It’s Been Two Weeks But Happy New Year!

Work life and home life has gotten the best of me and I have not been the best at keeping YOU abreast of the best information out there regarding working online. I won’t even begin to explain how busy these past four weeks have been between.

However what I can tell you is that 2019 is here and I PROMISE you that I will continue to bring the best online opportunities and more episodes of my podcast, The Teacher Ces Podcast.

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Although I am not Oprah, I will leave you with three of my favorite things that you might want to check out as well:

I spend the month of December reading Becoming. It was definitely inspirational and eye-opening.  I would love to start a book club and have a discussion about this book.

 The holiday was a good time, too good time actually. I have been drinking a lot of green tea to get everything back in order.

My old online headsets finally cracked on me. I mean literally fell apart. I am overall happy with these new headsets.


Exclusive Reading Eggs Freebie Deal

reading eggsCan I tell you guys how much I love Reading Eggs! True story, I used Reading Eggs about four years ago when I taught second and third grade in Prince George’s County, Maryland. I was very impressed with the program and my students loved it!

Now my twins are using it as well. My daughter is using it to help her progress as she is reading at an advanced level right now. My son is using it for phonemic awareness and to help him stay up to date with his high frequency words.


With my daughter I was able to have the program administer a placement test.  Take a look at her results:

ReadingEggs Screen

That’s kinda cool isn’t it!  Our next steps will involve implementing the reading program and obtaining a lexile level for her.

Exclusively for my readers and podcast listeners, I have a special for you. Try Reading Eggs for four weeks . . . FREE. It would make an awesome gift for the holidays. Try it out and share with me how much you like it.

Reading Eggs:

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Learning More About Tips on How to  Become a Curriculum Developer

In the US the average salary of Curriculum developer is $29.29 per hour or $59,708 per year. This does not include the bonuses and profit sharing according to Payscale. Wow! This is awesome! Right?

If this is the case, this had given you a spark of interest, read on and learn more! How do they make money as a curriculum developer? How to start? Or if you are not familiar about this gig, your big questions can be: what is curriculum developer?

Curriculum Developer

Curriculum developers are educational professionals who work in creating the instructional materials. These are used by teachers to ease student learning in classroom settings. They are working behind the scenes. And they use their special skills in creating effective and appropriate curriculum.

This is not a job that anyone can take are curriculum made should meet the state standards. They are responsible for determining materials that teachers should use in the class. As well as on the topics that students should learn. So, before they pilot new materials and technical information collaborations are necessary.

Read on and learn more about some tips on taking a step towards a career of a Curriculum Developer.

Tips on How to Become a Curriculum Developer

Tip# 1:  Get Certified.

Be a certified curriculum developer by acquiring some requirements and skills.  Like, education, related work experiences, licenses, certifications, and other required skills.

Education, it is necessary for a curriculum developer. You need to have at least a bachelor’s degree in training. As well as a development, education and instructional design.

Earning a master’s degree specializing in educational leadership, curriculum instruction is an advantage. According to the Bureau of labor statistics, most employers will need candidates to get this. Or even above to meet an online curriculum developer positions.

Tip# 2: Related Work Experience.

It is important for some curriculum developer. Most employers prefer to accept candidates with related experiences. Most especially in the training and development specialist, human resources specialist and even teachers.

To become a curriculum developer you must have this skills:

    • Analytical skills. This is important in evaluating the methods, materials and even the programs. So that you can choose that best fit for each situation.
    • Interpersonal skills. It is necessary for collaborating with the trainees, students, instructors, and subject-matter experts.
  • Communication skills.  Another essential prowess in training and development because they often give presentations. Creativity, this is essential for a curriculum developer.  To be creative in developing the training materials as well as put in place new approaches. Also, being a technology savvy is useful for the execution of training methods.

Tip# 3: You may work online Curriculum developer as well.

You can work as an online curriculum developer otherwise known as an e-learning developer. This gives you the chance to work with the experts. Like to copy, write, edit and create related documents and any program materials.

Some specific online job of curriculum development responsibilities include;

    • Develop distance-based materials
    • Oversee and assess the projects
    • Provide technical help to teachers and students
  • Make and impose development-related decisions

Online curriculum developer as mentioned above must be savvy on technology. They must be proficient in Microsoft Office, Adobe ActionScript, Articulate, ASP and HTML. Also good with Javascript, Photoshop, Video editing, and Flash. While others need to get some know-how on Corel Visual Studio Pro, Captivate and digital audio.

