in the past I have used Upwork, Fiveer, and (here’s a secret) eBay.  Yes, you can outsource on eBay too.  I will say that eBay isn’t as well known as the other websites listed so tread with caution, but it can be done.

What are some great outsourcing websites that are missing here?  Subscribe and comment below.

When it is time to hire someone to do your dirty work

This is not a post about my adventure into the underworld.  Although I do like the title and think it sounds pretty bad ass.  I most of my community have figured out I have multiple side hustles.  One of them is slinging shirts.  The world of the side hustle is not a new world to me.  I was side hustling back when I was a freshman in college.

I have held down various jobs since I was fourteen years old. I promised my mom I wouldn’t get a job freshman year as I attended college not only out of state but out of state and a place where I knew nobody.  Being a woman of my word, I did not get a job per se but I needed money coming into my room.  Therefore I became the candy lady of the second floor.  

My co-partner and I bought a hand basket with wheels and we were in business. We took the subway several stops to Sam’s Club and bought about $50 worth of goods. Pastries, sodas, candy, ramin, and every other type of delicious a freshman girl could want.  I went to the library, created and printed a menu, and a business was born.  I made decent money but I didn’t keep records so the amount is unknown.  I always had enough change for the laundromat so that was a plus.  

I’m getting off topic.  Fast forward twenty years (damn I feel old writing that).  I realize that I have my limitations in terms of time, ability, and capabilities.  I have spent the past few days on Skype, which is a platform I don’t use often, interviewing graphic designers to help me business grow.  I think I found someone I like, so I’m feeling hopefully.  I have positions I would love to be able to hire but I’m taking it step by step at this point so I can only afford to hire a graphic designer.  The end goal is to be able to hire a virtual assistant and really just be the manager of my operation.  Has outsourcing become a part of your business plan?  How do you find people to outsource in order to help your business grow?

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Full disclosure, there is a monthly fee.  Although, I don’t agree with the $69 a month fee, the quality of workers are REALLY great.