7 Benefits of Creating a Membership Site on your Blog

Blogging sprung out of your passion. A great avenue where you can share your hobbies, knowledge or educate others. Thus, sharing different topics which interest you and your audience.

But how can you get money from this?

Blogs can generate revenue, most especially if it had been monetized the correct way. Affiliate marketing and ads are few of those.  Since a blog is a simple but effective way to draw the attention of your customers. It is very important to make this form of marketing to be as effective as possible.

Promoting your product and services through your blogs is the way to drive traffic to your site. Once you have established your website, that has consistent traffic and income. Building a membership site is a wise option to step up.

This will help you get a hold of your active readers which can become your customers. A community that you have created through your blogs will now turn to be your brand users.


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Membership Site

So the next question in mind: what’s a membership site?

A subscription service which offers products such as contents and goods or services. It requires a member to pay yearly or on a monthly basis.

In exchange for the payment, subscribers will get written, video or audio contents. For others, they offer goods like different merchandise their business offers. While some are offering services such as online courses.

Remember that these products or services are expected to fit the needs or interest of your niche. Sometimes, it can need you to be very knowledgeable about the topic. That people rely on you for consultations.

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Benefits of Creating a Membership Site

As we know, there are many ways to monetize a blog. Such as affiliate marketing, sponsorship, ads and promoting your very own product.

But, those income generating activities are difficult to forecast. Most especially when we talk about the revenue for the business. Hence, membership site gives you a better way to make money from your blogs.

#1: Recurring income on a monthly, quarterly or annual basis can be predicted.

#2: The information you have are useful in building your membership site. As well as it provides good interaction and varied formats.

#3: Turning your blogs into a great business platform, for real!

#4: Membership sites brings more income compared to ads.

#5: It helps to increase the value of your content.

#6: Better community building and engagement.

#7: Encourages you to create premium contents.

Wrap Up

A membership site is a better way to monetize your blogs. And it is a great business while doing your passion. Hence, it encourages you more to produce premium contents. For any product or service, you are offering.

Remember that the bottom line is you will always have to be as connected as possible to your audience. Giving them the topics they love to read will keep them as your follower and a paying subscriber.


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Five Most  Profitable Direct Sales Companies for 2019

What are the five most profitable direct sales companies in 2019? Well, are you interested in venturing in a direct selling business?  You probably want to research all of your options before you begin.

Or maybe you are now doing it? But are still looking for an opportunity to be affiliated to new direct sales companies in 2019?

If your answer is yes, then we have great news for you!

We want to share these five new and most profitable direct sales companies to watch for this year. When we talk about direct sales, always take advantage of an unsaturated market. And build a robust and loyal customer base.

Before we go on, for the benefits of the neophytes, we will define what is the basic concept of good direct selling. And on how to earn huge income.

Direct selling refers to selling products to the consumer in a non-retail domain. But, sales occur at home, work, or other non-store places. The system is basically the distribution of products from manufacturers. Distributed directly to direct sales company or to the consumer. It eliminates the several middlemen involved such as a wholesaler and regional distribution centers.

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Types of Direct Selling

These are as follows:

#1: Single-level direct sales.

These type of sales are done one-on-one like door-to-door or one-on-one presentations. This can be done through online and offline as well.  You can earn through commission basis.

#2: Hosting or Party plan.

Sales are done in a group setting and income is based on commission, too.

#3: The third is Multilevel Marketing (MLM).

Sales are made in various ways either. It could be one-on-one presentations, party plan or overriding commission. And that is through business partner or recruits.

Let us present to you the list of new profitable and established direct sales companies. Wherein you can reap potential rewards of working this year 2019.

So, read on and keep rolling!

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List of recommendable companies to start direct selling this year

Company#1: MASKCARA

Maskcara is a direct sales company distributing new beauty products. This was launched last January of 2017. The brand based in Utah and founded by Cara, a beauty blogger, and makeup artist. If you want to engage business in Maskcara you can sale either a basic kit worth for $199 or a Pro Kit worth $399.

The good news is, the moment you purchase the kit you can avail already the artist commission. As a new business partner, you are entitled to a 40% discount on your next order. To remain your account active as Artist, you don’t need to maintain a certain quota. Unlike other direct sales company.

Company#2: MAX & MADELEINE

Max & Madeleine was started by two moms way back in 2016. After struggling to find products that would be safe for their children. They finally found the best product which is safe for people who are sensitive in chemical and food.