These skills are essential when you work as an online curriculum developer. Because most instructional data is done thru electronic platform.

Bottom Line

To become a successful curriculum developer you must have enough educational background. It must be coupled with the related work experience. Since these are both requires technical and analytical skills.

If you are have both the experience as an online and offline developer, the higher are your chances. There is a greater earning potential in the field of education. As an instructional coordinator or a curriculum developer.


Building Passive

Building Passive Income with AirBnB Rental Marketplace

Getting to know about it and its simple steps

Passive income is one of the most sought strategies to meet financial flexibility. And today, AirBnb has gained popularity in the real estate investments. Many people have turned their heads toward this while wishful of being successful.

But, what is Airbnb property investment?

It is an online marketplace or platform for the host who rents out their extra space. This includes apartment, private or shared rooms, vacation rentals, and homestays. Yet, here is the catch, it is only for a short-term lodging. They give an access to the guest who is looking for affordable spaces to stay during travel.

A lucrative way to make an investment. Plus, making money of this method is even better when you can have a group investing in Airbnb property. The logic is quite simple. It will turn out to be getting a property for less capital. Yet with a higher potential of return on investment.

Keep reading and let us learn on how AirBnb works to give you a passive income.

We need to explore the website and learn how it is done. Or, you can also download their mobile app. Once we got into the site, we need to create an account that is absolutely FREE. You can choose the host option which is charged with a fee ranging from 3% to 5% per booking.

Here are 3 easy steps to get you started:

Step#1: Once you have done signing up, you are now ready to create your listing.

As a host, make sure that you will be able to communicate well to your prospective clients on what they can expect. Like, giving out a full description of the space. And this includes the most number of guests it can accommodate. Providing realistic photos together with other details are best to be included too.

Step#2: If you already have bookings, welcoming guest is the next step in line.

The good thing about the platform is the messaging system. I facilitate your way on how you can reach and communicate with your clients.

You must clean the house or room and provide the right supplies that the occupants can use.

Now, if you are not that tied up with other schedules, greeting your guest in person is recommended. But, if it would not be possible, sending them a door code. It is a clever strategy for the host to manage their time.

Step#3: The best part, getting paid! The platform is offering a secured payment system. The money won’t be dealt with by the host upfront. Since AirBnb sends the payment through Paypal, direct deposit and among others.

The host is always on the safe side too, during payment fulfillment. Why? Since guests are charged prior to their arrival. The host gets paid (net of the service charge) right after the client checks in.

For more information on the process, feel free to check AirBnb now.

Remember that it is a good way to earn a passive income. Yet, it would take a while as compared to a long-term rental of properties. AirBnb converts your investments in a shorter term.

The time, money and effort that you have pressed on. These are your keys towards your financial stability.

Again, success in these kinds of investments won’t be an overnight.

You need to know first how it works completely. Studying it is very important. Once you have mastered the mechanics of the strategy, then it would be easy to play around it. To get the best way to achieve our goal.


Like any other businesses and investments. AirBnb can give you a high potential for passive income. That is when understood and done the right way. So, education to self is of utmost importance in this journey towards success.

Never jump in if something is still vague or had remained unanswered.

Yes, we can make money off from AirBnb, yet be skillful in it. Acknowledge the possible risks and know how to counter those. Then, listen to those who have done it successfully and ask them how they were able to make it.




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Teacher Ces Podcast, Episode 002


In case you haven’t heard (and you probably haven’t since I’ve been so busy) my podcast is up and running!  Running and operating my podcast is a one woman show.  On top of working, raising twins, running a household, and all that other stuff, I am going to give you weekly content on passive income, travel, saving money, and other surprises.

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Episode 002 Notes:

SAYABC w/Ife Frontier The Whole30 Update I Love Shaun T

Thanks for joining us this week!  We are lucky to be joined with teacher Ife who is representing the English as a Second Language (ESL) online teaching company SAYABC.  Listen in as Ife gives us the lowdown on working with SAYABC and teaching online to students in China.

Additionally, we will explore the world of domestic discount airlines with Frontier Airline.  Find out the lowdown on Frontier including the good, the bad, and of course the ugly.

Finally, Ces will give you her update on the Whole30 and on her one way love of Mr. Shaun T of Hip Hop Abs, T25, Insanity, Insanity Max30, and Cize fame.  


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