Invest in Real estate business with your $500


Do not put your money in a single basket, this quote is quite familiar with investors. Among all investment, real estate is the most solid and secure form. But you will need multi-million dollars to start buying properties. And resell it in future with high markup price to gain profit.

Now if don’t have enough capital to venture in real estate business. Worry not. Because with the help of Fundrise platform you can build your portfolio. It is through investing in real estate online with at least $500 initial capital.


What is Fundrise?

Fundrise is an online real estate investing platform. This enables each investor to invest in real estate. Through an eREIT (Real Estate Investment Trust) or eFunds. But aside from eREIT you have the other option to diversify your investment. Through investing across many projects.

Their system outperforms from a traditional REIT. As they allow average investor to join in deals for as low as $500 dollars least startup capital.

Fundrise works by using funds coming from its investors. Utilized to buy undervalued real estate. Then, they use their resources to upgrade, remodel, or renovate the property. And resell it or rent it out for a longer investment.

The profits will go back to Fundrise. Which then equally shares the revenue to the shareholders. Take note only US resident and age over 18 years are qualified to invest in Fundrise.


What are the advantages of using the Fundrise platform?

There are lots of advantages of Fundrise compared to other competitors. See below for the details:

  • Minimal Investment: $500 for starter portfolio and $1000 for the advanced portfolio.
  • Fundrise offers a 90-day buy back guarantee at the original amount of your investment. If you are not satisfied with the service. This will allow you to test the waters if this opportunity will be suited to you. According to the company’s waiting period will be 60-day after submitting your request.
  • Investors can choose among four Investment portfolios. This has an assortment of 2 eFunds and 5 eREITS
  • Fundrise investment is passive
  • The fundrise dashboard is users friendly. Once your account is ready and your investment gets funded. You can easily review information about each property in your account dashboard.
  • Fundrise is open to any investors in the US with no income or net worth required.

What are the options for investing with Fundrise?

You have three investment options in Fundrise platforms. This is based on your individual investment targets.


How to start your Investment

  • Go to and enter your email address.
  • You need to provide your personal data. Such as name, address, contact number, and Social Security number for identity verification
  • You can choose between funding your account via an ACH transfer. By entering your bank information own or you can use via wire transfer.
  • Once you have chosen your investment and it’s been funded. Then you can easily review each property information in your portfolio. Through your dashboard.

For further query go to

Bottom line

If you don’t have not enough funds and you like not to risk much of your limited cash and time then Fundrise is ideal for you. You can start an amount of at least $500 to invest in Real estate business online. Unlike other investment platforms.



REIT (Real Estate Investment Trust) Investing
Fundrise, an online investment platform, lets you invest in real estate with as little as $500 — here’s what you need to know to get started today






It’s Been Two Weeks But Happy New Year!

Work life and home life has gotten the best of me and I have not been the best at keeping YOU abreast of the best information out there regarding working online. I won’t even begin to explain how busy these past four weeks have been between.

However what I can tell you is that 2019 is here and I PROMISE you that I will continue to bring the best online opportunities and more episodes of my podcast, The Teacher Ces Podcast.

I invite you to follow me on social media.

Although I am not Oprah, I will leave you with three of my favorite things that you might want to check out as well:

I spend the month of December reading Becoming. It was definitely inspirational and eye-opening.  I would love to start a book club and have a discussion about this book.

 The holiday was a good time, too good time actually. I have been drinking a lot of green tea to get everything back in order.

My old online headsets finally cracked on me. I mean literally fell apart. I am overall happy with these new headsets.

Exclusive Reading Eggs Freebie Deal

reading eggsCan I tell you guys how much I love Reading Eggs! True story, I used Reading Eggs about four years ago when I taught second and third grade in Prince George’s County, Maryland. I was very impressed with the program and my students loved it!

Now my twins are using it as well. My daughter is using it to help her progress as she is reading at an advanced level right now. My son is using it for phonemic awareness and to help him stay up to date with his high frequency words.


With my daughter I was able to have the program administer a placement test.  Take a look at her results:

ReadingEggs Screen

That’s kinda cool isn’t it!  Our next steps will involve implementing the reading program and obtaining a lexile level for her.

Exclusively for my readers and podcast listeners, I have a special for you. Try Reading Eggs for four weeks . . . FREE. It would make an awesome gift for the holidays. Try it out and share with me how much you like it.

Reading Eggs:

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Earn Extra Cash by Selling your Notes and Study Guides with Course Hero

Nowadays there are many ways how to make money online. Regardless if you are a professional, businessman, or even you are a student.

Do you know that there are lots of opportunities for a college student to generate revenue? By doing something they are used to do every day like, note-taking, research and make a study guide. If you are an exceptional note taker, then it is possible for you to earn extra cash.

Semester notes and study guides selling.

Yes, these two can help you earn, sell these to other students who need some help using course hero platform.

What Is Course Hero?

Here is a brief background of Course hero. It is an education technology online site company. They perform an online educational platform for students enrolled in their system. Students have access to resources for the specific study course. These are learning materials that group of students and educators contribute.

The platform contains the practice of problems, infographics, and essay. Also, you can find study guides, class notes, laboratory report. User-submitted questions with the answer from tutors uploaded by educators are also accessible.