The company offered 25% commission on retail sales for the consultants. Plus 10% extra bonus to power sellers.

To join the program, you need to buy the enrollment kit for $99. The kit is composed of a brand’s of your choice top selling products. As well as catalogs and other marketing materials.

Company#3: MOJILIFE

MojiLife offers new product concept for home fragrance. And its primary product is a wickless, heatless home fragrance diffusion device. The AirMoji that can be used either in home or offices. If you want to become a distributor of the brand, all you have to do is purchase any of three different levels of kit.

The cost of the starter kit is $85 and includes one device plus two fragrances. While the elite kit is cost $335 and have the devices, six fragrances, a base, and various cleaning products. Commission begins at 20% and increases up to 25% after you have made $850 worth of sales. Packages include your own website from the brand. This is where to promote your products and no quota required.

Company#4: MAYBERRYS

Mayberrys is a Canadian legging and a fashion direct sales company. It made a trip south last 2016 of October. They offered an updated selection of comfortable leggings, tops, skirts, and dresses. Also, the company offers children clothing. To become the stylist of the brand you buy any of the three kits, lead stylist kit is $199 and includes $300 worth of products.

The sellers working strategy is through online most of the time. You will earn 20% commission on sales and receive a 30% discount on your personal orders.


The cost of Premium starter kit for Young Living essential oils is only $160 and has a retail value of $300. Upon buying the kit you will automatically become a wholesale member. And will receive 24% off your next purchase.

Final Thought

Actually, there are plenty of choices. Most especially when it comes to the top beauty direct sales companies for 2019. Wherein you can find what’s fit for your personality and offers you good income potentials. Of course when it comes to establishing your ground. It is always good to start distributing products that are not yet saturated in your area.

But we will not limit only to those direct sales companies that are already in the market for a long time. Like Amway, Avon Products and Herbalife.  As they are still in the Top 3 direct sales company as published by DSN of May 2018. And they are among the top 100 global direct sales company. You may still consider these companies as one of your choices for direct selling for 2019.

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4 Tips in Starting Up a Profitable Self-Storage Rental Business

Since late 1960’s self-storage industry is booming.

Businesses or personal necessity both demands to rent a space. Like moving new home or office, or while construction of new home still ongoing. This is the time that we look for a room to store our stuff.

People who are searching for more office spaces and long-term lease commitments. Yet are not necessarily looking to reduce their business costs.

Those are your potential markets who may need you rental building facilities. And, there is a big potential to that, so as a good way to build your finances in a sturdy rental empire.

Yet, there are few things that need to consider before putting up a self-storage business. Learn how to make it become more workable and successful.

Check out this few but substantial tips for you.

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Tip #1: Feasibility of the location

Determining the feasibility of a business the major preparation. There are many things to consider upon starting.

Examine the location if there are good demands of storage units. Proper evaluation and zoning are necessary. You need to conduct a search for competition, to establish market share.

An ideal location has to be affordable, zoned and a good traffic or populated area. Finding all these qualities of a location is not easy. Perhaps, finding all those qualities in the same parcel is less possible but still doable. That is why studying the business in the earliest stage is very important.

Once you find a part of the property that’s suitable to your criteria, inspect if it will be large enough. For the construction of a profitable storage facility.

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Tip #2: Projected developmental cost

The greatest parameter, as well as a deciding factor in the feasibility of a business, is the actual cost. And in this case, a land parcel.

Price of the land area before development differs upon completion. Ensure that you know those factors that determine the rental coverage. Such as building codes, utilities, and easements. It also includes the physical features of the land and others.

The construction cost is another variable which depends on the type of self-storage.

Yet, the building cost varies as compared to the variable cost of the land and site development.

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Tip #3: The End User

As the economy builds up, it also has a positive impact not only on businesses. But most of all to the consumers or the end users.

While there will be growth in business, tenants of storage rental also increase. Yet, whether the economy is going up or flat, self-storage business remains where it is or goes up further. It is because people affected by the downtrend of the economy may be moving. Some are selling their properties like homes. And, any mobility requires storage.

If the economy is struggling, the negative impact to storage business is minimal. As compared to other real estate property investments.

Tip #4: Return of Investment

There are several factors that play an essential role in attracting investors. Self-storage’s cost to operate appears to be lesser, thus, higher potential of return.

First, the units used are like the multifamily real-estate properties on the rent price. The reasons behind the comparison are, to let you see that other investors can realize much higher ROI. For the typical Self-storage property than from other real-estate investment. And this is very critical in making any decision for your capital spending.

Second, the initial investment is only a third or a half. That is compared to required by other real-estate starting capital cost.

Wrap Up

The benefits of investing in the self-storage business, are much to its progress. And, it has a promising future too. While the industry continues to grow, people will learn to embrace it. And will result in thriving clamor. That it is not yet too late for anyone who wants to build income in this path. Yet, as always, learn more about anything about it before jumping in.
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Niche Online Marketplace

Starting your Business on Niche Online Marketplace

Niche online marketplace sounds like jargon. And it needs to be understood better by many to make them appreciate its advantages. But, don’t you know, that many businesses nowadays have started in such a model and found its way to stardom?

So, let us learn first what do we mean by niche?

As defined by the business dictionary. It is a small but profitable segment of a market suitable for focus attention by a marketer.

And these are not existing by itself, but rather a segment of a market. Meaning, it is what had been identified as a demand for a need or want which no one else in the business has supplied. It is a business that has a narrow and focused target market where a specific need is catered.

An example of a niche market could be Vegan Foods, which generally under the category of food. It serves specifically to the audience or plant-based food consumers. There must be a vendor that can supply a unique or specialized need of a customer. That makes a nice marketplace.

Getting our thoughts into a business on niche markets online, here are few tips that can help you get through it. But, we need to understand that creating a marketplace is not an easy task, it is not an overnight process either.

Yet, what is important is we got to start moving and make the step to get there.

Tips for creating your niche marketplace

Tip#1: Think about what your goal is

This encompasses your will and goal of getting into this kind of try. You need to be real and honest with yourself to make this work the way to want it. The true desire is crucial for your strategy to be formulated and succeed. Remember that this needs a lot of dedication, time, effort and money.

So, this is the top thing you have to reflect first before jumping on a decision.

To help you with it, educate yourself and learn more from the experts. As you will need to know on how will you build the marketplace platform you have in mind? However, if you don’t have the skill or a team that has it. You can still make that dream happen, just seek for the right people that you can share your desire with.

Tip#2: Defined product or service just enough to solve a basic user problem.

Since you are still starting, it is important to set the kind of product or service that you want to provide. Yet, to save you from higher risk, use a Minimum Viable Product (MVP). This helps to ratify your market concept without investing too much cost.

In this way, you will get to know your market, on how they react or respond. You will only have the chance to learn once the process has started.

This is to simplify the choices of your target users to content quality of service or product. Thus, the marketplace will begin to gain trust from users.

Tip#3: Relate to Users

Interaction is very essential for all entrepreneurs. Once you have launched your business or platform, you have to relate to the users to get to know them and to get feedback. These are all necessary for improving the process.

Listening to your customers or users as early as possible. This will save you from major pitfalls of startups. You need to acknowledge the fact that what you are about to do is more for the end users than to your self.

Tip#4: An Imposing set of Principle

A niche community or marketplace is a platform that must be specialized. So, to get the trust of the users, there must be an all-inclusive knowledge or expertise around its niche. To get this, it is important to set principles. That is built in the community to define the marketplace’s authority to the intended market. It would act as an idea of your audience which translates their person. Like, their lifestyle or interest.

Tip#5: Right Content

Since working in a niche market already gives you an idea of “who” your users are. So, it is your task to keep them excited which make them happy to come back. As we know that it is not only about attracting your customers, it is more about keeping them with you. And that entails a lot of efforts to be successful in that pipe.

To make it happen, you have to deliver what every customer expects. These are the best experience and quality. Yet, beyond that, a creative and appealing content helps your audience understand. Hence will make them interested in your services, products, and lifestyle.

A compelling, informative and convincing article can catch their attention. And will make them interested in how things work with some kind of activity or idea. So, making them feel that you know what you are talking about, makes you an expert. This builds their trust in you and your vendors. So, the next thing is finally conversion.


A niche marketplace is up and coming. As we can see a lot of people are building their businesses out of their experiences and expertise. And, indeed a good content will really help your online marketplace to grow. As it becomes an avenue to educate your users or followers. Yet, before starting on your own, make sure that you got the right equipment and knowledge. If you are not too technical about it, talk to an expert, do your research before jumping on.


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