It is Founded by Andrew Grauer at Cornell University in the year 2006. And the headquarters is located in 2000 Seaport Blvd Redwood City, California.

Course hero also tutoring services. With this opportunity, you can earn extra money for helping students to learn. And top tutors is potentially earning an average of $500 per week.

Share your knowledge through your notes and earn money!

Yes, selling your semester notes to another student who needs help will not make you rich. But you can earn extra cash to enough to support your tuition payment and allowances if you are a college student. Remember there is no extra effort to take no extra time spent when you sell your note and study guide. Because this is something you are doing anyway and every single day.

Step by Step on how to earn extra cash in sharing your notes and courses with course hero.

Step#1: First you need to visit the Course hero website:

Step#2:    You sign up for an Account

Step#3:  After you sign up, go to the course advice tab or Upload documents

Step#4: You are expected to give advice on courses that you are knowledgeable. You will get $10 in tutor credits in submitting for 3 courses advice. The income can go as much as $20.

Step#5: You will get $1 every time your resources used by subscribers in 20 times.

Step#6: You can increase your earning by Sharing your work on social media

Step#7: Make sure to provide more descriptions about your courses like professor and year

Step#8: Use optimize descriptive titles to improve rankings on search engines

Step#9: When uploading your document make it sure to tag various categories.

bank banking business cards

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Course hero methods of payment used

Course Hero pays you after doing above all steps by step.

A friendly advice:  you need to withdraw your money from your account regularly. Through any of the following method used by course hero to pay.

  • Paypal
  • Visa
  • Mastercard
  • American Express
  • Discover

Final thoughts

Course Hero is the best platform for a colleges student. And tutors too, to upload and share class notes, and study guides. You don’t need to waste your effort after you utilized it. But rather you can earn extra cash by selling your semester notes and study guides. You only not earn money but also extend help to the other students who need help.

If you have more reasons to share, leave a comment below.






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Course Hero-Master your classes

Course Hero-Wikipedia

Course Hero- become a tutor

Making Money Online by sharing semester notes at Course Hero

Building your Passive Income with the Vending Machines

Another day which comes with hope and dreams as an entrepreneur. We always aim for growth, aren’t we? Passive income is part of that plan many of us aim, yet unfortunately, not everyone wants to work on. As it oftentimes demands an extra effort.

Work it out.

Vending machines are a great idea. It is basically like a store that can sell goods without your presence. Cool? Exactly the point, it gives you income by itself. But before indulging in an idea, mind taking a deeper look at what this business can offer. Let us examine both sides.

3 Insightful things For a Better Vending Business

woman holding pen while using calculator

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#1: Start-up cost for vending machines can be much lesser.

It would depend on the kind of machine you are investing in. The standalone ones may need lesser capital that would play around $4,500 to $20,000. Yet, for bigger machines like the ones used in laundry businesses, may need higher capital.

These costs may or may not still included the location.

design desk display eyewear

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#2: Investing in Vending machines is equal to another job while going to a university.

True. And not only to a business particular to this one. In any extra income potential endeavor, it needed our dedication like on how we do on our main source of income. Most especially during the startup stage, it needs a lot of time, effort, and money. Not only that, you need to spend on educating yourself on how it will be run.

That knowledge is very essential to your success rate, just like the time you spent. Never underestimate the necessity to learn. Gain knowledge as much as possible. From the machine operation and products to locations, among others.

Part of the formula that you need to learn is on how to let it work. Considering the machines, location and customer satisfaction to reach success.

Ask yourself these following questions:

  • Are machines to use play an essential role in my business success?
  • Which location can I place it best?
  • Which comes to priority, great machine to a not so good location or vice versa?
  • Or is it still all about customer service satisfaction?

These are a few questions that you have to know. As well as do lots of researches before getting into a business that is promising.

Remember, as Colin R. Davis said, “ The road to success and road to failure are almost exactly the same.”

Hence, be careful and strive hard not to mislead yourself. Educate. Learn. Act. And Succeed.


#3: It is a unique business that has a 24/7 potential for operation and a rule of disposal.

If your business is operating 24/7, and located in a very strategic area. It makes your passive income your major source of finance. Enticing as it looks, yet be reminded that no success is forming overnight. Time is your essential tool to get there, if not wasted. See the logic behind this, the non-stop operation plays with time. And it is possible to bring you the financial freedom you have been seeking for.

Like other businesses, time is significant, each tick of the clock is equal to a dollar. Yet, here is the pinch of truth about it. Rushing your time to get rich, make you miss a lot of time to learn. And that route is dangerous.

Vending machines are not humans (of course!), and it cost money. Yes, not only upon startup but as it gets older too. Make sure if you have started it that you have the back up to get it going and when it stops generating income for you.

The big potential it gives an entrepreneur is coupled with great responsibility. Most especially it does nothing for you any longer. It means disposal. To become a brilliant business owner, think of the end to end process. Not thinking about what you will gain today and never care for the future.

There are ways on how to do that, so again, learn about it. Make it part of your research upon starting up.


Vending machines are potential businesses. The idea is totally amazing. But you need to do this with the right knowledge. To direct your way to success towards financial freedom is inevitable. We just need to take time to learn about it as a whole. As success to anything means getting a hold on it all the step of the way.
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